Pet Tags

Welcome to my pet tag pages. Here is a huge selection of good quality pet tags available in 2 sizes, 24mm and 32mm. They are all £7.99 each which includes shipping and engraving. Check out the info below:

Just select a category and browse the designs.

Once you've picked which tag you want to order, click on the Cart link to pay via Paypal or with a Debit Credit Card.

In the Notes section at the checkout you will need to put:

Your name and address. 
Your Telephone number.
The text you want engraved on the back of the tag (please double check as tags cannot be returned if you make a mistake). 


You can put 4 lines with 25 characters per line on the back of the tag, and a space between words counts as one character. So for example:

17 Bonio Drive = 14 characters

In the UK the owner's name must be on the tag so only put your surname:

6 - PL31 1AW
01726 880880

Never put your pets name on the tag, as thieves will know it and use it to sell your dog on if it is stolen, they can easily call your dog by its name and an unsuspecting buyer assumes they are the legal owner as the dog responds to it's name.

No need to put your complete address, just house number and postcode on one line. 

And if you decide to put 'Microchipped' it prompts people to get your pet scanned if it is stolen and returned to you even quicker!

So now you've browsed the tags. You've decided which one to buy, and what you want on the back of the tag.

All you need to do now is click on the 'Buy' button which takes you to the Paypal checkout where you follow the instructions. If you have any problems then you can contact me via email, link on the homepage of this blog or DM me on Twitter @BonniedaWestie. 

Let's take a look at the tags.....


Special Occasions

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