Thursday, 26 February 2015

26/02/2015 - YouCaring Update

Hello my fwends.

We left Mojo wif hoouncle yesday mornin cuz weavva woz dredful and it wudn't haf bin much fun for him walkin round town in da wet wif his little legs. Besides he loves hoouncle and we herd he spent all day on his lap haffin cuddles *rolls eyes*

Woz a terruble journey to da vets (and back) yesterday cuz ov da wevva. Woz fick fog all across Bodmin Moor an muvva cud hardly see infront of us, and dere was still mad fings racing past us as if it a summers day. Dey mental. But mum woz careful cos she had preshuss cargo - Me bol

I haz had my ACTH stiumulashon test yesturday and me wee test. Vet sed me wee test woz best eva as I iz now concentraytin me wee. I always concentraytes wen me wee so dunno wot she meant by dat. But it woz good news evduntly cuz it means me not drinkin so much.

Will get da results of me ACTH test either end ov dis week or Munday. But vet finks me will need a 10mg increase in me Vetoryl as it not controllin da symptoms ov me Cushings propply. I iz still gettin muvva out ov bed 2 or 3 times a night to wee, wich is a sign me drug not strong enuff yet. Although me haz lost 10gm ov wayte on me diet.

I wasn't very good wen mum collected me from da vet. She woznt sure if it woz cus me got all stressed out cuz she left me alone dere, as me gets so scared now wen she not wif me, unless me at home wif Mojo. Or wevva it woz a reaction to da test.

Mum stayed da evenin wif hoouncle, as he'd dun her some dinner, and we got ours as well. I not too keen on stayin dere as me not sure ware evfurryfing iz and me bumps into fings. But mum had taken me halo coat so woznt too bad. She had to lift me up and down da back door step tho into da garden, cuz ovverwise me falls down and lands on me chin. *embarrassed ears*.

So we not get home til gone 9pm last nite, and by den muvva woz really tired and so woz we.

When muvva hears da results of dis latest test, and da vet does put me dose up, we gotta go all da way back agen to collect da tablets. But it won't be so bad cuz it'll just be a flyin visit and me not got to be left. We will haf to go back agen 14 days afta startin da increased dose tho for anuvva ACTH test and anuvva one 4 weeks afta dat one.

I iz hoping that will sort it all out and I will be on da rite dose to control me symptoms. Each time we goes it's £184 wif me wee test as well, and me fund money is dwindling quickly. Once me dose is regulated and werkin properly I will only need a test evfurry 3mths and den evfurry 6mths.

Mum got bit upset last nite cuz she duz sumtimes. I herd her in da baffroom snifflin, she go in dere so me not know so she finks. I wish she wudn't getz upset cuz she knows me got lots of fwends dat luff us and dey be helpin us but she still gets upset da daft old bat.

She ok dis mornin agen. *rolls eyes* I spose it cuz she loves me so much, and dat makes me feel better knowin she duz and dat I got so many fwends dat love me as much too. I a very lucky little dog da vet sez, to haf so many fwends dat helpin me.

I loves yoo all vewy much my fwends. If it woznt for yoo, and I knows I keepz sayin dis, but if woznt for yoo I wud be over da Bridge by now. Yoo is keeping me alive and I can neva neva eva fank yoo all enuff or tell you how much dat means to muvva and me. Yoo iz all vewy speshul fwends and I so blessed and so lucky.

Gawd muvva's got leaky eyes agen now. *hands muvva a tissue*.

Well dats me update my pals. Da next one will be wen we hears da results.

Fankoo all so much for being here wif us fru diss orruble ordeal. I loves yoo so much.

with lots and lots of love

Bonnie, Mojo & muvva