Sunday, 1 March 2015

Farewell Daisy

It iz wif a heavy hart dat I haf to tell you dat my fwend Daisy @RosieGamgeeWard went ova da Rainbow Bridge yesday after a long illness.

Daisy was a puppy farm doggy, and had been used and abused until her muvva took her 5yrs ago and gave her a home, nursing her, helping her recover and getting her over her psychological problems due to her terrible time in the puppy farm.

The bond between Daisy and her mum was vewy strong. Daisy neva really recovered emoshonally from her ordeal but loved and trusted her muvva.

Rest in peace sweet Daisy, run free and without pain over da Bridge, until we all meet agen in those green fields filled wif da sweet perfoom of a farsend wild flowers.

My forts iz wif her muvva who must be devastated and upset today. We iz all finkin ov yoo and sending peace and loving forts to yoo Daisy's mum.

Daisy GamgeeWard