Thursday, 31 December 2015

Happy New Year my fwends!

Let us all hope and pway dat 2016 is a better year for evfurryone. Wevva yoo had a good 2015 or a bad one like wot muvver had, I wish we all haz da bestest eva year ahead, wif good healf, no money worries, no hurt, no pain, and forever fwendship to see us froo wot life frows at us.

Corse we neva gonna get a year ware nuffin goes rong iz we. Pffft but a lot ov stuff is how we look at life an wot it pokes us in da face wiv. We can always turn a bad fing around into a good fing. We can always help a fwend dat is feelin down, or is hurting, or has lost someone close wevva dey be hooman or fur.

Deres always some good to come out ov any situation, however bad it seems. So wot me sayin is, even if 2016 is as bad as 2015, wot we gotta do is stick togevva, support each ovver, love one anovva, and go out ov our way to make our pals lives a little betta. And den our lives will be better too.

Yap, dats wot we gotta do. An if we fill our hearts wif love, even wen we feelin so low we carnt even raise a smile, dat love will be like a little bean seed. It'll sprout and spread and shine out until it reaches our moufs and make us smile and feel happy inside.

Cos no matter how bad fings seem deres always sumwon else worse off dan wot we iz. An dat person or fur needs us to help dem froo woteva dey sufferin.

Now onto more cheerful stuff, cos me got a bit meloncol...mellycoll...millycon... depressin dere!

It's New Year's Eve, woohoo! Didst yoo all enjoy Zombie Squad Panto? It bein shown agen 10pm UK time, and agen tomorow for all dem furs wot missed it earlier. Woz fab. My pals Sprocket, Shay and Wabbit all contributed to it an dey dun a fab job. I didnt do much, jus a couple ov songs and me played da part ov Bonniewan Kenobi. I fort it was gurt lush an so proud ov me pals for doing such a grate job.

Dere's lottsa talen on Twitta, dere rilly is. *nods*

Haz yoo made any New Year Resolushons? Me haznt, no need now me 'up ere' but not sure if muvver haz, she dunt ushually.

Dora's had her six munfly over Christmass, so she's been tryin to replicate herself on da cushions, Mojo and Gizmo and anyfing dat moovs. Muvver gonna be pleezed wen she's back to normal. She waring a pair ov navy blue nickurs during day Bahahaha erm.. Dora is not muvver.

She gonna be spayed in da spring, I spect muvver will be all nervous an worried *rolls eyes* she woz wen me woz done. But we soon get ova it and back to normal tho how muvver gonna keep Dora still for a couple weeks while she heals up I dunno, cos she like somefing possessed. Leapin bowt evfurryware.

We all had lots ov smashing Christmas pressies from yoo all, fankoo so much, yoo iz all so kind. Dora's been werkin her way froo some ov dem removin da sqweekers but she seems to have got fed up wiv dat now and prefers to get muvver to frow dem so she can chase afta dem and she likes tuggin on dem too. I dunt fink she eva had toys before, but she makin up for it now BOL.

Well me gonna sign off now, cuz me fursibs gotta go out, and den it dere dinner time.

So me will wave farewell for now and see yoo all next year Bahahahahaha

Take care my fwends, fankoo for being wiv us dis last year, yoo da bestest fwends eva!

I hopez da New Year brings yoo evfurryfing yoo wish wiv good healf to enjoy it all.

Love yoo to da moon an back

All my love

Angel Bonnie

Thursday, 24 December 2015

Happy Christmas my fwends

Well it's Christmas Eve an so far alls well.

Muvvers got a lil turkey in da fridge an looks like all me fwends sent loads ov presents to Dora, Mojo, Gizmo and Lily. I can see da bags in da bedroom hidden away *giggles* Peepul been so kind to muvver since me went over da Bridge. Fankoo dear fwends. Muvver sez to let yoo know she cudn't haf got froo dis year wiv all da grief wivout yoor help and support. She loves yoo all, like wot I duz.

So yoo all got reddy for Christmas? Is yoor hoomans still rushing round like headless chickins buying last minit pressies and lookin for a turkey or sumfin for dinner tomorrow? It's only 2 days, an da hoomans is stock piling food and dashin round da shops as if da pocolypse gonna start. Bahahahaha Always makes me larf.

Muvver gonna be on her own, apart from da fur kids ov corse, but she got plenty to keep her occupied, dares all dat food to eat for a start, and waitin on da fur kids' every wish. It's her purpose in life afta all. Uncle George, hoouncles pal is away in Yorkshire over Christmas an New Year so we won't be seein him, but dont matter, we got loads ov stuff to keep us occupied.

Dere's loads goin on on Twitta. Da Zombie Squad panto, and at 4pm tomorrow is da Zombie Squad Christmas Dinner at #PalsPorch. Dats gonna be pawsum! It's sposed to be for all da Billy no mates like muvver wots on dere own but alls welcome I fink. I'll be dere too.

Boxing day, 26th, I got me pawty at 7pm. Wich reminds me muvvers not tweeted me advert abowt it. *glares at muvver*

On more serious stuff, muvvers set up me non profit fing to help owners pay for individual cremations, it won't be active proper til after New Year cos got all the legal stuff going froo wot takes time but its almsot dere. Muvvers done website and it's lookin lush.
And peepul haz bin donatin alreddy, fankoo peepul. *waves paw and blows kissis*

Muvver had me awkshon wich finished yesday, and sold evfurryfing on dere. A couple ov me special dandylion calendars, a bootiful stained glass penguin wot Sprocket's dad made and donated, and dat gurt big stuffed penguin. Abby's mum won da big fluffy penguin and she asked muvver to give it to someone special who didn't haf much at Christmas, so muvver and Dora as me official representative took it to Little Harbour Children's Hospice, St Austell, Cornwall at lunchtime today.

Muvvers akshully smilin in dat pic, well I not surprised cos she look like Coco da Clown in dat coat Bahahahahaha
Da lady in da hospice sed da kids gonna love rollin all ova da penguin wen he gets in da Day Room, poor fing. BOL

I will miss me muvver dis year, I knows me wiv her all da time but it not da same as bein able to lay on her lap and feel her cuddling me and givin me kissis, and I know she misses dat too, wich is why me sent her Dora. But I juz wish I could haz one cuddle wiv her at Christmas, just one. ooh me fillin up now *wipes eyes wif paw*. ahem.... ware woz I? *tries to look brave*

Lil Dora got her six monthly started day before yesday, so she not feeling too special, and muvver knows now wen she can take her to vet to be spayed. Probbly be around end March beinning of April sometime. Muvver will be a nervous wreck den, she woz wen me woz dun, and I had to be spayed cos me had dat pyrometra infection plus me gastroenteritis and bladder infecion and me false pregnancy wiv milk! I didnt do fings by halves did me BOL. But I told muvver she got nuffin to worry bout wiv Dora, she mite be small but she a strong lil fing and she healthy, sumfin I never woz. So I reckon Dora gonna fly froo da operashon. *nods*

Well dats about all da news me got for now pals. Except to say fankoo from da bottom ov me heart for all yoo dun for us in 2015, before and after me went over da Bridge. Yoo is all very special peepuls and we loves yoo lots. I know me speaks for muvver wen me says dat.

So here's hoping yoo has da bestest Christmas ever, da happiest healthiest New Year ever, and may da sossiges be everlastin.

I love yoo guys!

Happy Christmas & A Very Healthy Happy New Year Pals!

Lottsa love

Angel Bonnie

Friday, 11 December 2015

Xmas Competitions & Other Stuff

Anovver ov owr fwends has gone OTRB and her funeral will be held today. It is @lucyLabrador's sister Stella. She died at home in her sleep, da vet believes her lungs filled wiv blood. Her mum found her in da morning wif Lucy laying beside her whimpering.

As her mum not got any transport Stella's body had to stay at home until transport could take her body to da vets. All vewy distressing for her mum and for Lucy too who kept whimpering for her dead sister.

My mum helped wiv a list ov nearby Pet Crematoriums, ware Lucy's mum managed to find a very good one dat arranged to collect Stella from da vet and arrange a funeral so dat mum could attend. Stella's funeral is today.

