Saturday, 13 June 2015

There's Always Love

Hello my fwends. At last muvva got time to scribe for me so I can get me forts down and talk to me pals.

Itz been a topsy turvy old week, and me glad da weekend iz here. Muvva's bin on an emotional roller coaster agen wif hoouncle and we bin so busy cuddlin her and showin her dat we iz here to luk afta her.

Hoouncle loves da nursin home ware he went dis week. His room is nice an big wif his own baff room an evfurryfing and he luffs it. Da Early Intervention Team as dey called, iz da hoomans dat assess if da poorly hoomans is better off in dere own homes or in nursing home, haz been to see hoouncle an tried to get him to change his mind an go back to his own home, not cos he well enuff, cos he not, but cos it cheaper for da NHS to send him home regardless ov if he well enuff or safe to be dere.

Muvva rilly angry wif dem, cuz at times hoouncle not well enuff to fink straight and cud haf been sent back home an wud haf had a nasty accident and ended up back in hospitul. But hoouncle haz told dem no way he goin home as he feels safe and is happy ware he is. Da nurses are wonderful and care for him 24/7 and he is at last eating a little bit of food. So da Early Intervention Team wimin went off wif a flea in dere ears an won't be bovverin hoouncle agen.

Muvva went to see him last night, she goes in evfurry day, either aftanoon or evening, and he sed da nurses had asked him if he wanted a more quiet room, cuz da lady in room next door kept shouting for help all da time and he woznt getting much peace. He woz too ill to go look at it, so muvva went to see it and he sed he would go wif wot muvva fort woz best. Well muvva sed she woz qwite impressed cuz da room woz even bigger dan da one he in now, and woz rilly nice. So hoouncle movin into it dis aftanoon an muvva goin to help. He will haf more room in dere for all his fings, like his new TV he bort juz bfore he woz ill, and bits and bobs wot mean a lot to him. Plus it betta room for wen we can go visit him.

We had to give muvva extra cuddles wen she got home, she woz bit upset. She gets like dat. I fink it's nachurel for hoomans wen one of dem is goin over da bridge.

Her and hoouncle haz time to talk ov fings dat dey wouldn't haf a chance or inclinashon (big werd) to talk about if hoouncle woznt ill. Dey talked of all sorts of fings, but mainly about dere childhood.

Neither of dem woz rilly wanted as children. Hoouncle 11yrs older dan muvva. He woz born a year before grandie went to war to fight da Japanese in Singapore. Grandie woz only in Singapore few weeks wen he woz captured and woz a POW on da Burma Railway, dat was February 1942. Muvva sed it woz a railway built by POW's in WW2, and evfurry railway sleeper represented a POW's death. Dey woz tortured and starved, beaten and humiliyated until da end of da war in da Far East wich woz September 1945. Grandie woz in da last POW camp liberayted as wen da main railway woz finished grandie and some of da other POW's woz made to build anovver railway branch line way up in Thailand. Most of da men were vewy ill and thousands of men had died. You can Google Death Railway to read up about it, or take a look at dis site dat made in memory of da farsands of men dat died. Death Railway Website

Woz a grim horrible cruel period in grandies life, and he came back a broken hooman, fizickly an mentully as did all da men. Dere woz no counsellin back den and grandie an grammie's marriage woz unda so much strain dat dey woz always arguing and dere was always rows and upset an hoouncle woz just a little boy cort up in it all. As soon as hoouncle was old enuff he woz packed off to da army at age of 16, to join da Junior Leaders. He didnt come home much bcause woznt a nice place to want to go back to.

Den 11yrs later muvva woz born. She woz a mistake, as grammie kept telling her all her life. She woznt rilly wanted either. She neva wanted to go home afta school, cuz ov da rows and bad feelin, so she wud hide and grammie wud spend time lookin for her. She never even knew she had a brofur til he came home on leave once, so dey woz never rilly close like most siblings iz. Den he woz off agen afta leave and she didnt see him for a long time.

Muvva's childhood woznt good, she dunt rilly remember much only da sad times. She sez she cant rememba anyfing good about it.

But wen gradnie died she woz devastated cuz she woz grandie's favwite. And wen grammie was ill wif cancer, she gave up her job and cared for grammie for a few years til she passed away.

Now hoouncle is dyin, dey are speakin of da fings dey went fru in dere fragmented dysfuntional childhoods, ware love came in fleetin and few momunts, and how dey craved a happy fambly like ovver kids had. Dey woz like two only hoochildren rilly.

But now dey makin up for it, and can speak of dose terruble years and dey haf each other. What so tragic is dat now dey close as siblings should be, it all gonna be snatched away from dem soon. But least wen time comes for hoouncle to go over da bridge, he will go knowing his sista and how much she loves him, and dat gives dem boff comfort.

I sowwy dis a vewy sad blog tday, but me wants to show yoo pals, dat no matter how long you go wivout love or live yoor life wivout a lovin fambly dere is always hope dat at some point in our lives we do find it even if it only for a short wile. I know all my furpals in rescue or wanderin streest finkin dey unloved and unwanted feels dat way, but like muvva and hoouncle, dey found love and each ovver in da end. So we must neva give up hope pals.

An somehow dat love and understandin is so speshul dat it makes up for all dem years wen we neva had it, and means as much, if not more dan if we'd had love all our lives.

Evfurryfing in life is frown at us sometimes and we feels so sad and helpless, but dere's always love. Wich is why me keeps harpin on, yea I knows, yooz finkin 'here she goes agen' but it impawtunt, always always show each ovver love and empaffy, espeshully online cuz we not know wot goin on in ovver furs lives, and sumtimes we fink some fur's a bit tetchy but probbly dey got problums in dere life an we dunt know about dem.

And as fur our final day wen we takes dat trip to Rainbow Bridge, it's all part of life, an we all haz to do it. It sumfin we can't avoid, and itz part of lifes cycle. Hoomans shudn't be afraid ov it. Hoomans dat makin da journey gets scared, and da hoomans dat dey leave behind get scared but it dunt matter how young or old we iz, if it our time to go to da Bridge it our time. It nuffin to be scared ov. It a peaceful place an someware we iz all gonna be togevva and someware dat deres enuff love for each of us, surroundin us and consumin us. A love like we've neva known before and so powerful and so peaceful. An if we can give some love before we gets to da Bridge, hoomans too, den it makes da werld a betta place. It dunt matter wot da hoomans believe or wot faith or belief dey hold, its dere way of makin sense of da love and how dey should show it to each ova an because dey not know like we do, wot waits for dem over da Bridge.

So juz share da love my fwends, cos dere's always love. And togevver if we all share da love, den fings dunt seem qwite so bad. Cos we know we not alone, and we iz loved.

Me goin now cuz me face fur's a bit wet for sum reason *wipes eyes wif paw*.

I love you my fwends.