Saturday, 25 April 2015

Wainy Weekend

Hello my fwends.

I not tweeted for ova a week now. I so sowwy, please forgives me.

Muvva brought hoouncle home last Tuesday from hospital. He woz vewy frail and fragile. But afta a week wif us he gettin stwonger and stwonger. Mum been feedin him up, but he not got vewy big appetite.

He not got vewy good prognosis from da hospital. His kidney function iz only 25%, he has diabetic non-alcoholic cirrhosis of da liver (not treatment available for dat) and wile he was haffin diffrunt tests in hospital dey discovered he has cancer of da rectum. Dey told muvva dey carn't operate on hoouncle to remove da cancer as he so frail he wud die on operating table, so dey sent him home to let nature take its course, but dey can't give muvva any idea of how long, so cud be few months or cud be a year or bit longer. So it's all up in da air really.

He stayin wif us anovva week den he goin back to his own place. Muvva has had to fight to get a care package for him for wen he back in his own home. Dat involves a carer or nurse to call in twice a day, meals on wheels and help wif anyfing he can't manage on his own.

It a terruble shock for him and muvva dat he got cancer as well. An seems so unfair. But finking about wot me sed a few days ago we haf to live life each day as if it our last, and show dem wot we loves how much we loves dem and treat evfurryone as we wud like to be treated wif respect and love. Cos we neva knows wen it will be our last day.

It vewy hard on muvva, cos now she knows she not got me or hoouncle for vewy long. We boff got shortened lives, but we boff loves her vewy much.

So she bin so busy she not bin able to scribe me blog for me pfffft.

As you know we got Gizmo, hoouncles doggy wif us while hoouncle bin in hospital and now he stayin wif us for couple weeks. He went to da groomers last week, an dey found lots of flea dirts on him, dats dem little black flea poos yoo see sumtimes. Well mum woz mortified cuz we not get fleas.

So she told hoouncle about sum new fangled collars dat da vet recommended called Seresto. Evduntly dey lasts 8 months an cost about £29 GBP. Muvva fort it woz cheaper dan Frontline or Advocate so hoouncle told muvva to get one for Gizmo, and muvva ordered 2 for me and Gizmo.

Dey arrived da next day, cuz vet had to order dem. An muvva put one on each ov us. Me and Gizmo woz ok but a bit quiet wif ours on, but poor Mojo woz in a state. He kept running round tryin to hide and crawlin along da floor on his belly rubbin his chin on da ground and panting. Den slaverin a lot. So muvva took his collar off him for da night. Next day she put it back on him, finkin it woz just dat he didn't like it and wud get used to it, but soon as it was back on him he started acting strange agen and slavering. So muvva took it off him and Googlyfied Seresto on da interweb.

Well my fwends, wot she found woz amazing. Evduntly loads of dogs been ill wif dem collars. Dey iz made by Bayer da big chemical company. Lots and lots of dogs had seizures from wearin dem, and excessive panting and slaverin and all sorts of stuff, and one even died. So mum took me and Gizmo's collars off us and put dem back in da tins and rang da vet telling her about Mojo's reaction and dat me an Gizmo didn't haf same symptoms but we woz very lethargic. Dats sleepy dontcha know. Some dogs never showed any reaction to da collars for several weeks or months, so it not always an immediate reaction. Dat was enough for muvva. She fort dat maybe dey not been researched long enuff for all dem doggies to be ill wif dem.

Anyway, vet rang muvva smornin and sed if she takes da collars back Monday dey will refund us our money as dey haf an agreement wif Bayer. Muvva was vewy pleased cuz all da reviews she red on Googlyfied sed peepuls never got no refunds and lost dere money.

So now muvva gonna do us wif Frontline or Advocate on Monday once dis poison stuff from da collars has got out of our systems.

Finkin bout it, if dem collars last 8 months, dey bound to be extra toxic. An if dey ok for dogs from 8kg to 20kg, it pretty obvious dat smaller dogs near da 8kg weight is gonna be overdosed if da collar is ok for 20kg dogs. Or dats what we finks, an we not scientists so maybe we not seein it clearly. We just lookin at it logically like dogs do.

Muvva is always careful wot she puts on us. She only uses Frontline or Advocate for May, June, July and August and maybe Sept if it hot weather, cos she finks dat all deze chemicals goin into our bodies is a bad fing. Plus we dunt need flea treatment in da winter.

An she sprays round da house wif Indorex wich is brilliant for kiling fleas and dere eggs and lasts up to a year.

Me gone all scratchy now bol *stops to scratch behind ear*.

Muvva gave me furcut today. It woz very long and although me can't see nuffin, me face fur was all ova me eyes, and me snout fur woz all manky and mucky round me lips. So she give me a close clip on me body and left me sides an legs a little bit longer. She didnt do a bad job, but me face fur went a bit wobbly, dat woz my fault cos me wriggled. I hate haffin me face fur fiddled wif.

Here me iz wif me furcut!

Den as if dat woznt enuff she give me a baff. It woz vewy scarey, woz furst baff since me went blind so me woz very scaredid and she had to keep talkin to me and splainin wot she woz doing. I woz pleezed wen it woz ova.

I fink she woz as wet as me woz by da time me woz done Bahahahaha.

I gonna haf a snooze now on me qwilty I fink, cuz me tired afta me baff.

So me gonna say bye bye for now me fwends. Take care and keep safe. An memba to love each other an be nice to each other evfurry day.