Lucy's mum had alreddy lost anovver doggy earlier dis year, Daisy the Dalmation. Maybe yoo rememba? Lucy's mum is a dog walker and loves all dogs, and so she was devastated wen Daisy passed away as she was quite a young dog. She isn't a rich person, and wiv all her outgoings didn't haf da money to pay for Daisy's cremation and so wanted her to be cremated individually so she could have her ashes and bury dem in a special place. So my muvver helped set up a donation page to raise funds to help wiv da cost.

Dis was so successful dat not only did it cover da cost ov da cremation, but also a beautiful memorial stone for Daisy.

Sadly now Lucy's mum finds herself in da same position, and again has asked for help wiv Stella's funeral costs. And once agen yoo wondfurful fwends on Twitter and Facebook have donated and raised enough money to cover the fees. Fank yoo my fwends, yoo iz all vewy special.

However, fings did not go smoothly. I was vewy angry to discover dat some nasty wickid people had complained to sayin dat Lucy's mum was committing fraud and dat she was taking money from people under false pretences.

As if Lucy's mum wasn't upset enough havin lost Stella, she now had her donation page blocked so she couldn't accept anymore donations and she couldn't access da money alreddy donated. All happenin on da day before Stella's funeral.

She was beside herself wif worry and was about to cancel Stella's funeral wen muvver sent GoFundMe an email, informing dem ov the situation and confirmin dat Lucy's mum woz a genuine and honest person and dat she wud neva do anyfing dishonest. Fankfully dey unblocked da fund raising page and released da funds held dere.

It is beyond my comprehension how some people could be so nasty, so vindictive and so wicked. To hurt someone when dey is alreddy grieving is totally unacceptable and unnecessary. I hopes dem people is ashamed ov demselves.

But muvver woznt surprised, because da same fing had happened to her. Before I went ova da bridge, I had bin unwell and muvver had asked for help by setting up a donation page, and den not long after I was ill agen, and because I kept being ill, and muvver could never get me insured bcos ov my health issues, she asked for help a few times, and as you know all my wondfurful fwends on Twitter and Facebook kept me alive by supporting muvva wiv donations, and if dey hadn't den I would have gone over da bridge a long long time before I actually did. Muvver will never forget people's kindness, but she also will never forget da couple ov people dat implied dat because she had to ask more dan once for help, dat she was committing fraud and accepting money under false pretences.

So muvver knows exactly how hurt Lucy's mum feels, and ontop ov everything else she has to cope wiv today when she goes to Stella's funeral, it will be at da back ov her mind that some evil people have accused her of lying even tho she hasn't.

It's somefing dat yoo dont get over and it makes you wary ov askin for help.

Well my fwends, I haz given dis a lot of fort. And come to da conclusion dat dere will always be deez nasty wickid people, and dey must get some enjoyment out ov hurting others. I can't fink wot ovver reason dey do such evil fings. So if yoo needs help neva be afraid to ask. Dont let a handful ov bitter and twisted individuals bring yoo down and stop yoo from getting help.

Once my fund is set up, Bonnie's Rainbow Bridge Fund, I can help people and hopefully stop this kind ov fing happening to dem. And because of dis kind ov fing happening, and knowin how some people are juz plain nasty muvver is makin sure she sets up my fund propply cos no doubt dere are sum who will still like to get da knife in if dey can. *rolls eyes*

Dats all me got to say on da matter pals. Now I got dat off me chest I can concentrate on finkin ov dear Stella who is makin her way over da bridge, and me must be reddy to welcome her, and also sit wiv muvver and send pawsitiv forts to Lucy's mum and be wif her at Stella's funeral in spirit, sendin her da strength to get froo today.

Now onto brighter fings. Me Xmas Angel Competition is goin well, it's da last day today to enter, either a virtual or a real Angel. I'm sure yoo all seen da posters and tweets about it. So far, at time of scribin, me had 42 entries. Da winner after votes bin counted, will receive a £10 Amazon Voucher.

An coming up soon is me 2 auctions. One is for UK residents only, cos ov cost of shipping outside UK, and is for a 2ft 6" tall gurt big fluffy Penguin. Muvver busy setting up auction page so people can place bids and da highest bidder obviously gets da burd.

Second auction is for pals outside da UK. And dis one is for a stained glass light catcher and agen is a Penguin. Dis one has been kindly donated by @Sprocket_cool's mum, and has been hand crafted by Mr Sprocket_cool.

I will be tellin yoo da start date ov da auctions etc later on probbly ova da weekend.

All da money from da auctions, minus Paypal fees and shipping, will go to 2 animal charities. Now muvver not decided yet which 2 charities to give da money to. But it probbly be to little ones, dat dunt get much in donations, or rescue's ware dey struggling to cope.

So hopeufully we can do as well as we did for Children in Need da ovver month. I dunt fink we will raise qwite as much as dat, cos woz amazin to raise £667. But woteva we duz raise it'll go towards helpin ovver furs.

Well dats me lot tday, I gotta help muvver get da auction site set up and ovver impawtunt stuff. So me will say bye bye for now and keep safe my fwends, spread da love and be happy!

And please be kind to each ovver.

I loves yoo pals.

Angel Bonnie

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

More ramblins from over da Bridge

Hello my fwends

Me bin neglectin me blog *slaps paw*

Me sisfur Dora now got her own Twitter account so hur an Mojo will soon be competin wiv me *rolls eyes* Muvver woz haffin problums keepin ontop ov all 3 accounts so she has downloaded a fing called Tweetdeck dat allows peepul to add lots of Twitter accounts to it and den dey can tweet an stuff all from one dashbord wiv all dere accounts in columns infront ov dem.

Well muvver took to it like a duck to water, sort ov. She can use da simple mode, but she not progressed onto da technical stuff yet. Give her time, she's no spring chikin, and a bit slow on da uptake deez days. *giggles*

I has been acceptin lots ov entries in me #BonzXmasAngel competishon. But cud do wif some more entries. Only a few real angel entries most ov dem is virchul ones. But dunt matter, whicheva people find easiest as long as dey enter.
Every fur gets to vote on dere favwite and da one wif most votes wins a £10 Amazon Voucher so dey can get demselves a lil pressie for xmas. And every fur gets to keep dere angel and hang it on dere tree or put it up top ware da fairy ushually hangs out.

Iz juz a bit ov fun rilly.

Here's da link: Bonnies Christmas Angel Competition

Now listen up, me got 2 fings me gonna auction for Christmuzz. One is a 2ft 6" fluffy penguin and if yoo wants to bid on him, he for UK peepul only cos da shipping to outside UK wud be astronomo.... astrynom... expensive. But dunt worry cuz me doin anuvver auction at same time for every fur outside da UK, and dats for a light catcher penguin, made by one ov da Zombie Squad HQ hoodads. It can hang in da window or stand on a shelf, cuz it got feetz. Shippin to send dat outside UK isn't so bad as gurt big stuffed fing.

I will put details ov da auctions on Twitta and on here as soon as muvver's got it all sorted out.

Da proceeds from da 2 auctions is gonna go to animal rescue. Me not sure wich muvver's gonna pick. Woz gonna be PDSA and still mite be but she not made her mind up yet. So if anyone wants to nominate a rescue lemme know ok. Fanks.

Dis Christmas is da furst one muvver gonna be all on her own apart from me fursibs and me ov corse. She sez she dunt mind cuz she gets control ov da remote and gets to stuff her face wiv all da food wivout havin to share it Bahahahahaha But I knows she gonna be sad, for one fing she won't haz hoouncle and she won't haz me or me two kitteh sisfurs.

But dere's lots of ovver people in da same boat so to speek, so she not da only one. An dere's loads to do on Twitta over Chrismuss.

Zombie Squad is holding a panty... eh? oh sorry Bahahahaha Had visions of Winston da Brave an Bruv fumbling wiv me nickurs for a minute ahem... ware woz I? Oh yea... Zombie Squad *puts sensible hat on agen* is holding a pantOmime *looks at muvver*. So dat'll be wurf lookin at, an me and fursibs has got parts in it, sounds like it's gonna be a larf, cus da heroine is a dog in drag, well I fink dere's a couple ov dogs in drag me not sure BOL But it gonna be rilly funny.

