Sunday, 31 May 2015

Soggy Sunday

Hello my fwends, long time no bark, I sowwy it's taken ova a week for muvva to get time to scribe for me, but she bin runnin round like a headless chickin dis last week or so.

Hoouncle is still in hospital, but da hospital want his bed for anuvver patient cuz dey not got enuff beds for evfurryone dat wants one, so dey turfin people out an sendin dem home wevver dey well enuff or not. Muvva rilly angry bout it but she just gotta make sure hoouncle gets da best help.

So da hospital woz talkin ov sendin him home last Friday but dey hadn't got a package ov care in place, for all my overseas furiends dats a package ov nurses, meal providers, etc to call in as many times as da patient needs in his/her own home.

Hoouncle needs dat cuz ovverwise he wudn't eat, drink, wash, dress or take his meds. Plus he needs medical supervision dat muvva juzt can't give him.

So poor muvva bin fighting da system here to try an get hospital to sit up and do dere job propply and make sure hoouncle will be cared for wen he gets home.

So finally dey haz sorted one out and assessed him in hospital, and dey sending him home next Monday or Tuesday. So muvva gotta go and collect him from hospital cuz dey sed he not ill enuff for ambulance transport (how ill yoo gotta be? He dying).

Da mad fing iz, he gotta go back to da hospital next Friday to haf dat fluid drained from his tummy agen. Muvva sed why cant dey keep him in til after dey dun dat, cus she know wot gonna happen. He will go in Friday an be in dere anovver 3 weeks cuz dey won't do drain da day he goes in. An by den package ov care will need to be sorted out agen.

Dey juzt goin round and round in surcles to get sumfin sorted out an all da time hoouncle getting frailer an muvva gettin tiredur.

So dats why me not bin able to update me blog regular. I so sowwy my fwends.

Now dere is some good news. We not herd from da housing association as to wevver we can keep duckies or not, muvva sez no noos is good noos, but we not holdin our breff. Dey mite juzt be takin long time cuz dey got lottsa ovver fings to deal wif.

Da fence man has bin backwerds and forwerds putting da duck fence up. He got all da posts in dat cross da garden and dat metal fings to hold da posts down da long side reddy to bolt da fence posts to. Evduntly he sed he got to fix posts like dat up dat side cuz it next to da paff an it solid concrete. So he sposed to be comin back s'afta noon to put da top and bottom rails on an fix da wire to dem. It gonna luk so nice wen it dun, me will get muvva to show yoo sum pics wen it dun.

Da poor fence man had his problums tho. His wifey had heart attack couple weeks ago, and woz vewy ill, as usual da hospital - same one hoouncle in & da main hospital for Cornwall - sent her home after few days! Agen cuz dey desprate for beds. Den she had a frombosis in her thigh (dats a blood clot to yoo an me), an she almost died, woz rushed into hospital by ambulance agen, ware dey sposed to treat da blood clot. Dey sent her home couple days afta. An now she had a stroke! So she paralyzed all down one side an carnt speek.

Poor fence man is beside hiself wif worry, an tryin to do his werk to pay da bills, an visit his wifey in da hospital. He sed itz da hospital's fault for sendin her home too early, and muvva agrees, cos dats wot dey dun to hoouncle and now dey doin it agen.

Da duck fence taking a long time to get dun, but fence man doin his best and muvva feels so sowwy for him and his fambly.

On Friday muvva had a letter from da health service tellin her to go for a scan on 11th June. Dats a follow up scan cos she had one and MRI scan before Chrizmuss. Dey fort she had cancer but it woz juzt a fibroid and cyst fing on one ov her ovaries. She woz worried cuz she bin told she high risk for ovarian cancer most ov her life. So yoo can imagine she woz worried sick. Anyway she seed da cancer specialist in January I fink it woz, and he sed she had to see genetisist to find out if she high risk or not and den he wud arrange a scan (dats dis one comin up) and den see her to decide wot to do.

She seed da genetisist who sed she not at anymore risk dan anyone else an haz been haffin scans and blood tests for last 15yrs wen she neednt haf had. But if she hadn't den dey wudn't haf seen dis fibroid an cyst fingie.

So after seeing genetisist she got dis letter for dis special scan inside her. It only routine I fink, cuz da cancer man said itz juzt to check nuffin changed and da cyst still only a cyst and da fibroid not got bigger. He sed wimin as old as muvva dey dont usually do nuffin cuz fings shrivel up and go away but muvva woznt convinced dats gonna happen to her, so she panickin now. *rolls eyes*

She not lukin forward to da scan fing, cuz she had one before da MRI scan last year, and it took her a week to get ovver it cuz it woz so painful. Poor muvva iz really scared it gonna hurt agen dis time. But dey gotta do it to see wots happenin.

As if she not got enuff to put up wif. Fings juzt seem to keep pilin up and up ontop ov her. I dunno how she manages to go on day to day and take care ov us all like she do. I so lucky she my muvva.

