Saturday, 1 July 2017

An observation of life on Twitter - Share the love!

Some of us live a charmed, lucky life, with no worries or sickness, while others struggle from day to day, coping with a new crisis along the way best they can. If we’ve never had to struggle, never had to worry about where the next penny is coming from, its sometimes hard to understand how others can’t cope, or don’t have the resources to manage the problems and troubles that crop up in their lives.

If you’ve led a charmed or fortunate life, takes great compassion and empathy to comprehend how someone else is struggling and to be willing to give a helping hand, rather than a lashing with a critical tongue or careless remark. Its so easy to see someone with several pets struggling from day to day, and thinking ‘they shouldnt have had all those pets then they wouldn’t be struggling.’ But stop a moment and think, they were probably in a better position when they had their pets, and through circumstances beyond their control they now struggle to keep their pets, and to care for them. And the thought of losing those pets can be devastating, because in a lot of cases, the pets are the only thing that’s holding someone together.

There’s so much bad feeling in the world, but there’s also so much love. I’ve always strived to help those that need support or a kind word to help them cope with their lives. Sometimes it’s easy to be misled or used, but even thats better than never helping a soul in your life.

A generous heart is worth so much in life.

And from the other perspective, someone who seems to get one problem after another, or is going through a life crisis that some of us cannot even imagine how devastating that can be, are so low, so absorbed with trying to cope with that crisis, that they feel ashamed to ask for help, won’t accept charity, and feel unworthy. It takes great courage for someone to ask for help. Often looked on or thought of as a weakness, not being able to cope or being in a position to manage the crisis.

People in this situation need encouragement, helping to re-order their lives, to ask for help emotionally or financially if they need it, and we should give that help however we can, by kind words and love, any way we can, because one day we may also find our selves in a similar position.

Life can be very cruel.

Sometimes someone will be sat alone at home, suffering from an illness, maybe even a terminal one. We don't know. Someone else may be suddenly left on their own due to divorce or loss of a partner, we wouldn't know. And someone may have a mental illness that confines them to their home, keeping them a prisoner of four walls unable to reach out and seek help.

Let's face it, we're all on Twitter for instance, for one reason or another. Loneliness, illness, unemployment, there are dozens of reasons. And some of us are on Twitter because it's just fun and we enjoy it, interacting with others. But for some it's the only lifeline they have. The only communication with other human beings they get.

So basically I’m saying we shouldn’t take people at face value, all we see is what they want to show us, we have no idea what struggles they have offline, and we shouldn’t judge others from those vague assumptions that we may have about them. We could be totally wrong, and sometimes we are. And how dreadful it feels when we have misjudged and criticised someone when really we should have helped them even by just a kind word.

As I said before, there will be some who will take advantage of those of us with kind hearts and empathy. That’s life. There are always rogues amongst us and we don’t always sense they are taking advantage of us, but generally we get a sense of right or wrong and make the right decision. And I always say, it’s better to help someone than stand back and do nothing, because if we did nothing, we wouldn’t help anyone and what a sad world that would be.

So if you know anyone that needs help, or you suspect is going through a rough time, don’t look too badly on them, but try to understand and put yourself in their shoes. And the network of love will grown and help us all to live better lives knowing we help others .

And never, ever be afraid to ask for help. There are more people out there that willingly want to help others, and feel pride that they can and feel good that they are helping someone.

This isnt a lecture my friends. This is an observation.

I have been on Twitter for a long long time, and have seen lots of things, sad things, happy things, inspiring things, joyful rewarding things. When I first came to Twitter I was just a little dog that wanted to help other furs and their hoomans. Then I lost my fight with Cushings and SARDS and went OTRB. I've made a lot of friends, and a lot of those furs are now OTRB with me. I loved every minute of it, and still do, and now I'm a fur angel I can still encourage others and help furs that need help.

The Twitter family is amazing, full of amazing hoomans and even more amazing furs. I'm so lucky to have so many friends, and to be respected and loved as much as I am. *looks across at muvver* Yes muvver's lucky too as her life has been enriched by the whole Twitter experience. Well apart from a few saddos that bullied her a long while back but she got over that after I gave her a good talking to. Which harps back to this article really, cos if she'd taken any notice of those nasty people she would have left Twitter and I would have missed all my pals. And looking back at that time, it all happened for a reason, and that was so me and muvver could help others and let them know they're not the only ones being picked on. Cos we know what it's like. And they're not the only one's struggling with something and needing a pal to share the load.

So that's me observation. Call me an old blonde furbag, but I do have me deep fortful moments at times, and feel like passing it on cos sometimes we all need reminding what life is all about.

I love you my friends. Please share the love!

No we're not gonna hold paws in a circle and sing come by yar muvver *rolls eyes*

Love you pals

Angel Bonnie