Monday, 14 September 2020

Out there.....

On a bright and sunny day or one by cozy fire, its easy not to see or hear the suffering and devastation that is out there.

Beyond our safe bubble, out of sight, out of mind

Lives lost, extinction for some, hearts broken. They do not touch us, we are blind and deaf to their cries.

Our minds consumed with wanting ‘stuff’, new gadgets, new clothes, the latest plastic offering, food to live, buying more than we need or will use, leaving traces of our over indulgence scattered 

across countryside and shore. 

Throwing what could feed a starving family for weeks

into the bin and feeling smug we have re-cycled and done our bit. 

Passing our waste to others by ship across oceans, passing it on and out of sight where it does untold damage to another enviroment and not ours.

Becoming tearful and angry to see another species disappear or the cruelty of man stripping the land of its resources for our own needs and destroying the needs of nature and the lives that depend on those lands.

Crying with remorse as another dolphin or whale corpse lies on the beach washed up and wondering why that happens. Not realising we are to blame or preferring to ignore the fact we are the cause.

Gasping with excitement at the beauty of rare plants or rare creatures shutting out the fact that they will also soon vanish from our world because of our actions.

We can all cry, we can all become angry, we can all say but there’s only me what can I do? 

If we only do just one thing, one small change, all those small things together may change our world, save our planet, slow down and maybe stop extinctions. 

We are all responsible, not one of us can say it’s nothing to do with me, I can’t help it. 

We all have things in our lives we need to change from throwing an unwanted wrapper to the ground or deciding not to buy plastic wrapped goods.

We can all speak out. It’s not embarrassing to be an eco warrior on your own. It’s a brave thing to stand up for your world and all those souls that share it. 

Because if we don’t, there will be nothing out there, not even us. We need to take responsibility, accept we are to blame, DO something however small. 

Before it’s too late. 

Before there is nothing left ‘out there’.

Sunday, 30 August 2020

A sign ov da times!

I have been finkin about all dis corona virus stuff, and all the social unrest all over da werld. And wonderin if it’s all connected and whether corona virus is da cause of or the outcome of the psychological effect ov such a scarey situation that all our humans are facing. A pandemic wot causin countries financial systems to crash and struggle, piling worries onto humans wif finances, it a lot for da humans to cope wif. So dey need sumfin to concentrate on and take der minds off all dis stress.

Well I’m only a little white dog, and one that now resides over Rainbow Bridge, but from where I am I can see what’s happening all over da werld and how humnans are reacting and coping wif da pandemic.

It seems to me dat because humans haz never had to face such a pandemic in living memory dat human fears and feelings of security and normal day to day fings are under terrific strain. 

Dis comes out in lots ov ways, dem humans wot haz always been da underdogs (forgive da pun), da minorities, dem living in poverty, in debt, conspiracey theories, and well just about evfurry human situation seem to gather wif humans wif similar fears and situations and form groups. 

Disobedience to some, but security in numbers to others who are in dem groups, demonstrating against authority, making wot dey fink is a stand for der rights, rather than conform and live peacefully as dey had been before da pandemic. Almost like der is an urgency wif Covid hanging over dem, to get whatever dey want sorted out done before der time is gone and dey pass away.

From da news and media we can see mass groups, holding ‘raves’ and parties, mass demonstrations against climate change, black lives matter, wearing masks and gloves and not keepin distance from each other, infact anyfing and evfurry fing.  Dis phenomena is happening all over da werld, in almost evfurry country. 

I fink da term is mass hysteria. and da media is encouraging it by it’s broadcasting it. Wif social netwerkin it’s easy to see whats goin on in other countries, and the mass hysteria soon has a hold globablly. Evfurryone wif a grudge or something dey want to react against link up wif others wif similar axes to grind. Da media is often spreading propoganda and ov corse ders fake news on social media platforms, so no-one knows what’s true and wots not, adding fuel to da pandemic mass hysteria bonfire. 

Dis not to say sum ov da humans activities are right or wrong. Some are important and some are downright stupid to my mind. But I’m juz lookin at all wot going on from a dogs point ov view. 

Maybe humans do dis to take der mind off da pandemic, or feel dey gotta sort fings out because dey live under da threat ov catching da virus and passing away. Some ov dem just try to carry on as best dey can, feeling confused about what da future holds, wishing it would all go back to how it was before Covid19 << dats wot dey call da virus fing. 

But I dont fink der gonna be any peace around da werld until ders a vaccine and da virus is under control, den perhaps humans will go back to normal and all live in peace wivout being rebellious and disobedient.

So I fink us furs just gotta ride da storm, hope for da best and pray dat fings will get back to normal soon. Cos insted ov usin dis time to sort out problems like pollution and ways ov making our planet healthy again, caring for each other and protecting one another, sorting out poverty and starvation, and other impawtunt stuff, but some humans seem to be makin fings worse instead ov better. 

On dat note, I’m grateful I’m juz a little white dog and don’t haz to answer to anyone, and watch over my fwends an fambly as best me can. Because like all fings, dis time will pass, nuffin lasts furever. I feel it in me bones dat some good will come out ov all dis and good times will be here again eventually.

Until then, keep safe pals, show love to each other, be compassionate, have empathy in yoor heart. Dats all we can do. 

Bonnie da Westie