I bin keepin ok, fank Dog. I gotta haf one of dem ACTH tests agen in July or August. So muvva worryin bout dat as well, but I fink it'll be ok, cos me feels ok and me weights stable even if it is a bit *wispas* on da heavy side. Plus me well in meself an not showin any side effects of da meds or bad symptoms ov da Cushings.

So I fink, and muvva hopin dat I can stay on dis low dose for anovver 6 munfs. I haz to be tested evfurry 6 munfs.

Muvva savin up for da test, cuz as yoo know it about £200. An dis new vet me got nearer home is a bit more pricey dan last one. I spose cuz dey got posh big hospital place and latest eqwipment dats gotta be paid for. I haz got a Paypal fing on me Blog home page if yoo want's to help wif dat, but me wants to say a hoooge fankoo to all me fwends dat alreddy helped me. I wudn't be here wivout yoo help, yoo iz all so kind an grate fwends to me an muvva.

It bin a sad week too regards me furpals on Twitta. Aunty Gayol @gailvcotton had her Ronnie go over da bridge, he went downhill vewy fast and it woz nuffin Aunty Gayol or vet cud do to save him, and Louis @pomdays also went over da bridge. He hadn't been well for some time and his muvva and mine had been discussin him by DM on Twitta cuz his muvva fort he had Cushings and she alreddy lost one doggy wif it years and years ago, so wanted to chew ovver his symptoms wif my muvva. I must admit it did sound like he had Cushings, but wen he woz seen by da vet it turned out to be Diabetes an kidney problums. His treatmunt wud haf cost £200 a munf, dats for insulin an evfurryfing to control his diabetes. His poor muvva woz beside herself cuz dat woz such a lot ov money, so she decided to take Louis in next day to go over da bridge. She did rite by him, cuz he woz proper poorly. He passed peacefully ova da bridge, and as she came out ov da vets dere woz a luffley rainbow outside.

I also herd dat a lady on Twitta who haz a little Westie called Louie was upset, cuz she had given a home to an elderly little dog called Meg. Da poor lady only had Meg for 3 munfs, but gave Meg so much love in those 3 munfs. Louie and Meg were grate fwends and played togevva. Meg knew troo love those last 3 munfs. Sadly Meg went over da Bridge last week too. Da lady woz heart broken as 3 munfs not vewy long but long enuff to love a furbaby as much as if dey had been wif dem since puphood. Not many people give homes to elderly dogs, I spose dat understanduble, hoomans fink 'well dey not got long to live, it not wurf it.' or 'dey not got long I will be heartbroken wen dey go over da bridge and dat not long away as dey so old.'

But pals, hoomans haz to understand dat even if we iz near da end ov our lives, we wud much rather live dem last few munfs wif a foreva fambly, cuz foreva mite only be a few munfs or weeks, but after we go over da bridge we still dere furbabies, fureva! And we much rather go over da bridge haffin been loved those last few munfs dan stuck in a kennels feeling unloved and unwanted.

Adopting elderly pets is such an honoruble fing to do. Me an muvva haz da gratest respect for anyone who is prepared to cope wif da heartache dat comes sooner by adopting an elderly furpal. Cuz dem older furpals deserve to end dere days surrounded by love insted of surrounded by walls and bars in a kennel.

So fankoo to da lady who adopted little Meg, yoo is a wonderful hooman.

Now dere's hundreds of furpals gone over da bridge evfurry day, it dunt bare finkin about. We all know it breaks our hoomans hearts, an we not dat keen to go either, but we know we goin sumware special and we all gonna be togevver and meet up wif siblings an hoopals and anipals wen we dere. But our hoomans dunt know dat for sure like wot we duz. So we has to tell dem.

Corse it not easy to tell dem once we over dere, so sum ov us hang around a bit after to give dem some kind ov sign dat we iz ok and ovvers go straight over da bridge and show a sign to our hoomans latur.

Corse sum of our hoomans as much as dey luff us dunt notice da sign, cus it not anyfin dramatic cuz we in da spirit wurld.

A lot of hoomums an hoodads has told muvva about da signs dere furbabies haz shown. A toy found in a place ware it wouldn't normally be, a gentle woof, a fleetin shadow glimpsed out of corner of da hoomans eye, a vewy strong sense dat we iz laid next to dam or juz bein dere wivout bein seen, a sibling cat or doggy lookin and seein us and da hooman noticing we iz lookin at sumfin dey cant see.

But corse hoomans lead busy lives so dunt always see deez signs, but we usually duz leave dem so dey know we is happy, in no pain, and wif our pals over da bridge an dat dey mustn't worry bout us anymore.

Somtimes our hoomans is so upset dey wants to see us so despratly dat cuz dey want to see us so much it puts a sort of block on us bein able to show dem we ok. But once dey stop finking like dat then we can sign dem we iz ok.

Muvva seen a doggy dat went ovver da bridge dat woznt even her doggy. She had bin lookin afta him for someone terminally ill in hosptial. An doggy had cancer, but muvva couldnt get vet treatment for doggy unless Social Services woz notified cuz muvva woz only fosterin doggy while da old man woz in hospital. He had cancer too so woznt comin out agen.