Also me havin a Chrismuss pawty, dat'll be on Chrismuss Eve and carry over to Chrismuss Day too, so people who on dere own can come an go dependin on wot else dey doing an wots on telly. But ushully dere's old films on telly wot we all seen furty farsand times before so I fink me pawty gonna be more poplar. *nods*

Not sure about da caterin, so best bring yer own, leftovers or anyfing yoo can nick from da pawrents fridge *giggles*

I sure dere's sumfin else on as well but me carn't rememba. I'll tweet it wen me remembas wot it iz. *looks sheepish wivout da fleece*

A lot ov me pals has joined me ovver da bridge da last few weeks, vewy sad for dere moms and dads, but happy for us Angels cos we got more fwends to play wif. Mind yoo it can get bit crowded up here sumtimes. Bahahahaha

Muvver dunt let me fly me plane all da way froo da escorts mainly cus it upsets her too much, since me went over da bridge, but she makes a point ov posting one messige to da pal recently arrived and to dere pawrents so dey know me iz dere waitin at da gate wiv me ovver pals to welcome dem. An she made a pichur up to tweet too wich me gonna put on here for yoo all to reed. It's me waiting to escort a pal over da bridge, an dandylion seeds wot represents each furry soul coming over da bridge. I hope it gives pawrents some comfort on da loss ov dere furry companions.

As yoo know dandylions iz me sign. An if yoo dunt know me will repeat it now.

A dandylion is like our lives. We all start young an bootiful like da golden dandylion flower, but as time passes dat flower changes into a dandylion clock, and each seed a section of our life. Like life dandylions is fragile fings, and we lose each seed as each part ov our life passes by, and it takes juz one fing, one strong wind, to blow all dem seeds away at once, snuffin out our lives and sending us over da bridge. So wen yoo see a dandylion rememba da furpals over da bridge, and rememba how fragile life is and love them wots wif yoo still before dey go ovver da bridge. Treat all souls with gentle love like you would hold dandylion clock.

So dare yoo haz it. Now yoo knows why dere's dandylion seeds in dat picfur an why me always tweets a pic ov a dandylion in me furst tweet ov da day.

Now dunt get all sad finkin abowt fings, cuz we all end up ova da bridge in da end, I just wanna know who's gonna sweep up all dem dandylion seeds bahahahaha Seriously tho me fwends, Rainbow Bridge is a nice place, a happy place, full ov love and we all waiting togevva for wen our loved ones and fursibs come here to join us wen we can all move onto da next phase ov our lives togevva. Cos dere no such fing as death, just another form ov life.

Now me gonna help muvver lick da stamps on da Chrismuss cards, I flicks bits ov wet cloud down on dem, not always hit da stamps, and sometimes get Dora, Mojo or Gizmo insted and sumtimes muvver sez it goes in her eyes, but I fink she juz got leaky eyes agen *rolls eyes*

We seems to haz more and more cards to send each year to our pals, and we so blessed to haf so many all over da werld, yoo all mean a lot to us you knows. Each ov yoo iz vewy special and we mean dat.

Not long to go now til Darf Vada eh??.. oh me got it rong agen Woz finkin abowt Star Wars sowwy ahem... *clears froat* I start agen, it's not long now til Farver Chrismuss comes to leave presents for all da hoomans and Rudolph brings us furs owr pressies, wevva we bin good or bad we still gets sumfin. Pleeze rememba da furs dat got no home and no fambly to love dem.

Give all yoor old toys and blankets, towels etc to yoor nearest animal rescue, cos dey be eva so grateful an it makes yoo feel all warm inside cuz yoo dun somefing good. And yoo get more room in yer toyboxes for more toys *taps snout* hoomans den gotta buy more to fill it up agen.

Dunt go sniffin round and scoffing any chocolate cuz dat's poisonuss to us furs. I dont wanna be rushing round Chrismuss mawning wiv me emena toobs an fermometa, I want one day off a year bahahahaha.

Rite me goin now I can see muvver gettin da cards owt reddy to put stamps on.

Keep safe, keep smilin and spread da love my fwends.

Bark agen soon before Chrismuss!

Love yoo lots me pals.

Angel Bonnie

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Good News & Bad News

Hello my fwends.

Well we did it yesterday, an we raised £531 for da BBC's Children in Need appeal. Fank yoo so much to evfurryone dat donated. Muvver has paid da money into da BBC's account dis morning, and wif Gift Aid it comes to £667.75. I iz so proud ov my pals on Twitter and Facebook for making dis possible.

Da money will help so many children in so many ways. Fankoo my besties! It sez Hazel cuz dats me muvvers name, but woz me wot raised da money as yoo know. *polishes halo & tries to look modest as possible*

Here iz all yoo stars who donated, but if me haz missed sumwon den pleeze accept my apolygies it not dun on purpose.

I sed it before an me sayin it agen, me iz so proud ov yoo my fwends. Fankoo.

Well dat was da good news, now da bad news.

We sat up late last nite til midnight to give peepuls a chance to get dere Pudsey's Ears before da end ov da appeal, and wile we woz waitin we saw on da news da terruble events unfoldin in Paris, France.

Muvver couldn't beleev wot she woz seeing and hearing.

It has made our hearts vewy heavy, not only becos ov da terruble waste ov life, and all da families and fwends affected by dis tragedy, so close to Chrismuss, but to realise dat dere is so much hatred and evil in da werld right now.

Never before haz we all had to be so aware and afraid ov terrorist frets, dere evil is reechin into evfurry country as dey spread dere evil hatred. Dis fret is gonna spread across da werld and we haz to be alurt an ever wotchful fur anyfing dats out ov da ordinary an me dunt me sum manky old sqwizzel dat wants to share it's nuts wiv yoo either! And we gotta take care ov each ovver and give as much support to each ovver as we canz. *nods* Wake up yoo at da back lickin yoo butt, I iz talkin to yoo too *rolls eyes*.

Muvver haz made a badge dat peepul can download an put on dere avatars or profiles, itz got transparent background so can go ova an existin photo, it sez Paws4Peace.

Now diz dunt mean me iz a pacifist an wanna dance round wiv flowers in me fur chanting anti war songs and stuff, oh no! Dis badge is to show dat me not afraid ov dem evil peepul an dat love is all dat mattres in dis werld an we must stand up to dem wot is doin evil woteva da cost to stop dem takin ova da werld wiv dere insane inhoomain an sick terrorist attacks on our hoomans.

Paws4Peace shows dat us furs want to live in peace but if we iz fretened den we will bite back RRrraaAA

So anyways here's me badge yoo can get yer hooman to rite click on it an save as to download it and den put it on wotever yoo wants.

We will get froo dis fret an we will overcome... now lemme go an get some noms before me turns into a furry Bob Dylan bahahahahaha .....

Love you my fwends pleeze take care out dere!

Angel Bonnie

Monday, 9 November 2015

I iz at it agen!

Hello my fwends *waves paws*

I fort it woz abowt time me got off me cloud an started raisin sum more money for charity. So dis week me iz offering to put Pudsey Bear ears on yoor picfurs if yoo donates £2 GBP or more if yoo want to Children In Need.

Here iz me donation page my fwends. DONATE HERE

All da money raised goes to BBC Children in Need, to help wiv all sorts ov fings dat children need, like help wif diffrunt schemes and stuff. Here's da webpage wot tells yoo all abowt it.

BBC Children in Need Homepage

As you can see dere's lottsa fings da money helps wif, so if yoo wud like to help me raise funds please do. I got til Friday 13th and me wud like to raise £500 or more if me cud, but woteva we raise, it betta dan nuffin an will be gratefully received by da charities.

Now torkin ov charity, me is holding a Chrismuss auction dis year, I got a brand new 3ft tall fluffy penguin. Woz given to me to raise money for charity so dats wot me gonna do. *nods* Da best way to do dis is for me to start da auction on Twitta, and for peepul to tweet in reply to original tweet how much dey iz offerin. Den on da closing date da highest bidder gets da penguin. I fink dat fair.

As da penguin iz so big, it wud cost too much money to send it out of da UK, so me iz gonna haf to fink ov somefin else for me followers 'abrord'. But me will tell yoo wen da auction is gonna start and put a picfur ov da hoog burd on here so yoo can see him.

Muvver sed she be glad to see him go cuz he takin up too much room in da spare bedroom. *rolls eyes* she a grumpy old toad at times bahahahahaha.

