Thursday, 24 December 2015

Happy Christmas my fwends

Well it's Christmas Eve an so far alls well.

Muvvers got a lil turkey in da fridge an looks like all me fwends sent loads ov presents to Dora, Mojo, Gizmo and Lily. I can see da bags in da bedroom hidden away *giggles* Peepul been so kind to muvver since me went over da Bridge. Fankoo dear fwends. Muvver sez to let yoo know she cudn't haf got froo dis year wiv all da grief wivout yoor help and support. She loves yoo all, like wot I duz.

So yoo all got reddy for Christmas? Is yoor hoomans still rushing round like headless chickins buying last minit pressies and lookin for a turkey or sumfin for dinner tomorrow? It's only 2 days, an da hoomans is stock piling food and dashin round da shops as if da pocolypse gonna start. Bahahahaha Always makes me larf.

Muvver gonna be on her own, apart from da fur kids ov corse, but she got plenty to keep her occupied, dares all dat food to eat for a start, and waitin on da fur kids' every wish. It's her purpose in life afta all. Uncle George, hoouncles pal is away in Yorkshire over Christmas an New Year so we won't be seein him, but dont matter, we got loads ov stuff to keep us occupied.

Dere's loads goin on on Twitta. Da Zombie Squad panto, and at 4pm tomorrow is da Zombie Squad Christmas Dinner at #PalsPorch. Dats gonna be pawsum! It's sposed to be for all da Billy no mates like muvver wots on dere own but alls welcome I fink. I'll be dere too.

Boxing day, 26th, I got me pawty at 7pm. Wich reminds me muvvers not tweeted me advert abowt it. *glares at muvver*

On more serious stuff, muvvers set up me non profit fing to help owners pay for individual cremations, it won't be active proper til after New Year cos got all the legal stuff going froo wot takes time but its almsot dere. Muvvers done website and it's lookin lush.
And peepul haz bin donatin alreddy, fankoo peepul. *waves paw and blows kissis*

Muvver had me awkshon wich finished yesday, and sold evfurryfing on dere. A couple ov me special dandylion calendars, a bootiful stained glass penguin wot Sprocket's dad made and donated, and dat gurt big stuffed penguin. Abby's mum won da big fluffy penguin and she asked muvver to give it to someone special who didn't haf much at Christmas, so muvver and Dora as me official representative took it to Little Harbour Children's Hospice, St Austell, Cornwall at lunchtime today.

Muvvers akshully smilin in dat pic, well I not surprised cos she look like Coco da Clown in dat coat Bahahahahaha
Da lady in da hospice sed da kids gonna love rollin all ova da penguin wen he gets in da Day Room, poor fing. BOL

I will miss me muvver dis year, I knows me wiv her all da time but it not da same as bein able to lay on her lap and feel her cuddling me and givin me kissis, and I know she misses dat too, wich is why me sent her Dora. But I juz wish I could haz one cuddle wiv her at Christmas, just one. ooh me fillin up now *wipes eyes wif paw*. ahem.... ware woz I? *tries to look brave*

Lil Dora got her six monthly started day before yesday, so she not feeling too special, and muvver knows now wen she can take her to vet to be spayed. Probbly be around end March beinning of April sometime. Muvver will be a nervous wreck den, she woz wen me woz dun, and I had to be spayed cos me had dat pyrometra infection plus me gastroenteritis and bladder infecion and me false pregnancy wiv milk! I didnt do fings by halves did me BOL. But I told muvver she got nuffin to worry bout wiv Dora, she mite be small but she a strong lil fing and she healthy, sumfin I never woz. So I reckon Dora gonna fly froo da operashon. *nods*

Well dats about all da news me got for now pals. Except to say fankoo from da bottom ov me heart for all yoo dun for us in 2015, before and after me went over da Bridge. Yoo is all very special peepuls and we loves yoo lots. I know me speaks for muvver wen me says dat.

So here's hoping yoo has da bestest Christmas ever, da happiest healthiest New Year ever, and may da sossiges be everlastin.

I love yoo guys!

Happy Christmas & A Very Healthy Happy New Year Pals!

Lottsa love

Angel Bonnie