One night Bramble da doggy was in so much pain she sat up all nite nursing him, his meds woznt doing anyfing to make him more comfy, and she held him tight wrapped in a blankie all night long, comforting him as best she cud. Dis woz a long time ago and muvva didnt haf a phone and mobiles juz wosnt invented back den. Told yoo muvva woz a fossil didunt I? bol

So in da morning hoodad walked up to da phone box an rang vet, and made arrangements to take Bramble into vet asap. Wich muvva an hoodad dun. Da vet told muvva to phone at 1pm cuz he would need to talk to Social Services before he cud do anyfing.

It woz longest morning muvva ever known she sed. And at 12.30 she left to walk up to da phone box. It woznt dat far, and a pretty walk along a typical Cornish country lane, wif high banks each side, wild flowers jostlying for space amongst da grass, wavin dere heads in da breeze and some speckled wif sunlight as it peeped fru da archway of branches overhead. Woz like a green tunnel wif sunbeams shining fru.

Halfway along da lane, somefin made muvva turn around and look back, and dere running towards her in distance was Bramble. Muvva fort no it couldn't be Bramble, he woz at da vets, but it definittly woz, yet Bramble woz bouncing along like a healthy pup would. An as he got closer muvva could see him more clearly so knew it woz him.

Wen he got about 50ft from muvva he started to fade, and as he got nearer he just faded away and disappeared.

Muvva stood dere, but she had an idea why she had seen him. She called to hoodad who had walked ahead, oblivvyuss ov wot muvva had witnessed, and told him. He woznt sure wevva to believe her or not but he told her he hadn't seen anyfing, but den he hadn't been lookin back like she had.

Wen dey got to da phone box it woz spot on 1 o'clock. Muvva dialled da vets number wif shakin hands and hoodad stood outside holding phonebox door open so he could hear.

He heard muvva ask da vets receptionist about Bramble and she was put fru to da vet man himself. He told muvva he couldn't do anyfing for poor Bramble as da cancer had spread so much and da kindest fing woz to put him down, and dat he had checked wif Social Services who agreed it was da kindest fing.

Muvva asked him about wot time did Bramble pass away, and vet man said about 15 mins ago. Dat woz exacte same time dat muvva turned back and saw Bramble bounding towards her.

From da poorly crippled wif pain little doggy dat couldn't walk by himself he showed muvva he was now healthy, defnittly not in pain anymore, and his little face woz beamin wif happiness. He so wanted to show muvva how happy and healthy he was dat he came back to see her to prove we duz go over da bridge and become whole again.

Ov corse muvva had fort she'd seen fursibs afta dey went over da bridge in da past, but she used to fink stuff like 'did I see him or was it wishful thinking' or 'no it was just a shadow, I'm so unhappy from losing him I'm seeing things that aren't there.' An stuff like dat.

But from da momunt she seed Bramble running to her, she knew for sure dat our spirits or souls if yoo like go on to sumfin else and dat we become whole and happy.

She haz never forgot dat day, and it still vivid in her memory, even tho it woz 20 yrs ago now. So wen hoomums and hoodads tell her dat dey seen a sign or heard a woof, she knows dey not imagining it, and if dey ask if dey did imagine it, she can tell dem 'no yoo not imagine it, he wants yoo to know he iz someware peaceful, he's in no pain, an he is happy'

Its a grate comfort to dem pals, cuz dey not know stuff like we know. I fink sum of dem bit more sensitive to dat kinda stuff dan ovvers, but even if dey not believe anyfing happens once we gone, wen dey see a sign dey knows for sure dat Rainbow Bridge do exist, and it not juz for us anipals, it for evfurryone. Wotever dey be, hooman, anipal, fishy, burds, all livin fings.

Ooops I see me bin wabbitting on agen an gettin carried away, but me wanted to tell yoo Bramble's story cuz it impawtunt. An it comfortin to all dem hoomans wot mite be readin dis blog ovver yoo sholder who haz lost furbabies in da past or who is cuddlin one at da moment dat vewy ill and may be going over da bridge soon.

Share da love my fwends. Life is precious and life is short.

I love yoo my fwends.

Love Bonnie

ps Fanks muvva for scribin all dis it's a long one today. Bet she got riters cramp now BOL BOL BOL

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Its so simple!

The key to happiness and well being. Yes I fink it rilly is simple!

I found dis on interweb and fort I wud copy it down here to share wif yoo. It makes sense to me and muvva cos we alreddy knew it but cudn't explain it as well as deez intelekchuwals wot ritted all dis stuff. (yoo can always skip fru to da bottom for me Bonners abridged version itz a lot shorter but sez same fing ROFB

So here it is, haz a reed and see if yoo agrees too, and more impawtuntly see if we can all live by it.

Treating other people well isn’t just good for your karma. It’s good for your health and vitality, too.

Adjust your automatic responses.

Stress triggers us to act in unkind ways — maybe cursing the driver who cut us off, or snapping at our kids when they’re slow getting dressed. Then we feel bad about it, which creates more stress.

