Friday, 27 March 2015

It's da weekend!

Hello my fwends, tiz me agen. BOL

Well it Friday aftanoon and I can offishully say it now da weekend!

We had a rotten old wet day here all day, drizzle and cold. Me and furbro bin sleepin nearly all day cuz can't enjoy bein outdoors in dis weavva. I dashes out and back in pretty sharp cuz ovverwise me gets soaked!

I'm pleezed to announce dat daft old puss Lily is back to normal. She bin burd wotchin tday, cuz mum put sum nest boxes up on da fence ovver day, and dey all got burds in dem now. So Lily bin sat on top of da refrigerator wotching dem out da window. Dere's 2 pairs ov Blue Tits adn one pair ov Great Tits she told me. So daresay we will haz lots of baby burds flappin about in due corse.

Ware we lives dere not many places for burds to nest. We got Cornish hedges wot are big banks of stone wif soil in da middle. Lizards an mouses and wrens all nest in dere, but da trees n bushes iz all bent ova cuz it vewy windy here, we not far from da sea, and da wind blows in from boff da norf and south coasts straight in here. We always got some wind here. Plus bak in da 17th century most of da trees woz cut down for da Cornish Tin Mines, so tiz a bit barren round here for trees.

Mum is finkin ov puttin up more nestboxes, cuz it duz seem like da burds is desprate for places to haf dere babies.

Dis is qwite close to ware we lives an we walk here qwite often, itz a nachur reserve so lots of wildlife lives dere. As yoo can see dere's no trees. So da burdies needs as much help as dey can get.

Now onto somefin more intrestin. Me! BOL I iz gettin on very well on me tablets pals. I not got any side effects yet, and me can go all nite now wivout gettin mum out of bed for a wee, although last nite me woz up at 2am but aftawards we went back to bed til 7am. Muvva woz like a zombie staggerin thru to da kitchen to open door for us. But she soon went sleep agen afta we got back in. Infact her snorin almost kept us awake! pffffft

We not got any plans for da weekend yet. We hopin da weava will be good enuff to go walkies sumware intrestin, and as it so close to Easter w/end I spect dere will be loadsa emits (dats Cornish word for tourists, it means Ants). So if dere iz lottsa emits about me will haf to go in me wagon. I dunt mind dat, it's nice bein chauffured around. Sumone stopped muvva da ovver day and asked if she woz out wiv her grandchild in da pram Bahahahahaha ooh me sides. Da woman got qwite a shock wen muvva opened up front of da wagon and she saw me sat dere. Dey not rilly used to seein peepul wif dogs in buggies in Cornwall. Weren't long ago muvva can rememba wen dogs weren't useful anymore to dere owners dey wud be shot. But fank goodness it more civilised now. But dey still not inclined to get dere dogs a buggy if dogs struggle to walk or can't see. So we duz get stared at qwite a bit. Muvva dunt take any notice, she stares back and if yoo see one of her stares it's pawsum! I fink it wud curdle milk and I knows it shuts screamin hookids up in seconds. Bahahahaha

Well me iz gonna go and whine for me dinnur now, cuz it gettin close to my dinnur time. Ovverwise muvva won't take da hint and me will haf to wait for me food. *rolls eyes*

Before me goes, me wud just like to fank my furbulous fwends who has donated dis munf to help wif me vet fees. Muvva and me is so grateful. Me fund woz getting pretty low and muvva woz beginning to panic agen. *rolls eyes*. Yoor kindness means da wurld to us. Fankoo so much from da bottom ov our hearts.

So my fwends all dat left to say is, haf a grate weekend, keep safe, haf fun and spread da love!

We love yoo so much!