Sunday, 4 October 2015

St Francis Day - St Francis of Assisi

Hello my fwends.

Today is St Francis ov Assisi day.

He is da patron saint ov all animals.

St Francis woz a nobleman in Italy and left all his riches to preach about God, and he woz furst hooman to receive da stigmata (explained in videos). He worshipped nature and animals, and preached dat we should all love each ovver and take care ov nature and da animals. His legacy is to help us to love and be kind to each ovver and take care ov our mother earth and animals in it.

As yoo will see if yoo wotches da long video, a lot ov his life haz been turned more into a fairytale and drifted away from da facts, but he did love animals and nature and dis is why me haz put dis article on me blog. Cuz if yoo believes or not, its intrestin to lurn about such fings, and if it about how to love each ovver den wots not to like? Yoo dunt haf to be religious to love each ovver, cuz I fink we all got love inside us bursting to get out, and we all got enuff to share wif evfurryone. I expects all religions got dere own version ov St Francis, and even athiests love nature an animals. So dis is me point. Wotever we believe or dont believe, wot we got to do is show each ovver tolerance and love and da werld gonna be a better place. Cuz Love is all dat matters and all dere is.

St Francis started da Fransiscan Order wif monasteries all ova da werld.

Here is a video about St Francis explainin about his life.

Dis video much longer, an hour, and is more a documentary factual story of St Francis life.

Love yoo my fwends

Angel Bonnie