We get stuck in anxious, negative loops. So we seek out comfort where we can find it, and end up overeating, or paying too much attention to our smartphones, or otherwise constantly trying to distract ourselves.

Fortunately, we can hack these automatic tendencies by consciously building new mental habits. The brain has the wonderful ability to make things automatic. When you have awareness that you want to be kind, and then you practice it, you’re essentially rewiring the compassionate part of your mind.

When you notice an irritated thought, redirect your mind. Don’t try to be kind right away; it will only annoy you further. Instead, take a breath and see if (counter to your automatic thoughts) you have what you really need and are basically OK.

You might still have time to get where you’re going, even if your kids are being pokey. Or you might realize that even if you are going to be late, you don’t want to waste time fuming about it. That’s all it takes to shift your mind into a kinder mode.

Put your hand on your heart.

This technique seems almost too simple to work, and yet it’s unbelievably effective for creating a sense of compassion and empathy, says Kristin Neff, PhD, University of Texas associate professor in human development, culture, and learning sciences, and author of Self-Compassion: The Proven Power of Being Kind to Yourself.

Our physiology is hardwired to recognize this simple gesture as self-soothing. the hand-on-heart exercise works because the human nervous system is responsive to touch; like babies, we respond to being held by relaxing and calming down. That touch also brings us back into connection with our bodies and, in particular, our breath.

It seems weird at first, when you start practicing this. But your mammalian system kicks in immediately when you place your hand on your heart. You begin to use a warmer, gentler tone with yourself and with others.

Shift your focus to what’s working.

Cultivate a sense of satisfaction whenever you get the chance. Even when you feel like life is a chaotic mess and you’re not getting the love, respect, or paycheck you deserve, take a step back to recognize a few good things in your world, advises Nelson.

Often, kindness is just about stopping in your tracks and becoming aware of what you have.

Being grateful for amorphous blessings like health and love is fine, but a more helpful inventory might include overlooked gifts like clean water, warm clothes, even the ability to read these words.

Take nothing for granted.

When life feels abundant, it’s easier to be generous — and avoid the trap of scarcity thinking.

Know the difference between obligations and opportunities.

Most of us have schedules, calendars, and other tools to keep us on track. Unfortunately, the quest to get things done can take precedence over our interactions with others. Marketing meeting: done. Oil change and brake repair: scheduled. Lunch with friend to talk about her divorce: check. What’s next on the day’s agenda?

Many people are so wrapped up with their to-do lists that they treat people as obstacles, or as a means to some end that’s related to achievement. Why not slow down and really spend time in someone’s company? To do so is a gift to both you and the other person.

The practice of being present in the midst of other people — not checking your phone, not rushing to deliver advice as soon as someone starts describing a problem, not scheduling social engagements back to back — can have profound effects.

Become a good listener.

That’s what happens when we’re truly present with each other. You inspire other people to do the same for you.

Respect those you help.

Giving to those in need is a beautiful act, but how you think about that gesture is important. “Giving” is noble, but the notion of “charity” is inherently limiting. It doesn’t recognize how much we have in common with those we want to help, and it places us above them instead.

Humility is one of the key ingredients to kindness. When you’re being kind because you believe you’re better than someone else and they need your pity, then giving is less meaningful.

Pity sets up a hierarchy. It leads to us projecting our needs onto other people, not seeing what they truly need.

Instead, keep in mind that we all are vulnerable and need help in our own ways. The kindness of generosity flows in all directions, including toward you. It feels good to give; you get something out of the interaction, too.

Be conscious of the money effect.

Being preoccupied with acquiring material wealth can lead to unconscious unkindness. But even having money on our minds (which is hard not to do when we’re constantly encouraged to make and spend more of it) can be enough to make us less friendly.

In a fascinating set of experiments, researchers primed one set of subjects to think about money, showing them phrases related to wealth, screensavers with pictures of dollar bills, and more. They primed another group with neutral imagery.

The money-primed subjects underwent two observable changes: First, they became more self-reliant and less likely than the other group to ask for help. Second, they became markedly less inclined to offer help to others in need.

Overcoming the influence of money on our behavior involves staying conscious of our scarcity mentality. That sense of scarcity is insidious and it takes engagement and mindfulness to run counter to that.

Once again, reminding yourself that you do have enough — even if your resources are modest — is a powerful tool for inciting a mindset of kindness and consideration.

Start at home.

Studies in behavioral science have found that most of us are more likely to act cheerful toward complete strangers than the people we see and live with every day.

While any positive interaction boosts our baseline well-being, it’s good to bring our kindness practice home, not least because it can be more difficult to be warm and caring toward the people we see routinely — and who occasionally annoy us, bore us, or treat us rudely. If we can rise to that challenge, we know we’re really growing.

When we think about kindness, we often imagine these grand gestures, but we don’t need to join the Peace Corps to create more compassion in our lives. Start by looking closer to home. How do you treat the people you live with?

Remember that kindness is a practice, not a project.

