Friday, 22 May 2015

For fwends OTRB

It iz wif heavy heart dat I haf to tell yoo dat my fwend Simon, @RhyminSimonGR has gone OTRB today.

He iz da bravest, faithful, and loving dog I know. His mama loved him more dan life itself and fought so hard for so long to save him, but dey lost da battle today wen da cancer finally beat dem.

His mama showed da werld what true undying unconditional love is, and dear Simon shared his heart and his love wif us all.

We will never forget him, and he will live foreva in our hearts, and we will always be here for his mama should she need us because dats wot our Twitta fambly does. We share da laughter, we share da pain, and we share da loss.

But we all knows we will share da love and joy togevva foreva over da Rainbow Bridge.

So I have lighted a candle for Simon and his mama and hope yoo take a few seconds to light one too, not just for Simon and his mama, but for all our furpals OTRB and also for our furpals who are homeless, lost or in danger.

Click here to light your candle