As for my fing she sortin owt, Bonnie's Rainbow Bridge Fund, fings is moving along slowly. She has now got all da pet crematoriums and cemetaries on file and is busy gaverin all da vets she can as well. Once all dat done, da Fund will be almost reddy. BRFB *wispurs* dats short for Bonnie's Rainbow Bridge Fund don'tcha know, ahem... will be someware for peepul to get advice about attendin dere pets funeral cos dey alreddy pays for it wen dey pay da vets, juz dat vets dunt always know it possuble so dont say nuffin, and also to help anyone wot can't afford a personal cremation or burial can apply to da Fund for part or full payment towards it, and we will den lee-ayz wif dere vet to arrange da financial bit. Sadly financial bit will only be possible for pawrents in da UK, for all other pawrents da Fund can only advise and offer to set up a donation page for peepul to give towards da cost ov da funeral.

Muvver sed to tell yoo its gettin closer to becomin active but iz qwite involved.

So dats a lot goin on dis munf. Plus dere's Zombie Squad panto comin up, and me got a starrin role in dat, and also me fursibs Mojo, Gizmo, Dora and Lily le Puss are gonna be in it too, so dat gonna be fun. Speshully if yoo iz like me muvver, and will be spending Chrismuss on dere own. Chrismuss on yoo own not much fun, an can be sad and even depressing, but our Twitta fambly will be around to chat to an yoo can take part in ZS panto if yoo in Zombie Squad, or if not, yoo can juz enjoy da fun.

I got chat room on dis blog, so mite have set times for evfurryone to meeet up in dere at Chrismuss and haf a quiz or somefing so we all haz a good Chrismuss and not be sad.

Well dats all me noos for now pals, so me gonna go an flick duster round da purley gates reddy for da next intake ov furry angels. I bin up ere in heaven 2 months yesterday, an dis furst time me on purley gate duty so better not be late.

Time haz flown, an it dunt seem like me bin here dat long, muvver still missin me as much as eva bless her, an me duz keep sendin signs to show her me not forgotten her, me even sent her sisfur Dora who she loves but me can understand dat Dora neva take my place. But I know all dem hoopawrents got big hearts dat love us furs, and dey got room in dem big hearts for more dan one furbaby and dat dunt mean dey love us any less cos we gone OTRB, cos all us furs leave a little bit ov us in our hoopawrents hearts, so by time dat dey come to Rainbow Bridge I reckon dere hearts must be 99% furbaby and 1% hooman. And dere's no finer more honorubble way to honour a beloved furbaby gone ova da Bridge dan to give love and a home to anuvver furbaby. We understand dat, but sumtimes da hoopawrents can't see it for dere grief.

Oh dear me gone all philosof.... fillysorf... fortful agen. bol Now where'd me put dat fevva duster........ *wipes eye wif paw* ..... hmmm got sumfin in me eye pals....

I had lots of pals from Twitta join me here da since me arrived, we is all togevva, we haz fun here chasing round and ov corse dere's da eternal sossige tree dat neva runs out of sossiges bol And da wevvas good, it can be woteva yoo want it to be wich is good, cuz one day yoo mite want sunshine and next day maybe sum snow to make snowdogs. Bit like down dere' but more organised.

Corse dere hoopawrents iz heart broken an miss dem all terrubly, but we duz show signs if dey keep eye open for dem, da odd white fevva, a rainbow, a favwite toy found in a different place, dat kinda fing. Even a fleetin shadow out corner ov dere eye. We never far away, we just cant be seen cus we juzt here, but you can feel us more dan see us. Dats strong sumtimes, close yoor eyes all yoo hoopawrents dat got furbabies here, and fink ov dem, and I know yoo will feel dem close to you. Well dats all yoo gotta do wen yoo misses us bad. Close yoo eyes and fink ov us and we will be dere wif yoo. And we always watching over yoo too. Waiting til we all togevva agen.

Anyhow me is rilly wafflin now so me gonna get gone and get on wiv me werk cuz St Francis ova dere givin me da eyes and I dunt wanna get rong side ov him or me won't get me bacon supper tonight BOL. So be good, stay safe and spread da love my fwends!

Lots of Love

Angel Bonnie

Sunday, 8 November 2015

We Remember Them

Today we remember all the animals who were used in War. Horses, Mules, Dogs, Pigeons, Elephants, and other species.

All we ask is let mankind kill themselves with bombs and bullets but please don't sacrifice the animal kingdom.

Animals were/are used in war, dropped from planes with handlers, used to carry messages, lay telegraph lines, pull equipment, carry soldiers or supplies and ammunitions, accompany medics and fetch and carry medical equipment. Used by terrorists to carry explosives as animal suicide bombers. Even animals in laboratories, used to test weapons and medical procedures needed in warfare.

Modern warfare still uses animals, why can't mankind do their own dirty work? Animals generally are peaceful creatures, living their lives without worrying about whether another is plotting against them. We the human race, can learn so much from animals yet we choose to slaughter them in our meaningless battles. Animals give us trust, unconditional love and become attached to us, yet we abuse this friendship and use them as disposable creatures.

Yes, sometimes we have to fight for our freedom and our rights, but do we really have to force animals to fight alongside us?

So today we remember all animals used by us, and we apologise to those that lost their lives, and pray we will be forgiven for sending them to the Rainbow Bridge in such horrible circumstances and abusing their trust and friendship.

They will never be forgotten.

Monday, 26 October 2015

Bonfire Nite & Halloween

Not a good time for us furs nor for da wildlife either.

I needs yoo to tell yoor hoomums and hoodads in da UK dat dey haf to rememba to take extra care ov us at Halloween & on Bonfire Night (UK), cuz some peepul will be lightin firewerks and we all know or most ov us duz, dat firewerks and furs dunt go togevva.

Dere's a few fings dey can do to help us if we gets stressed out an pantin and hiding cuz we iz scared. Furst ov all dey need to pull da curtains (drapes) so we carn't see da firewerks, and also turn da tv or radio up loud so we carn't hear da loud bangs and whizzes. Dis helps a lot.

Dey can also make us a den either in da lounge or bedroom, a sort ov cave ware we can go and feel safe, if dey not got a crate den a fireguard or even cardboard box will do, but someware just big enuff for us to get into and curl up. Some towels or blankies over da top helps sound proof it too. Same goes for our kitteh couzins, an if dey alreddy got one of dem igloo beds den juz need a towel draped over da front leavin little gap to peep out from.

Best not to get dem to sympathise wiv us too much, as dey fink dey iz comfortin us, but we fink dey bein weak and it makes us more scared. So dey gotta be brave and pretend nuffin rong.

Dere is fings dey can buy like Funda coats (thunder jackets). Dey werks for some furs but not for others. Dey neva made any diffrunce to me, I woz still scared ov firewerks. And dey is qwite expensive. Muvver found dat putting a jacket on me dat was tight did a better job. Wrapped me up like a sossige in pastry she did. Yoo see it's da feeling ov being held tight dat soothes us. So as long as it sumfin tight, cud even be da sleeve off one ov dere old jumpers.

Dere is fings dey can buy to plug in dat released feramones, like dem lectric air freshner fings, only feramones. Dat needs plugging in and switchin on 2 days before da firewerks iz expected. Dey is qwite good, muvver got one ov dem.

It also a good idea to let us out to toilet before da firewerks start kickin off. Nuffin wurse dan juz sqwot down for a pee and sumone lets a banger off behind yoo and me not talkin bowt beef sossiges.

And dey also gotta make sure dey get da kittehs in early and keep dem in, get a cat litter tray and sum litter, it not gonna brake da bank and it might get a bit whiffy in da howse but it better dan losin kitteh if it runs scared at firewerks or even wurse if some nasty little oyke ties a firewerk to it's tail. Nasty little oyke bein sum nasty cruel minded hookid dat shud know better but not got enuff brain cells.

So dats abowt all dey can do to help us. Now da next fing me wants to get off me chest is Bonfire Night, dis happens evfurry year in da UK, to celebrate Guy Fawkes tryin to blow up da Houses of Parlymunt. Pity he didn't succeed eh?

