Saturday, 8 August 2015

Peaceful Saturday

Hello my fwends.

I sowwy me not updated me blog sooner but muvva's bin busy as usual. Be glad wen dis week is gone an we back to normal.

Furst off da charity shop truck coming to hoouncles Monday to collect last of stuff, including his lectric chair wot no-one wanted. Den Wedsnesday da Resource Centre is goin to collect his bed an bedroom furniture, cuz da furniture wants sortin out wif loose screws and stuff so charity shop people wouldn't take dat. Resource centre repair fings and give or sell cheaply to people wot can't afford fings for dere homes.

Den Muvva got lunch wif 2 Twitta fwends on Fursday, she rilly lookin forward to dat, an we hopin she gonna bwing a doggy bag back wif her but dunt fink so cuz Hector & Teddie will be dere @Hector_Shar_Pei an knowin dem boyz dey gonna scoff any leftovers demselves BOL

Now for dat meeting muvva had Wednesday.

Dat rotten nasty neighbour nefa let da housing association know if he was even gonna turn up, and he didunt. So da housing officers telephone muvva and ask if dey cud come to our house for da meeting as he not gonna be dere. Muvva agreed, cos she not got nuffin to reprowch herself for.

Dey came in and we all made a fuss of dem, we woz so excited to see visitors, cuz we dunt see many, and we jumped up and licked dem to deff almost. Wen dey sat down we sat next to dem and wen dey not take much notice ov us we got bored, so laid on da floor at dere feetz.

Muvva gave dem da 2 letters from da lady neighbours which woz rilly helpful and showed we not a pest and not cause problems. And den muvva showed dem da Dog Diary, a detailed list ov our movements in and out and if we barked and if we did wot we barked at. Dey sed dis was vewy useful and dey cud see we woz well behaved and well controlled.

Den dey said da nasty neighbour got no grounds for complaint, as we is quiet and good dogs, and dat he just a moaner. Dey said muvva mustn't keep us indoors, and dat we haz a rite to enjoy our own garden and must do so. Dey sed dey gonna rite to nasty neighbour and tell him and if he dunt like it, he can complain to da Council's Department ov da Environment (phew dats a big wurd). Dey said he won't get noware cuz dey will juzt frow his complaints out da window cos no grounds. *smug smile*

Muvva mentioned a fence 15ft from his shed ware he goes into a lot might help and make a buffer zone, and dey fort dat wos good idea but told muvva dat it not necessary, and she dusnt have to do dat if she not want to. But if she do, den not to bankrupt herself doin it. She sed she'd feel safer cuz it wud leave a big gap between us and him and if he frew sumfin ova his wall to us, we cudn't get at it. Muvva dunt trust him, speshully wen he finds out he not gonna be taken seryuss.

So dat woz dat. Muvva woz so relieved she sobbed her eyes out. She daft like dat. Den dey sed dat if she dunt want to she not haf to re-home Gizmo, and dat he can stay here wif us.

Dey sed as me on borrowed time anyway, I not gonna live as long as healthy doggies so wen me goes Gizmo wud be company for Mojo. Dat started muvva off agen and out came da tissues agen. *rolls eyes*

I hope fings is turnin da corner now and our life will be more peaceful. Muvva rilly deserves it.

Here's a picfur muvva did to show da housing officers ware da new fence wud be.

Da garden bout 30ft x 80ft at back and same at side. So we still got plenty ov room to run and play.

She had a fencing man come today to give her a quote for a 3ft picket fence. I fink it'll look nice an we not losing much ov da garden to play in plus keep us safe from nasty neighbour.

Well dats about all da noos from me pals. oooh cept me nearly furgot. Next wednesday I got me next 6monthly ACTH test at da noo vets. Me not had it dun dere before. Me bit nervous.

An at end ov da munf it's me burfday, and itz Dolly's burfday too @hellodollydog so we gonna haf double burfday pawty agen like we did last year. Muvva got to do da invites an stuff dis week comin. Loadsa bacon an noms an dwinks an stuff. Not sure we haz a male strippur agen tho. BOL

I goin out to sunbave now in me garden pals. Haz a grate Satday and wemember to spread da lurve!

Lots of Love