In our quest for kindness, challenges are inevitable. Someone will always be driving slow in the fast lane or passing on the right. Mean-spirited gossip will forever be circulating. There will always be lines, angry online commenters, personal upheavals. And that’s OK.

It’s better to see this as a playful adventure rather than a project that needs to get accomplished. You’re trying to rewire yourself for a greater sense of well-being and purpose in the world, and that requires some lightness in your attitude. Once you become too aggressive or serious about it, then you’re going the wrong way.

One trap many people fall into is thinking of kindness as an achievement. This creates an idea of an endpoint: You did all the right things, so now you can check “being kind” off your to-do list.

A better approach is to strive to develop a growing awareness of what happens when we stray from kindness, and then gently direct ourselves back toward the compassionate path.

You can cultivate kindness by simply inviting yourself to begin again.

I fink to sum all dat up in one sentence is 'treat others as you would like to be treated yourself' and how duz we like to be treated? With kindness, empathy, understanding and love.

Dats wot me bin sayin all da time *rolls eyes*

So afta all dat waffling by da sykyatrists an siyontists I'll abbreviyate it Bonners style.

Itz now scientifickly proved dat bein kind, understanding and loving towards evfurryone keeps yoo healthy an happy. Corse it dunt stop yoo gettin nasty diseases but I fink if yoo got one of dem, being kind and loving to others makes yoo feel better so dats good innit.

Now me gonna poke me furbro Mojo to wake him up, cuz he fast asleep and me gonna tell him how much me loves him and ask him if he comforble. What???? *looks at muvva wif butter wudnt melt eyes* pfffft

Friday, 22 May 2015

For fwends OTRB

It iz wif heavy heart dat I haf to tell yoo dat my fwend Simon, @RhyminSimonGR has gone OTRB today.

He iz da bravest, faithful, and loving dog I know. His mama loved him more dan life itself and fought so hard for so long to save him, but dey lost da battle today wen da cancer finally beat dem.

His mama showed da werld what true undying unconditional love is, and dear Simon shared his heart and his love wif us all.

We will never forget him, and he will live foreva in our hearts, and we will always be here for his mama should she need us because dats wot our Twitta fambly does. We share da laughter, we share da pain, and we share da loss.

But we all knows we will share da love and joy togevva foreva over da Rainbow Bridge.

So I have lighted a candle for Simon and his mama and hope yoo take a few seconds to light one too, not just for Simon and his mama, but for all our furpals OTRB and also for our furpals who are homeless, lost or in danger.

Click here to light your candle

Thursday, 21 May 2015

I bin at it agen

Hello me pals *waves paw*

Twitta went wonky on me yesday an sevral pals had Twitta relayted problums so me fort I wud do a page dedicayted to Twitta to help pals understand it a bit more. Itz still a mystry to me but some ov it mite be helpful.

Yoo can find it on me main page in tabs an sez Twitta Guide. Yea I know, ingenyuss title. I gets brain waves like dat sumtimes. bol

Well now update on hoouncle who yoo know iz still in hospital an not likely to come home but knowin how desprate da hospital iz for beds, nuffin wud surprise me.

He still angin on bless him. Muvva still goin back and forwars to hospital evfurry day and we left to guard da house. But da good news iz he now on da proper ward he shud haf gone on 2 wks ago or howeva long it woz he got admitted. An he haffin da drain fing put on his tummy dis afternoon.

Ovver day muvva got upset cus housing officer came round an sed sumone had complained about dogs barking all da time. Muvva knew who twoz, we got a grumpy old toad lives near us who iz a total bully and he upset muvva wen we furst moved in. So muvva sussed him out and got his ticket marked *nods*. Housing officer sed 'dis person' shud haf confronted muvva drekkly an not gone behind her back straight over her head to da housing officer in da furst place.

Anyways housing officer sed 'dis person' cos she cudn't name him had told her us dogs were barkin non stop all day. Dis not true. Yes we barks wen sumone ring door bell, dats our job! An we barks for one or two minutes wen muvva gets back after leavin us to visit hoouncle or shopping, but we iz quiet rest of da time. Muvva leaves radio on for us and we go sleep. Muvva told housing officer dat she havin to leave us more lately cus ov hoouncle dying in hospital and Housing officer sed as it excepshonal circumstances she wud tell 'dis person' and hopefully dey wud be sympafetic. But she sed 'dis person' is also concerned about da duckies.

We is allowed to haf 6 chickens here, so muvva assumed 4 ducks wud be allowed insted of chickens. So muvva told housing officer about duckies and dat dey wont fly over fences into peepuls gardens, dey not make a noise and dey dunt need a pond so wont make a mess. So housing officer was gonna check to see if duckies is allowed. If not we gonna haf to rehome dem.