Hoomans and hookids build bonfires an on 5th November set dem alight and let off more firewerks. Dis can go on for weeks in some areas *rolls eyes*. But dere's lots ov wildlife dat like livin in piles of wood cuz to dem it's just a nice warm place to spend da winter, dey not aware dat some hooman gonna cremate dem on Bonfire Night. So da hoomans must always check dat dere's no hedgehogs or anyfing else livin in da pile ov wood dey wanna burn. Even if it means takin it all to bits and rebuilding it agen.

Click image to enlarge

Now swiftly moovin on me sisfur Dora went to school for furst time Satday. She did very well but dere woz a big German Shepherd Dog dere dat evfurryone had to give a wide burth cuz it kept lunging and barking at dem, dey sed it juz wanted to play, but muvver woznt so sure. An if it scared muvver it must've scared Dora, but Dora kept barkin at it and lunging back. Feerless she be.

Muvver felt she cud do better, cuz was distracted too much wiv da GSD, so she gonna take her to da puppy class next week instead. And seein as she spent 12hrs a day in a crate for last 6 munfs, muvver finks she will be much happier wiv da pups. Infact wen dey all arrived at school Dora was waggy tailed and wanted to say hello to all ov dem.

Lily le Puss still wont come into da livin room. She do sit in da hallway behind da babygate but is too nervous to jump ova. And Dora is provin hard to stop wantin to play wiv Lily. Muvver finks Lily is enjoyin bein da victim tho cuz she sez kittehs iz like dat.

I suppose fings will settle down in time between dem.

Dats abowt all me noos for now pals, Juz gotta say love one anuvva always, and live life to da full. An neva put off today wot yoo can put off tomoro Bahahahahahaha

Love you pals


Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Back to da future day! 21st October 2015

Hello my fwends, how iz yoo all?

Today is Back To Da Future Day, rememba da movie? Doc and Marty get in da motor car an go back and forwards in time. Woz grate film, an dey travelled forward to 26th October 2015 in da furst movie. Dey made 2 it woz dat good. So today is date dey went forward to, 21st October 2015 in da second movie. .

Dere iz many fings in da film, dat are now akshully possible, like da hoverboard and stuff like dat.

I persunally woznt alive to see da movies, but me old muvver remembas dem, cos she a fossil Bahahahaha

Now Zombie Squad is haffing a BTTF day on Twitter and we can all dress up in our leg warmers and BIG shoulders and tweet about wot we rememba from da 80's.

Muvver bin going on about all her favwite tv shows, but she woznt dat keen on da moosic cuz she woz a 60's teenager, so she likes rock n roll an pop moosic. *rolls eyes* Tol yoo she woz a fossil.

Woz in 1985 dat da furst Live Aid concert woz performed, it woz organised by Sir Bob Geldorf, yoo know dat scruffy lookin hooman dat luks like he needs a baff and a going ova wiv a flea comb! It raised lottsa money for da starvin hoomans in Africa. An lots of pop stars (okay so dey not called dat now, but me gettin in da mood) took part.

In da moosic charts da Brit no.1 woz Feargal Sharkey singin A Good Heart and in US Billboard woz Take On Me by Norwegian band A-Ha.

1985 woz da decade ov leg warmers, sweatbands, lycra an in UK fast food became availuble, and peepul look like dey ate all da pies eva since.

Fashion woz big hair, big shoulders and wimin wore loadsa makeup. Us furs, as usual woz much more sensuble and just went au nachurel like we normally duz. Apart from dem poor souls wot owned by yuppies. Yep rememba dem?

Yuppies woz young trend settin gad about town hoomans wot fort dey woz da beez knees. Female yuppies wore da latest fashons, male yuppies wore city type suits and both boasted about dere financial good forchoon and drove around in BMW's. Oh and dey used da furst mobile phones, wich woz like house brick size and carried filofax fings. Dats a posh wurd for leather or plastic wallet fings, dat came wiv a calculator, notepad, pen and wallet wiv spaces for cards. Dey woz rite loonies. But fort dey woz 'it' Woteva 'it' woz.

On da telly in da UK woz sum good series like Citizen Smith, and not so good like Dallas BOL And 1985 screened da furst series of Eastenders!

Cors dere's lots more but me carnt list dem all I'd run owt ov paper and yoo'd fall asleep wif boredum.

Movie-wise ov corse dere woz Back To Da Future, and Mad Max, Coccoon, The Color Purple, Silverado and Nightmare on Elm Street to name a few.

Fashion wise as well as da heavily manicured and coffured style of da yuppies and dem wot wanted to aspire to a yuppy dere woz sum weird ones about, like da band Talkin Heads an me not qwite sure wot style dey woz, bit ov a mashup ov Japanese Geisha an US Hippy I reckon bol

See wot me means? Weird.

ahem... and ov corse da New Romatics came out. Adam Ant and his band dressed as Highwaymen and Boy George, fans and other NR bands frolicked about dressed like sumfin out ov da Victoria & Albert Museum costume departmunt, apart from Boy George who took evfurryone by surprise, we woznt qwite sure wot he woz for a few years! ROFB

Yoo dunt see many ov dem in da frozen food aisle ov wallmart do ya?

And ov corse dis article wudn't reflect da 80's wivout menchonin da famuss 'mullet' da name given to a hair style worn by most hoomen. Short all ova an long at da back. Bit like a dog groomer's nightmare!

Fank dog dats gone and forgotten apart from isolated areas ov da wurld.

Da 80's woz da decade wen hoomen wore more makeup dan hoowimin. Confoosin da hell owt ov us furs and shufflers alike.

So dats sumfin about da 80's. A sort ov abridged version of modern history for furs BOL

I wonda wot yoo wemembas abowt 80's?

Well me gotta go and polish dem bedpans and flush dem emena tubes owt my fwends.

So me gonna sign off for now and wish yoo all a happy day and dunt forget to put yer leg warmers on my fwends, yoo neva know dey mite catch on agen ROFB

Love yoo guys!


Friday, 9 October 2015

I sent muvver an angel

Hello my fwends, I hope yoo iz all well and happy and safe??

Well I haz an announcemunt to make an it an impawtunt one.

I been an angel over da bridge now a month, and muvver bin missing me so much she still cries for me an it upsets me to fink she not realise me is safe an happy here over da bridge.

So me got to finkin and me dun some meddling. We not sposed to meddle up here, only in certain circumstances, but me fort dis woz impawtunt and definittly certain so me did.

Da day before last (wednesday) muvver woz goin froo Gumtree, an all my fwends who dunt live in UK won't know wot dat is. Well it's an online fing ware people can sell or give away fings dey dont want no more. An dere's a lot of pets given away on dere everyday.

Muvver usually goes froo all da free pet ones, and contacts dem and warns dem all about da high risk dat dere pet if given away free will end up as either dog bait for fightin dogs, cos dat goes on over here in evfurry town and village and is now out of control. Or da pets could end up as breedin machins if dey not spayed or neutered.

So anyways, me digressis, muvver had almost finished goin froo da pet ads wen she came across one dat had only bin posted online an hour before.

It woz for a little gurl doggy dat was a year old, not been spayed, and dey wanted her gone asap an she woz only half an hours drive away from muvver. So muvver sent a text to da lady and asked about doggy. The lady rang muvver an told her she only had doggy about 6 munfs and worked long hours so it woznt fair on doggy to be left plus da landlord not keen on her keeping a doggy and she had to go dat day.

Wot a predicamunt! So muvver arranged to go and see doggy, and yes yoo guessed it she brort her home wif her.

Eviduntly someone had alreddy been to look at her before muvver, but dey looked very suspicious and lady had sense enuff not to let da man take her, and muvver said he probbly wanted doggy as bait or to breed wif and lady agreed as dog fighting is big in dat area ware doggy was.

Lady who had doggy only had her 6 munfs, and muvver asked if she'd changed da microchip info and she said no cos once she got her home she realised she shouldn't haf got her and she woznt gonna stay. pffftttt Muvver woznt impressed. Evduntly lady had her 6 munfs and lady before dat had her as puppy for bowt 6 munfs, so dat makes 2 owners in a year, an muvver will be her 3rd owner. Dats not including whoever owned her muvver wen she woz born. So 4 homes rilly.

So now about doggy. She called Layla at da momunt, but I fink muvvers gonna change dat to Dora, incase da name Layla got bad memories for doggy. She is half Dachshund and half Jack Russell Terrier. So she like Mojo cos he half Dachshund, except he takes more afta da ovver half of him wich iz Scottie, so he a fat lump like a stretched Scottie dog, and she's like a Dachshund only wif long legs an wiskry face.

