Saturday, 21 March 2015


I haf got muvva to rite down all da impawtunt stuff about Vetoryl. Dis is da medicashon dat I iz on for me Cushings Disease.

Muvva scoured da internet wen me woz furst diagnosed as dere woznt dat much information about Vetoryl, and wot was available wozn't always accurate, so she contacted da company wot manufactures it and has found more information from veterinary articles and stuff, and we fort it wud be helpful and in some cases life saving, to put togevva an article on me blog.

So we haz. And you can find da article in da tabs section under me pic, called 'Vetoryl'. It's next to da Cushings tab.

Anyone wif a dog wif Cushings Disease shud read da whole article, as it has come to our notice dat 95% of vets don't carry out da ACTH tests properly, and as we (Cushings dogs) need to be monitored regularly, its impawtunt dat da tests are accurate, or we cud be overdosed wiv Vetoryl and suffer some pretty horrific side effects, if not death.

So please get yoor hoomums and dads to read da whole fing.

We hopes dis helps ovver hoomans to make sure we gettin da best treatment possible to make our lives more enjoyable for us and for dem.

So dats wot we bin doin s'mornin.

Oh and muvva's also bin washing our beds, so we had to lay on da sofa or da floor cuz one of da fossil cats puked in our bed Pffffft. Why she had to wash boff beds is beyond me. *puts paws on hips and sighs heavily*. So dey out on da line now. I juz hope dey dry for latur on. *glares at muvva*.

Monday coming me got an appointment wif me new vet. Rememba me last visit to Sally da vet at Holsworthy in Devon? Was sad day. Well she emailed all me medical history ovva to da new vet at St Colum Road, Cornwall. It's a lovely vets, and is da main animal hospital in Cornwall. Dey got some Aussie vet ovva dere dis munf and he featurin dem on his show back in Aussieland. Anyway I digress, ware woz I?

Oh yea, Monday I seeing me new vets. I gotta see dem before dey can dispense me meds, and although me got anovva 2 weeks supply, muvva fort it best if dey see me earlier rava dan latur.

I haz been dere once before. When me had to see da Opthalmologist Specialist Mr Jim and his assistant Goren who me luvs. *swoons*. Cuz Mr Jim holds a fortnightly clinic dere.

Da new vet also has ovva referral speshulists dere too. It's rilly good.

So me will tell yoo wot happens Tuesday wen me updates me blog agen.

So dats all me news for tday pals.

If anyone out dere readin dis wants to chat in real time, muvva put me a proper hoomans chatroom on here, top rite of da page.

She sed some hoomans mite like to talk in realtime about dere doggies problems and stuff, so dats why she got chatroom on here. She sed yoo dunts haf to register to use it, juz put yoo name in and dunt bovver wif a password. If we gets lottsa weirdos usin it tho, like spammas and dem kinky peepul wot gets about, den she will make it registered users only an me will let yoo know on me blog posts if dat happens.

Paws crossed we won't get any weird humans on here. Dey not intrested in dog talk I shudnt fink.

Me almost furgot to bark! Dunt furget to check out da tab marked 'links' cuz dere's impawtunt informashon dere for all dog owners, from dog wardens to erm.. *runs off to check* dog wardens to poisonous stuff, doglostuk and stuff like dat. An numbers to ring in da UK to check if da local council pound got yoor missin pooch!

Rite pals me is off now to help mum wif da chores.

Haf a supa Satday and enjoy da sunshine.

Love you all