Anyway, yesday afta a night ov worrying and stressing incase we got evicted for barking, muvva went round to da lady wot lives in da bungalow joined to ours, and to da nearest lady opposite and apologised if dog barking had annoyed dem and explained why she out a lot lately. Boff ladies sed dey haz never herd muvvas dogs barkin, and dey boff got doggies demselves so dey wudn't take any notice if dey did. Dey also sed dey would let da housing officer know and mum can put dere names forward as witnesses dat we dunt make a noise. Now deez ladies is immediate neighbours so if we duz bark dey wud hear us, but obviously we not barkin so dey not hear. Da miserable old toad lives further away from us so if ladies can't hear us how come he can? He just lying and wants to make trubble for muvva and us. We fink he needs his head seeing to, I wud bite his ankle but dere big fence between us so can't reach. Pfffft

So den muvva rang da housing association and told dem and poor muvva woz really upset ontop of all da worry about hoouncle. But da lady at da housing association woz really nice and was really angry wif da person dat complained. She told muvva to put evfurryfing down in an email dat she had told her and send it to da main housing officer and da main assistant. And not to worry cus we wouldnt lose our home or have to rehome doggies, but woznt sure about duckies.

Honestly pals, sum peepul are so nasty and petty and got nuffin better to do wif dere lives dan make trubble for ovver peepul.

I so glad dogs int like dat.

So we iz waitin now to see wot happenin about our duckies. Muvva will be really upset if she gotta rehome dem, cuz she loves dem and dey iz very happy here.

As for da rest of da fambly, furbro Mojo gotta go to vet at 4 pm today, da last checkup on his mouf to see if da stitches is dissolvin propply, and Gizmo gotta go tomorrow for his.

Muvva woznt gonna go to hospital to see hoouncle this evening, cus she feeling so tired, going backwards and forwards as it long journey and it holiday time now and roads are very busy. Plus da expense of fuel and parkin and stuff. But she still gonna go.

Well dats about all from me today pals, I iz worn out now afta all dis riting, so gonna go and haf a snooze.

Hope yoor all haffin a grate day my fwends!

Love yoo all lots

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Sad Saturday

Good day my fwends.

We iz haffin a quiet sad weekend.

Fings have got worse for hoouncle. He woz rushed into emergency Monday as he woz vewy vewy ill. He still in hospital now and not likely to come out agen muvva sez.

He has diabetic cirrhosis of da liver which is very advanced, kidneys only werking 25% and bowel cancer. Da speshulist told him da ovver day dey can't do anyfing for him as evfurryfing is so advanced, and after a CT scan dey saw his bowel is covered in perforashons which is causin da fluid (ascites) that is filling his tummy up to become infected.

All dey can do is drain da fluid off as it builds up. Furst time he woz in hospital 6wks ago dey drained 37 litres of fluid. Not sure how much dey got out so far dis time, cuz dey only put drain on him yesterday, guided by ultrasound fing for accuracey.

De speshulist has told him to prepare for da end which will be soon and sudden. Poor hoouncle couldn't handle it and woz very agitated and frighted.

Because of dis dey now telling him he may come home at da w/end but in reality he being moved to anovva ward ware it more peaceful. He much more cheerful now he finks he coming home, but muvva had to tell him yesday wen she visited dat if dey haz to put anovva drain in him he may haf to stay in a little bit longer. He accepted dat. I suppose wen da hoomans know dere end is near, dey will believe anyfing in da hope dat 'it' not really gonna happen and dey got hope and a little longer to live. I spose dat why it easy for doctors to keep such terruble news from hoomans for as long as dey can. Muvva not sure she agrees wif dat, but it wud be cruel to be brutally honest if da hooman cudn't cope wif such terruble news. So praps da doctors got best idea. I dunno. Difficult int it.

Muvva now has to lie to hoouncle to pretend he not dying so he doesn't panic. Sumfing she doesn't like doing, but has to do so he has some measure of peace of mind. She told hoouncle coz he deaf he probbly didunt hear da speshulist man propply wen he sed da end is near. An hoouncle juz sed 'We'll see' Itz heartbreakin my fwends.

Poor hoouncle, muvva sed we wudn't recognise him if we seed him now. He woz always over 6ft tall, like a giant, and big built too like a rugby player. Now, muvva sez he like a little thin bird wif a big tummy. An she sed she hardly recognises him each time she sees him, his face now like a skull covered in skin.

Muvva doing ok coping, but I fink she vewy upset and cos it juz her and us furpals here she not got anovver hooman in da house to talk to or take her mind off fings. I worried bout me muvva to be honest fwends. I juz hope she strong enuff to cope. An I hopes dat I dunt take a turn for da wurse cuz I knows she cudn't handle me bein ill as well as hoouncle. So she watching me like a hawk too. *rolls eyes* Dere's only muvva and hoouncle left in da hooman fambly so dey only got each ovver as well as us ov corse. It very hard for dem.

So dis weekend we iz haffin a break and muvva not goin to hospital til Monday unless dey call her on da ring ring to go dere urgently. She needs to recoop her energy and keep her head sorted out wif calm forts if she can.

So we iz all giving her extra cuddles and licks. Wich she loves I fink. Well maybe not da licks afta we had our dinnur bahahahaha

So dats wots happenin in my werld at da momunt pals. We iz in sort of limbo til somefin happens. Can't do nuffin to stop it, just gotta go wif da flow.