She hasnt bin spayed and lady muvver got her from said be nice if she had puppies, muvver said no she not havin pups she gonna be spayed and asked wen her last season woz but lady didnt have a clue. *rolls eyes*

When muvver brort her home Mojo kept growling at her and muvver fort she haf to find another home for her, but wen dey all got up in da morning it was totally diffrunt and Mojo and Gizmo adore her. (hence da name to Dora get it? bol) And dey all get on like she been here furever.

Muvver was bit frightened I wud fink she had replaced me and it was too soon after me going OTRB, but it woz my idea so me not mind at all. Me made it happen to ease muvvers pain a little bit and to give her sumfin to cuddle and to cuddle her back cuz da boys not like cuddles, and Layla just loves cuddles all da time.

She very nice doggy, she tries so hard to make muvver love her and to please muvver but muvver loves her alreddy. I spect she just frightened in another new home, and wonders how long she gonna be here for. Poor little fing.

Muvver altered one ov me pink harnesses cuz her collar and lead were falling to bits. I dunt fink she bin very well cared for bless her. But muvver soon remedy dat. *nods*

Muvver took her to vets yesterday for a health check an she passed it wif flying colours and dey all fell in love wif her. Dere was a couple in da waiting room wif 2 Westies, and it upset mum to see dem. She gets upset evfurry time she see's a Westie but dere is so many Westies in dis area dat she carn't avoid it.

And da nurse wot looked after me wen me woz in dere was on reception duty. Which woz unusual *innocent ears* and wen she told muvver dat muvver asked her all about how I had been those last 2 days as it haunted her so to fink I had been suffering and unhappy. So nursey said dat me woz quite chirpy on da Monday, which me wos, and da nurse gave me lots of cuddles and love dat day, but on Tuesday I went downhill very fast as disease was so aggressive, and probbly didn't know wot was happening, which woz troo. I felt so poorly and had so many pipes and fings in me and so many diffrunt drugs going into me system I was feeling rilly out ov it. Nurse said she fort me was hanging on to see muvver, and dat woz troo too. So muvver felt so much better afta hearing all dat, but she broke down in tears juz da same and still does wen she finks ov dem last 2 days. Come on muvver pull yerself togevver yoo gotta rite dis down for me.... *puts paws on hips*

Ahem... she ok agen now. Sorry bout dat.

Anyways ware woz I? Oh yea, wen muvva woz upset in da vets Layla woz in her arms, cus she only tiny (6kg), and wen she saw muvver crying she licked all da tears away.

So I fink she gonna look after me muvver, and she gives her nice cuddles and makes her laugh wen she chases wif Mojo cuz he such a fat lump and she so fast on her paws, he can never catch up wif her. I so pleesed it makes muvver smile cuz me dunt like to fink ov her hurting still.

Muvver told me dat no-one and nuffin will ever replace me. Me and hur haz a bond dat nuffin will ever break. And I will always be her number one baby gurl, and dats troo. I knows dat. She didunt haf to tell me, but I spose it made her feel better.

She loves noo doggy same as Mojo and Gizmo, but she not me and she wont ever replace me in muvvers heart.

Dats not to say none of me fursibs will be loved any less, just not speshul like me. Yoo know wot me means, it's hard to explain but I know yoo get it.

So anyways, here's a pic of Layla aka 'Dora' and also a slide show ov all da pics mum got ov her so far.

Here's da
Slide Show

Please make her welcome my fwends, she only a poor lickle scrap ov a gurl, but she been saved from a nasty end and I know muvver will take good care ov her.

I still keep up me blog tho me pals, cuz it impawtunt to let furs know fings, and me still be on Twitta an Facebook too. Oh me not goin anyware! *giggles*

I love yoo my fwends.

Angel Bonnie

Sunday, 4 October 2015

St Francis Day - St Francis of Assisi

Hello my fwends.

Today is St Francis ov Assisi day.

He is da patron saint ov all animals.

St Francis woz a nobleman in Italy and left all his riches to preach about God, and he woz furst hooman to receive da stigmata (explained in videos). He worshipped nature and animals, and preached dat we should all love each ovver and take care ov nature and da animals. His legacy is to help us to love and be kind to each ovver and take care ov our mother earth and animals in it.

As yoo will see if yoo wotches da long video, a lot ov his life haz been turned more into a fairytale and drifted away from da facts, but he did love animals and nature and dis is why me haz put dis article on me blog. Cuz if yoo believes or not, its intrestin to lurn about such fings, and if it about how to love each ovver den wots not to like? Yoo dunt haf to be religious to love each ovver, cuz I fink we all got love inside us bursting to get out, and we all got enuff to share wif evfurryone. I expects all religions got dere own version ov St Francis, and even athiests love nature an animals. So dis is me point. Wotever we believe or dont believe, wot we got to do is show each ovver tolerance and love and da werld gonna be a better place. Cuz Love is all dat matters and all dere is.

St Francis started da Fransiscan Order wif monasteries all ova da werld.

Here is a video about St Francis explainin about his life.

Dis video much longer, an hour, and is more a documentary factual story of St Francis life.

Love yoo my fwends

Angel Bonnie

Saturday, 3 October 2015

T Touch Massage

Hello my fwends,

Today I is gonna tell yoo all about T Touch an wot it iz and when yoo use it, or rather wen yoor hoomans use it on us dogs (an on ovver anipals too but me concentraytin on dogs in dis article).

So me will pass yoo over to muvver coz she gotta rite dis in proper hooman speek so yoor hoomans can understand wot she sayin *rolls eyes* I know, but juz humour her pals, juz humour her. I'll put my two pennywurf in at da end. Yoo know us dogs we gotta say it as it iz and cut out all da waffling wot hoomans like to do. *nods*


People and dogs get along so well because dogs like to be touched and humans find solace in touching another being. Petting a dog reduces tension and awakens joy and caring in people who are immersed in grief or depression, debilitated by age or disease, or handicapped by physical or emotional limitations. Stroking a dog helps us think, put things in perspective, and wile away a bit of free time here and there.

In the past, some dog trainers have encouraged owners not to pat their dogs in some training circumstances. “Constant petting transfers your nervousness to the dog,” some said. “Petting should only be a reward for obedience,” others claimed.

Then along came Linda Tellington-Jones and her Tellington Touch, a massage technique for reducing tension and changing behavior in dogs, and the pendulum swings back towards the fact we knew all along: touching the dog not only helps us, it helps the dog.

Tellington-Jones is a horse trainer and competitive rider who developed a method of circular touches to enhance traditional training methods and complement medical treatments. The techniques are based on a similar set of body awareness exercises for humans developed by Moshe Feldnekrais; the principle is that the exercises interrupt unacceptable behavior patterns and responses and allow acceptable patterns to develop. Today, as non-traditional medicine gets a workout, the TTouch is gaining acceptance.

Susan Spalter of Mason, Ohio, a photographer with a remarkable way with animals, is completing her training as a TTouch practitioner. Training includes several week-long workshops in which the physical underpinning of the techniques are presented; participants listen to sessions about the changes in brain wave patterns that stem from uses of the touch; discuss concurrent use of homeopathic essences and natural supplements, learn about animal behavior, and, of course, study and practice the techniques themselves.

But most pet owners really don't care about the details; they want to know if it works.

It does.

Spalter shared a testimonial from a cat owner whose adopted pet ran the household through intimidation of the other cats. The owner did everything she could think of and finally confined the cat to her bedroom. In her words: “We had two sessions wherein she taught me one of the touches. She then suggested we try using essences along with the touch. The blend was specifically for aggressive behavior. She encouraged me to develop a positive attitude and try again to bring him into the fold. I followed her advice and it worked! Simby has undergone a dramatic change and is no longer aggressive.”

Spalter has had similar success with aggressive, timid, and sore animals. In a few sessions in her home studio, she evaluates the animal, begins the touches, and teaches the owner how to use the circular motions to calm the dog and redirect its attention. Our aloof and suspicious Akita was a tough sell on the techniques, but once she deigned to participate, she was captivated. Within a few minutes, her head sank to the floor, and she dozed. Now she enjoys regular sessions of ear slides, circular touches, and vigorous body rubs.

