Saturday, 1 April 2017

Hello my fwends Happy Easter to yoo - yea I know I'm too early shuddup!

Yes I know I'm early but never mind bahahahaha

I hope yoo are all brite eyed an bushy tailed as yoo read dis, if not I send yoo some healing vibes to make yoo feel better.

Da reason me ritin dis today is to warn yoo about poisons and stuff wot can hurt yoo.

Qwite a few pals has been ill lately afta nibbling flowers an plants in da garden. Dere's section on me blog here, in da main menu at da top for POISONS <<< see. *nods* Here's da link incase yoo carn't find da tab in me menu *rolls eyes*

It's a pretty comprehen.... compryhan... compreeh.... big list, but dere will be stuff not on dere, so it's always best to get yoor hooman to rush yoo to da vet pronto, or as fast as dey can, as time is crushal an could save yoor life. If dey wait and faff about yoo could be joinin me up ere at Rainbow Bridge. *wags finger* So make sure dey act snappy!

Lots ov plants in da garden is dangerous, an altho it best not to have dem in da garden its not always possible, cos our hoomans duz like der gardening, or some ov dem do. It's not too often one ov us is daft enough to nibble a garden plant, but it's not unknown, so our hoomans shud be aware of wots safe and wots not.

And another fing dats dodgy, is special hooman times, wen dey gets bunches of cut flowers and dey stuff dem in a vase of water. Well most of dem are safe, but a lot ov dem isnt. Lilies for instance are lethal to all furs. Eating da petals or leaves can be fatal, and even the pollen if it gets on our fur, cos when we lick our fur we swallow da pollen and poison ourselves dat way. So reelly lilies is a big no no for hoomans an if dey dunt know get dem to reed dis blog. Oh sowwy forgot, dey will be reeding cos yoo carn't operate da compoota bahahahahaha silly ole me. ahem...

Where woz I? Oh yea, I've done garden plants and cut flowers, now onto noms. Well hooman noms. Dey dus love der sweets an chocolit dont dey? Well so do we too, ware da problem occurs. Take chocolit for instunce. Dere's different types of chocolit, and dey all poisonous to us. But dark chocolit and Belgian chocolit is da wurse eva! Wich is why me is ritin dis now, cos its not long to Easter, and wot duz hoomans haz at Easter? Yep, chocolit eggs. Dey juz carn't stop stuffin dere faces wiv chocolit can dey? pfffft So chocolate must be kept away from us, even tho we loves it.

Der iz special Easter Eggs for furs, wich are made from Carob I fink it called, tiz a natural bean What is it? , but it harmless to us furs, tastes like poop but won't hurt us. pfffftt

My furbro Mojo, da fat lump, managed to scoff a whole box ov Belgian chocs once dat sumwon gave muvver for xmas, she was lookin forward to eatin dem, and put dem up on a shelf so none ov us could get at dem. Den old muvva cat Sophie decided to do some high shelf walking, dunno why *shakes head* she was 19yrs old and rarely moved far from her bed but between you an me I reckon she woz trying to get rid of Mojo *winks* ahem... anyways, she nocked da chocs off da shelf and when muvver came into da room der woz Mojo sat by empty box lickin his lips. He did enjoy dem. Corse I didnt touch 'em, I wasn't OTRB den, me woz sat on sofa bein a good gurl. *avoids eye contact* So muvver had to ring vet and bundle fatty into da car and rush him to da vet. He had an injection to make him vomit, wich woznt nice at all, and it took a wile, but he brort up all dem chocs and hadn't digested very much ov dem, and was ok. Well he woznt ok dats a lie. He looked like he was gonna pop his clogs any minute, you know peg out! But he didnt, and vet said he wouldnt, he just looked bad. But he woz back to his usual self da next day. Woz scarey tho, cos vet told muvver she only had 20 mins to get him to surgery or he'd die.

So that's wot happens if yoo scoff chocs pals. So dont do it!!!!

Here's a link wot explains side effects ov chocolit poisoning an why it deadly for us. All About Chocolate Poisoning

Rite now we only got stuff wot hoomans keep in der houses an sheds and car. Chemical stuff, washing capsules, fings we can chew like brillo pads, great for getting tartar off our fangs but da splinters ov wire dunt do our tums much good. And one ov da worse eva is anti-freeze. Dats fatal, so make sure yoo tell yoor hoomans to keep all deez poisonous fings under lock and key and not leave dem layin around. All dey gotta do is fink ov us as kids, cos dey wouldn't leave stuff around for dem wud dey? Hmm... yea maybe, cos some hoomans int da brightest buttons is dey.

So I fink dat covers about evfurryfing but always best to just open up a browser, dat fing wot you using now to read dis, and put in Google 'poisonous to dogs and cats' and up comes loads ov info.

Muvvers brill at getting info off Google. She just types in a question and up comes the answer. Yoo dont have to put in a long query like War and Peace, just ask it stuff like 'nearest Pets At Home to my postcode (put yer postcode in)' and it'll tell you.

Search Engines is very cleva fings if people use dem propply. Mind yoo der is some weird fings come up sometimes dat us furs shud neva look at *shakes head from side to side* dem hoomans have some strange stuff on da interweb.

So dat ends me surmon on poisons. *pokes paw* Yoo still awake?

So me gonna sign off now, or rava tell muvver to sign off *pokes muvver in ribs* yea she's still awake. *nods*

I got a fabby raffle coming up at Easter, wiv some stupenduss prizes but I'll rite about dat later cus me brain's hurting now wiv all dis finkin and dicktaytin. hmm... Fort he woz a highwayman *scratches head*

So bye for now pals, and rememba keep safe! keep smilin! and keep happy!

Loves yoo pals,

Angel Bonnie