I fink one good fing dat iz obvious in dis sad tale is dat muvva and hoouncle got time to say fings to each ovver dat dey probbly wudnt haf said if dey didn't know wen da end is comin. So dey can tell each ovver how much dey love each ovver an stuff like dat.

Now onto brighter more cheerful fings, dem psycho ducks iz settled in ok now. Muvva has to shut dem in dere house wen she visits hoouncle cuz she gone 3hrs and da fox cud come and get dem wile she away. Dey must fink it's siesta time afta dere dinnur bahahahaha Dey dunt mind tho.

Da man woz sposed to come yesday to put da fence posts up for mum for dividing fence between da garden an da orchard but he never turned up. *rolls eyes* He neva even got in touch to say why he not come. Muvva woznt well pleesed about dat *nods*

I gonna be busy tday wif #ZombieSquad stuff, cos sumfins in da air on Twitta and dem zombies is kickin up agen!

Haf a good weekend my fwends, and love each ovver and everyfur. Tiz impawtunt to show love to evfurryone, yoo fambly, loved ones and all yoo meet.

Love yoo all


Tuesday, 12 May 2015

For Louie

Today I lurnt dat a Twitter fwend went ova da Rainbow Bridge last week.

Louie @RonCWhiting from San Francisco, USA.

He woz diagnosed wif SARDS in February dis year, I fink he also had Cushings. So he had boff diseases dat me got. I woz diagnosed about da same time if yoo rememba.

His fambly tweeted my aunty Marulin @marilynwinders to let her know he had passed away, and said he had been haffin an increasingly tough time dealing wif his illness and went OTRB fairly suddenly. His fambly miss him vewy much.

It woz a shock to hear of Louie's passing, I am doin ok at da moment on my medicashon, but it woz a bit of a wake up call to hear poor Louie hadn't had such a good long journey to da bridge. Muvva woz vewy shocked and had got used to me doin ok and da drugs keepin fings under control for da time being. It iz easy to forget dat I iz on borrowed time wen fings are going along ok but death lurks closely for all us Cushings dogs, and we never know how long we have wif our loved ones.

I fink muvva woz sort of blocking da inevitable out ov her mind, seeing me doing well and happy at da moment, I guess it's her way of coping wiv da situation, I dunt know, I dunt understand hoomans way of finkin sumtimes. But I wud guess dats how dey copes. Hearing about dear Louie brought the whole horruble fing to da front agen and it's like hearin da bad news all ova agen. But knowin me muvva she'll soon pick herself up agen and be happy. Me dunt like to see her upset cuz it upsets me. I give her cuddle in a minit. She likes cuddles.

So if any of yoo my fwends iz readin dis and yoo haz Cushings, remind yoo muvvas and farvas dat yoo might be well at da momunt, but dat can all change in da blinkin ov an eye, and dat dey must give us extra love each and evfurry day, like dey shud even if yoo not got Cushings rilly.

Love each ovver my fwends, wile yoo can hold each ovver hang on tight and wispur "I loves yoo" it makes yoo and our loved ones feel so much better.

I shall light a candle for dear Louie now, and dry my tears wif my paw and wish him peace and everlasting love over da bridge wif all our pals alreddy dere. If yoo wud like to light a candle for him too, da link is in da tabby fings under me main pic on home page here.

Love yoo my fwends


Sunday, 10 May 2015

Sunday Ramblins & Catchin Up Stuff

Sorry for not updatin yoo for ages, but wif hoouncle haffin 2 terminal illnesses now poor muvva dunt know if she comin or goin. But she got more time now to let me scribe me life events.

He stayed wif us for 2 weeks as yoo knows. Muvva woz run ragged lukin afta him cuz he juz sat on da sofa all day and expected to be waited on an muvva bein muvva did juz dat *rolls eyes* Da problum woz she not know if he was rilly too ill do get up to make a drink or somefin to eat or if he woz juz enjoyin bein waited on. But muvva did it wivout moaning at him.

Da NHS and social services wudnt give muvva any help all da time hoouncle was wif us and muvva fort dat he wud be much betta in himself if he woz back in his own home ware he wud haf to get up and do fings and dat wud take his mind off his illnesses. Well muvva hopes dats wot wud happen.

So last Monday she took him home afta spending da week before cleanin his bungalow so it was all nice and sparkly for him to move back in as he'd not dun nuffin to clean it for at least a year. She arranged a cleaning lady to call once a week to help him keep ontop ov it too.

He seems to haf settled in well, and does do fings for himself now although da kitchen and baff room needs a clean up agen but not as bad as it woz. Da cleaning lady will sort dem out.