One technique in particular has been helpful; for several years, she has had periodic, non-specific bouts of intestinal upset accompanied by lack of appetite and oceans of motion in her gut. Since learning the touches, we use pressure on her abdomen to relieve the discomfort and the spells seem to dissipate within hours.

The basics

The central TTouch motion is a circle inscribed on the dog's body. It is done by placing the fingertips on the body and tracing a clock-face circle from six o'clock around the dial past the starting point to eight o'clock. Practitioners adapt pressure, speed, and size of circle to the particular animal .

Circles are done all over the dog's body, including the face and even the gums. Circles on the gums are done with one or two fingers. If the dog resists, Spalter backs up to the most pleasant touch for the dog and tries again when the dog relaxes. In this way, she can accustom dogs to having their feet handled, to accept fingers in the mouth, and to other handling that they have balked at in the past.

TTouch has many variations of the circles, slides, and rubs, including the ear slide, in which the ear is methodically caressed in a sliding motion from base to tip, and the body rub, an invigorating, all-over stimulation of the senses.

Veterinarian Tom Beckett and his assistant, TTeam praticitioner Marnie Reeder, wrote about TTouch in Tellington-Jones' newsletter as follows:

The circular TTouch elicits changes in brain wave patterns . . . different from those elicited by petting, stroking, and massage.

With TTeam, human and animal relate as two autonomous thinking creatures with increased self-confidence, enhanced communications, and mutual respect. (In other words, both dog and owner benefit from the experience.)
TTeam does not change the animal's basic nature. (Our Akita is the same self-confident girl she has always been, but she is more relaxed.)

TTeam does not use force, fear, or pain for handling, treating, or managing animals.
Beckett uses TTouch as an enhancement to his practice, not a replacement for traditional medical protocols.
Tellington Touch sounds a bit like voodoo. Its practitioners and proponents often fall into one of two camps — those who embrace anything new, especially if it seems “natural,” and those who say “I was at my wit's end with this problem and nothing else helped.” Although the brain wave patterns of the animal can be tracked, there is little but anecdotal evidence that the techniques work. However, there is no doubt that mind and body are linked in mysterious ways; a technique that brings harmony between the two, seems to solve problems, and makes life with family companions more peaceful is well worth exploring.


Below is a link to the TTouch Foundation for further reading.

The TTouch Fundation Technique & Information

So now it my turn *wiggles bum on cloud to get comfy* Dis won't take long pals.

Basically da T Touch fing is simple, yoor hoomans just rub yoo gently wif either one finger or more, Muvver uses one finger usually, but if it a big fing like an oss den she wud use da whole hand, so get dem to rub yoo wif one finger for dogs, and rub gently round in anti-clockwise direction, dats opposite way dat hands moov round da clock face, juz for yoo pals wot iz teknickly challinged.

Den move da finger down to anoover area wivout takin it off da body and do more anti-clockwise circles on da skin. Dey can do all yoo body or juz a bit ov it, like between yoo shoulders, or on yoo chest or hips dat kinda fing.

Wot it duz: Well it so soothin it relaxes us furs strayt away. We soon drifts off into a werld of fantasy and relaxashon dreamin ov fields of sossiges and bacon mountains an all kinds of nice fings.

It's a good way of relaxin us if we stressed over anyfing, like travellin in da car, firewerks, or if we dunt feel well.

Now why couldnt muvver rite dat insted of wafflin on for hours like wot she did? Pfffft *rolls eyes agen*

Muvvwer wotched a tv programme back in da 70's (did dey have tv back den? wow) an it featured dis lady Susan Salter, but muvver alreddy knew about TTouch cuz she woz tort it years an years before dat by an old healer fwend but it woznt called TTouch back den, it neva had a name, woz juz sumfin healers knew and passed on. One fing dat dis article fing doesnt menchon iz dat wen yoo hooman is doing da TTouch dat dey shud always wipe dere hand away from da skin/fur wen dey finish insted of liftin dere hand, da proper healers movement is to wipe da hand away from da skin and den shake da hand as if it wet and dey trying to shake da water off it, shakin away from us ov corse. Wot dis duz is shakes any negative energuy away from us and if da hoomans absorbed any negative energy fru dere hand wen doin TTouch to us, dey is shakin dat energy out of demselves too.

Yoo dunt need to sign yoo hoomans up to any speshul corses to lurn about TTouch it's so simple to do. I know some websites iz advertising corses, but dey juz jumpin on da bandwagon to make a few bucks out ov peepul. No training reqwired pals. Juz get hoomans to do it. *winks*

So dats me message to yoo for tday pals, how to get dem hoomans to relax us. Dey duz get addicted to it, cuz wen dey see how much we likes it dey carn't stop demselves doin it all da time. An who iz we to complain? If it makes us feel good den its alrite wiv us innit? bol

Now me gonna go and do me Vulcan mind meld on me muvver so she duz some TTouch massarge on me furbro Mojo. Oh ang on, he's alreddy fast asleep, better get her to have a go on Gizmo insted. bol

Hope yoo hazin a grate day pals, rememba to get yoor hooman to read dis and enjoy sum lushuss massargis.

Love yoo lots
Angel Bonnie

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Not so magic mushrooms!

I herd today dat anovva fur haz gone otrb and dis one had been eatin mushrooms. Da fur in qwestion belonged to sumwon famuss, Da Rock, dat big musselly American actor wot starred in da film Da Mummy and stuff like dat. Well he had 2 lickle doggies, Brutus (on da rite) and Hobbs (on da left) boff French Bulldogs.

Sadly Brutus ate a mushroom in da Rock's garden and became vewy ill, the particular mushroom he ate was a deadly one and da toxins started destroyin his liver immediately and nuffin da vet cud do could save Brutus. Sadly he went OTRB in his daddy's arms. As big as da Rock is in statchure he has a heart as big if not bigger for anipals and was broken hearted.

"Taking an opportunity to find light in a darkness of mourning, The Rock wrote a touching caption, memorializing his lost family member and calling the tragic event "another reminder we have to live and love as greatly as we can today, because tomorrow is never guaranteed." Source:

Now int dat wot me bin sayin to yoo all, da Rock is a vewy wise hooman. *nods*

So me got to finkin, and as da Rock a famuss hooman, it woz ideal time to warn yoo and yoor hoomans about da danger ov mushrooms.

I haz got a pdf document here >> Mushrooms Dangerous to Dogs << Wich tells yoo all about wot mushrooms iz dangerous, da symptoms ov mushroom poisonin and how to protect yooselfs from eatin dem. Da main fing is NEVA EAT A MUSHROOM not even ones yoo hoomans buy from da supermarkets or grocery stores. An if yoor garden has mushrooms dat come up evfurry now an agen get yoor hooman to pull dem out, dere's not much dey can do to stop dem growin cuz dere's 10 times more ov da mushrooms underground dan ones ontop, an dey spread hundreds of yards under ground before pokin one or two mushrooms up to da surface. So best juz to pull each mushroom up as it shows itself. Not all dogs will eat mushrooms tho, but if yoo is one dat snuffles an eats all sorts of fings yoo find out on yoo walks or in da garden, den yoo is da one dats at risk of mushroom poisonin. Fankfully my furbro Mojo dusn't eat anyfing except cat poo and fox poo and stuff like dat, mmm makes me dribble juz finkin bowt wabbit waisins.... But muvver not sure if Gizmo eats dem, so she gotta watch him wen da mushrooms appear in our garden, cus dere's loads of dem come up usually in da spring time. Muvver dunt fink dey poisonous ones but she not a mushroom expurt, an I dunt suppose yoor hoopawrents iz expurts either, so best pick dem all and frow dem away in da rubbish bin. So here's sum advice regardin mushrooms yoo'd find in yoor garden Lawn Mushrooms

Mushrooms are fruiting bodies produced by many types of fungi when conditions are right for spores to germinate, such as when the weather is very rainy. Unfortunately, so many kinds of mushrooms appear in lawns that it's often difficult to distinguish poison mushrooms from safe ones without the practiced eye of an expert. For this reason alone, watch your dog carefully when mushrooms are present on the lawn to ensure that the canine doesn't ingest them.

