The Furever Book

Muvva made da Furever Book site so hoomans can post a permanent memorial or tribute to dere furbabies over da bridge.

Dey can also light a candle or lanter, leave a short bio ov dere furbaby, upload a photo, post a poem and also get help and support for dere pet loss.

She, Muvva, has dedicated da site to me, so dat wen me goes over rainbow bridge, I can still help peepul an furfwends from da ovver side.

Yoo can view all da site as a Guest, but if yoo wants to post somefing or light a candle/lantern yoo gotta register to do dat. Registration is free.

Yoo also need to allow popups for da site becoz if you want to choose a candle or lantern dey come up in a popup window. Da link is under da smilies in da message window and says [more].

Wen yoo chosen da one yoo want, click on it and it will appear in yoor message like magik. She's clevur me muvva. *proud ears*.

Den after you ritted wot yoo want to in yoor message and happy wiv it, click on 'Post' and it goes live. Easy peasy give us a squeezy.

ooh juz dere, behind me 4th nip! oooooh heaven!

Oooh sorry. I got carried away bahahahaha

Anyway's here's da link to da site.

I hopes it helpful and useful and helps hooman cope wiv dere loss.

Click Here To Visit The Furever Book

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  1. We love this site Hazel! You did a wonderful job and a wonderful thing when you set it up! Take Care....Lindy