Light a Candle

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 Light Your Candle

Please light a candle for all who are poorly, missing, OTRB or just because you want to show how much you love them.

People have lit candles over the millennia, for all kinds of reasons, for religious or non religious purposes, to help them grieve for a loved one, to remember someone special no longer in their lives, to send positive thoughts to help in a time of crisis or trouble or in celebration of something special.

Lighting a candle is not a religious act, it is a spiritual one. We are all spiritual beings, every living thing has a spirit or soul and we are all linked together in the thing we call life both on this earth and above and beyond. Whatever you believe your spirit or your soul is part of the greater wonderful existence that is life.

And as spirits we go on forever, we are joined together in one spiritual energy that is never ending and always regenerating. One energy that is pure love, whatever you believe or don't believe you can't deny you are unique and have your own spirit.

The power of combining our thoughts in sending love and positive thoughts to those in need or in trouble, who are sick or dying, is immeasurable.

Love never dies

So please light a candle and come back often. Bless you my fwend.

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