Hoouncle is also more cheerful wich is good, and as muvva fort, he not dwelling on fings so much. I fink he realises now he not gonna drop dead instantly like he did when doctor told him he got da C word as well as cirrhosis of da liver. Muvva sez it natural wen hoomans hear da C word dat dey fink dey only got a few days and fink about orderin da flowers and da hearse *rolls eyes* but once dey iz over da shock dey realise its not juz days but dey got munfs or even a year or two so dey start to do fings before it too late. Fink hoomans call it a Bucket List. Me didn't know wot a Bucket List woz so muvva told me it means a list of fings to do before dey 'kick da bucket' < dat means die to us. Hoomans is very daft fings at times int dey? So dats all about hoouncle. Muvva much more relaxed and got her energy levels back up wich is good cuz we needs her fit and healthy to take care ov us. bol We also got new memba ov da fambly, well he old memba rilly but new to living wif us since hoouncle went into hospital furst. An dats couzin Gizmo, hoouncles doggy. He's 7yrs old same as me, and a boy same as Mojo. So fits in well and we now a pack of 3 doggies. But me told yoo all dat in me last blog fing, sowwy, me gettin like muvva and repeatin meself BOL. Muvva took him to vet cos he had bad teef and hoouncle sed if he needs anyfing done he wud pay for it, so vet had a look and saw he needed da plack taken off his teef and one had to come out cos it woz black and rotten. He had dat done last Thursday, and was back to normal da next day. He had his post op check yesday and vet sed all ok and healin up nicely, so dats good. On Friday Mojo had dental done. He had broken a big back toof on an antler chew. Muvva has frown all da antler chews in da bin now, so none ov us can haf dem. Pffffft Mojo's toof was more complicated to take out dan Gizmo's. Cos it had fractured and broken in da bone and had to be cut out so he got mouf ful of stitches and he weren't well at all wen muvva brort him home. But he on painkilling liquid stuff and antibiotics wot mum haz to rap in cheese so he takes dem. Today he seems almost back to normal so I wud say, if me cud count dat high dat he about 99% back to normal. He was a pitiful sight da last couple days and kept whimperin wif pain but he ok now. I got me fat brofur back so me pleased. Woznt keen on da fat grumpy bro much bahahahaha. AND..... and..... we got even MORE membas ov da fambly pals. Yes tis troo. As yoo may or may not knows if yoo not kept up to date wif me scribin pfffft dat we got extra big garden here in da noo housey. Much too much for me poor old muvva to care for, so she divided it up so she got small pretty flower garden and a gurt big side garden wots got fruit trees in and grass. Well getting back to da new membas ov da fambly, we got duckies! Baby duckies. Dey weird pals. I mean rilly weird. Dey not like normal duckies, not dat me eva seen proper ones, but if I did I bet dey wudn't look like deez duckies look. Dey is upright like hoomans. *shocked eyes* I reckon dey iz zombie duckies. Wook! Deres one big one Duckzilla, dats a gurl duck, and 3 little ones, 1 ov wich is a manduck and ovvers iz gurls. She sez she callin da manduck Arfur Daley but she gotta fink up some good names for da 3 gurl ducks. Duckzilla is bigger cuz she is 2 weeks older. Dey is all same breed evduntly.

Muvva shown me picfurs and she put picfurs on here ov grown up duckies, but deez baby duckies is juz as weird only yellow insted of white. Dey stinky fings too. Muvva foreva changin da puppy pads in da dog crate ware dey iz at da moment.

We still waitin on da man comin to do da fence dividing da orchard from da flowery garden, so dey can't go out in dere new house yet, so muvva got a polytunnel greenhouse fing. She had a lean to aluminium one from freecycle last year, but found out it cost too much to get a man to erect it and glaze it, so she bunged it on Ebay. Yea I know, da cheek cos she got it for nuffin. But dere woz method to her madness, dere is sometimes, we dunt always see it, but she not qwite knitting wiv only one needle juz yet.

Da money she got for da lean to greenhouse paid for da poly tunnel one. She cleva int she. We fink so.

So yesday she was out in da garden putting da frame togevva and den putting da plastic stuff on it. She didnt do a bad job, and it all went to plan she sed.But da air woz blue at times pals, I heard her muttering dat vewy rude word a few times, da one dat starts wiv 'F' yap troo. We woz shocked.

She dunt often say 'flippin' but she did yesday.

Anyways, da struchure is up and looks ok. Here's a pic or two ov it. Nuffin to rave about but it'll grow her some good tomatoes she sez come summer.

So duckies will be going out into dat either tday or tmorrow cos I see she put dere house in dere. I fink dats so da crows and buzzards wot fly overhead dunt swoop down and carry duckies away. Once dey big burds dey be safer.

As for me I feelin good still pals, da Vetoryl is keepin me good at da moment, and muvva still rationing me food so me dunt get too fat pffffft

I got me next ACTH test sometime in da summer so long time away yet. We hopin me can stay on lower dose of Vetoryl still but its out ov our control an we mustnt worry bout it til we haz to.

So now yoo iz all up to date wif me egcitin life, and now we not got hoouncle at home muvva got more time to let me scribe me wafflings to me pals.

I hopes yoo haffin a grate Sunday and keepin safe an well.

Wememba to be kind and love each ovver, deres not enuff love in da wurld so we gotta spread it around more.

Loves yoo my fwends