Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Anovva test! Pfft - youcaring update

I iz ritin dis tnite cuz me got to leave home early in da mornin to go to da vets.

It iz time for yet anuvva ACTH stimulashon test to check me levels of cortisol. So me and Mojo and muvva will be out all day. Muvva an Mojo will be droppin me off at da vet and comin back for me in a few hours so we won't be home til teatime probbly.

Muvva and Mojo iz gonna haf a mooch round town and if da weather is ok dey mite even go to da beech. I dunt fink Mojo eva seen da sea before. I wish I woz goin wif dem but vet needs to get me drug dose rite so me symptoms iz kept unda control.

We won't know results til end of da week or even early next week, depends on how quick da Lab gets it dun.

I not lookin furward to haffin anovva test. If I got to haf a larger dose of meds it means me got to haf anovva test in 14 days cos drug is very strong and if me gets too much it wud make me very ill and mite even make me haf a seizure or sumfin, so dey got to monitor it propply. Me will be glad wen dey got it sorted out at least I will only haf a test evfurry 3mths.

I will rite up a longa post tomorrow after me back home my fwends.