Monday, 12 September 2016

September Summary

Hello my fwends

Well the 1st anniversury over da bridge has passed, 8th September. Doesn't seem a year since me arrived! Muvver woz in a bit ov a pickle for a few days before and during, but she ok now. I sent her lots ov reminders me is happy and still around. Dandelion seeds and clocks, and a few white fevvers. She saw dem all and it brort comfort to her heart.

A lot more pals have joined me here this year. Some taken suddenly leaving der pawrents confused and in shock, and some through illness or old age, their pawrents heartbroken and grieving.

None of us know how long we have to spend on earth with our loved ones, when it's our time we have to go, whether we or our famblies want us to stay or not. We can't change fate. But when we do come to the bridge, although we leave our grieving families, we never really leave them. We're just on another plane of existence. A spiritual plane.

Dere's no religion to this place, all faiths and beliefs, even non believers are welcome, and ov course at Rainbow Bridge we are all in limbo waiting to be reunited again wiv our famblies. But it's a happy limbo, with lots of fields to play in, comfy beds to sleep in and lushuss food to eat whenever we want it.

We can keep in contact wiv our famblies still on earth, but they not always see our messages, little solitary dandelion seeds blowing across their path can be missed by a loved one, a dandelion clock standing proud in the grass can be trodden underfoot unseen. A beautiful butterfly fluttering past on the breeze, or a white feather laying somewhere noticeable. We can also visit our famblies and appear as fleeting shadows, where our loved ones are not sure if it was us or just a trick of the light. These are all signs of course. We need to show them we are still around them, to comfort them, because we love them, passing to the Bridge doesn't break that bond, it makes it stronger. We live forever in their hearts and memories, and we are also with them in their earthly life until we all meet up agen.

This week a family on Twitter loved one ov their beloved dogs, who feel into a swimming pool and was trapped under the floating cover, and so drowned. The family were devastated. They feel guilty for using a floating pool cover, but they weren't to know this was how their beloved pet would come to the Bridge. They were not to blame. But to rationalize their grief they put the blame on themselves.

Some good has come from this terrible terrible accident, their beloved pet did not die for nothing. It was his time but it was also for a reason. That reason was to tell as many people how dangerous those floating pool covers can be. Not only for furbabies, but for young hoomans too.

This is a positive way to look at the situation, and to justify and rationalize is a way to cope with the grief.

This is how muvver learnt to cope wiv my passing to the Bridge. There is always a reason for things and sometmes its not clear to our hoomans what the reason is. But there is a reason.

Ov course this doesn't just apply to pals who are brought to the Bridge suddenly without warning. Pals who suffer with disease or even cruelty also show us how to have compassion, how to show love, how to communicate and become as one with each other and share every emotion and situation and to make a positive out of a negative and thus free each other from pain and grief, heartache and sorrow. And to share the love that binds us all together in good times and in bad.

Life is very fragile, and no fur knows how long we have, so we must treasure each second, each moment, until it's a memory locked in our hearts forever.

But one thing is certain, we are all connected, we are all held together by the glue of love and kindness, and if we have love we have everything we need.

Ov course not all hoomans are loving or kind, and that's something beyone my understanding as a little angel dog.

Well dats about all I got to bark for now my fwends.

I hope it's not been too depressing to read, but its sumfing impawtunt and sumfing we must all rememba.

Spread da love my fwends

I love you very much and I'm still around, like all fur angels, just watch out for the signs and you'll know we never leave you!