Saturday, 14 November 2015

Good News & Bad News

Hello my fwends.

Well we did it yesterday, an we raised £531 for da BBC's Children in Need appeal. Fank yoo so much to evfurryone dat donated. Muvver has paid da money into da BBC's account dis morning, and wif Gift Aid it comes to £667.75. I iz so proud ov my pals on Twitter and Facebook for making dis possible.

Da money will help so many children in so many ways. Fankoo my besties! It sez Hazel cuz dats me muvvers name, but woz me wot raised da money as yoo know. *polishes halo & tries to look modest as possible*

Here iz all yoo stars who donated, but if me haz missed sumwon den pleeze accept my apolygies it not dun on purpose.

I sed it before an me sayin it agen, me iz so proud ov yoo my fwends. Fankoo.

Well dat was da good news, now da bad news.

We sat up late last nite til midnight to give peepuls a chance to get dere Pudsey's Ears before da end ov da appeal, and wile we woz waitin we saw on da news da terruble events unfoldin in Paris, France.

Muvver couldn't beleev wot she woz seeing and hearing.

It has made our hearts vewy heavy, not only becos ov da terruble waste ov life, and all da families and fwends affected by dis tragedy, so close to Chrismuss, but to realise dat dere is so much hatred and evil in da werld right now.

Never before haz we all had to be so aware and afraid ov terrorist frets, dere evil is reechin into evfurry country as dey spread dere evil hatred. Dis fret is gonna spread across da werld and we haz to be alurt an ever wotchful fur anyfing dats out ov da ordinary an me dunt me sum manky old sqwizzel dat wants to share it's nuts wiv yoo either! And we gotta take care ov each ovver and give as much support to each ovver as we canz. *nods* Wake up yoo at da back lickin yoo butt, I iz talkin to yoo too *rolls eyes*.

Muvver haz made a badge dat peepul can download an put on dere avatars or profiles, itz got transparent background so can go ova an existin photo, it sez Paws4Peace.

Now diz dunt mean me iz a pacifist an wanna dance round wiv flowers in me fur chanting anti war songs and stuff, oh no! Dis badge is to show dat me not afraid ov dem evil peepul an dat love is all dat mattres in dis werld an we must stand up to dem wot is doin evil woteva da cost to stop dem takin ova da werld wiv dere insane inhoomain an sick terrorist attacks on our hoomans.

Paws4Peace shows dat us furs want to live in peace but if we iz fretened den we will bite back RRrraaAA

So anyways here's me badge yoo can get yer hooman to rite click on it an save as to download it and den put it on wotever yoo wants.

We will get froo dis fret an we will overcome... now lemme go an get some noms before me turns into a furry Bob Dylan bahahahahaha .....

Love you my fwends pleeze take care out dere!

Angel Bonnie