Symptoms of Poisoning

Symptoms of mushroom poisoning can vary in severity, depending on how much and what type of mushroom was consumed. Vomiting, diarrhea and milder symptoms of gastrointestinal upset may occur with only a minor exposure. More severe symptoms, including excessive salivation, agitation, hallucination or even death from liver failure can result if highly toxic mushrooms grow in your yard. Early signs of liver damage in dogs often appears as yellowing of the gums.

Poisoning Care

If you suspect mushroom poisoning in your dog, immediately call a veterinarian. Before you rush to the veterinarian's office, though, collect a sample of the mushroom eaten by your dog. A dog may be convinced to drink water or milk mixed with 1 tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide per 15 pounds of body weight, which will induce vomiting. If any of the mushroom is regurgitated, collect it as well; it may help the veterinarian determine how much of the poisonous mushroom was consumed.


It's difficult to prevent mushrooms from appearing in a lawn that contains high amounts of organic matter, but a few simple modifications may defeat them over time. Applying 5 pounds of 21-0-0 ammonium sulfate per 1,000 square feet of lawn speeds decomposition of organic debris. Regularly dethatching and aerating the soil also can modify conditions that help fungi thrive. If your lawn mushrooms persist, you could rake or remove the mushrooms as they appear, before you let your pet on the lawn.

An dunt furget to download da pdf file I put on here, cuz dere's impawtunt info in dat!

Rite dats me news flash ritin ova. Now onto ovver stuff.

Me muvver is getting over losin me so sudden, bless her. She still wells up and cries for me but not so much, I am tryin so hard to heal her heart but want to say a huge fankoo to yoo all my fwends, for bein dere for her and supportin her wif yoor lovely messages. It iz helpin her so much.

Once she back to normal, well yoo know normal for her bahahahaha she gonna start organising my Trust Fund to help pawrents wif dere own pet funerals and stuff. I will keep yooz all updated on dat, cuz it impawtunt innit.

Me furbro Mojo has been to vet twice wiv his ears, dey boff sore inside and he had 2 wks of antibiotics an ear woshes. Muvver takin him back tomorrow for a check up but muvver finks dey iz betta now cuz dey not smelly or anyfing and he not flickin his head no more.

Gizmo is gradually improovin, still a bag ov nerves and muvver sez she dunt fink he will eva be any diffrunt, but he feels safe wif muvver and not qwite so paranoid as he woz. He still flinches wen she goes to stroke him, as if he gonna be beaten, and I dunt fink dat will ever stop either but da longer he wif muvver da more he will trust her and maybe da flinchin will stop evenchewlly.

Me fursista Lily le Puss has taken to sleepin in me bed insted of on da big bed wiv muvver. Not sure wot dat all about, unless she still missin me and me bed full ov my smells so it comforts her. Cuz Lily woz me bestest ever pal and I loved her vewy much and she loved me too so I fink she juz missing me a lot at da momunt.

Well dats about all me news for now, except to say to all yoo hoopawrents dat has lost yoor furbabies da last few days not to worry cuz dey is all up here wif me over da Bridge and dey is all happy, healthy and whole and all playin togevver. But dey sad to see yoo all missing dem so much and dey wish dey could let yoo know dey is okay. So keep wotchin for little signs from dem. Easy to miss, but yoo will notice dem wen dey are sent.

Cud be a white feaver, a rainbow, a favwite toy in a diffrent place, or juz sumfin like a shadow out ov da corner ov yoor eye. But dey will send a sign, trust me, I'm an Angel.

I sayin farewell for now my fwends, I gotta let muvver get on wiv stuff an I got dem angel pups to train up, dey on bed makin duties today fluffin up fresh new clouds for new arrivals and we never know how many dere gonna be each day til dey arrive.

Keep safe my fwends, and rememba I loves yoo all vewy much!

All my love

Angel Bonnie

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Update from da Bridge

Hello my fwends,

It feels so good to be able to rite to yoo agen, but I muzt apologize for not bein around for da last 2 weeks since passing over Rainbow Bridge.

Dere was fings to do, sorting out me place up here, comfortin me muvver cos she woz unconsoluble cuz she fort me gone furever and juz wanted to touch me fur an kiss me agen, but up here tiz diffrunt, an me had to make muvver understand dat she carn't touch me fur agen, cuz dat woz all part ov me earfly body, an up here we dunt need dem cumbersome old lumps ov fur an bone. We can whiz around wivout dem, wich means we canz run faster and fly! Yes my fwends tiz troo.

Not fly like flappin da wings like burds, but wen someone who loves us or a pal is in need ov our companionship, guidance or help, we iz just dere wiv dem. It's ooba cool my fwends. We canz even be in 2 places at once! Dunt ask me how dat werks, cuz rememba me iz new up here meself. But sum ov da other fur angels told me. An me sisfur Midge who I grew up wiv sed once she lost dat crickety rickety arfriticky riddled body of hers an she arrived up here, she was whizzing round for days, propur dizzy she woz. *rolls eyes* *wispurs* She's quietened down a bit now fank Dog.

An it wos grate to see me kitteh's agen, an all muvvers furbabies wot been here for years. Corse we all young lukin up here, now dat is pretty cool I reckon if we cud bottle dat, we cud make fortune for muvver while she 'down dere'. Eternal yoof is sumfing dem hoomans is always afta. *rolls eyes*

Now today a dear fwend comin to da bridge, she may alreddy be here, I not sure cus it gets pretty crowded sumtimes, depending on how many comes each day and I juz heard dat anovva furpal came wif her.

So me iz dedicaytin dis post today to @PixelDoggy who came OTRB an I fink I see her now fru da clouds, not sure if it her for sure, dere's so many new doggies arriving, but me wavin at her, and by her side anovva furpal @smith_dawwizer dear Tiger who arrived here rather suddenly and unexpectedly for his mummy and daddy, as he had car accident.

To boff sets of pawrents, me wants to say, dat altho yoor hearts iz breakin now, pleeze know dat we iz all togevva here in Rainbow Bridge heaven, and we iz all happy and healthy and whole. An dat wen you fink ov us, we will be dere rite next to yoo, yoo juz won't be able to see us, but yoo mite feel us, a nearness, oh me wish me cud explain it.

An sometimes, but not always we sends signs to our pawrents dat we haz arrived an we wants to comfort dem to let dem know we iz ok and happy, but sumtimes dem signals iz missed in hoomans busy lives, but we duz send dem. May take few days or weeks, even a munf but yoo will see da sign one day and know we is safe and we loves yoo.

My muvva still very sad and altho me finks sumtimes she got ova da shock ov me leavin her so quick and so soon, she still will suddenly start cryin, and da pain gets worse. Itz natural my fwends dey will always miss us, wich is why as me always sayin, yea me knows, here she goes agen *rolls eyes wiv paws on hips* we gotta make da most of time on earf we got togevver, cos none ov us know how long dat gonna be, and den wen da hooman or anipal passes away dey can go in da knowledge dey was much loved.

Some furs not get dat love on earf, da ones wot suffered at hands of da hoomans, or were abandoned not wanted and left to fend for demselves, or even da wild anipals dat never haz hooman love. But wen dey get here dere is love all around, it's like a big ole woolly blanket around us, and we juz snuggle rite down in it and absorb alld at love. Tiz why we can send sum down to yoo all cuz dere so much ov it up here.

I tried to explain how it iz up here for yoo to understand, its difficult fing to do, speshully wen me juz arrived meself, but I hope it gives yoo and yoo hoomans sum comfort my fwends.

I be around an abowt forever now, and all da wile me muvva able to scribe for me.

Now onto earfly fings, iz yoo takin part in Zombie Squad's Pirate Week? Muvva's got me picfur wiv a white pirate's hat on me head, me aunty Hevva made me dat hat. We gotta talk like a pirate wich not always easy bol It's a lot ov fun my fwends, its made me ole muvva smile a few times I see. I woz wotchin ova her shoulder ovver nite an it made me heart sing to know she can smile agen.

Me muvver is gonna be busy soon cuz she setting up a Trust in my name. A non profit fing or summit, I dunt understand, anyway it gonna be called sumfin like Bonnie's Rainbow Bridge Fund. An wot it gonna do is let peepul know dat dey can attend der furbaby's funeral, dey can even see dere furbaby in a lickle chapel ov rest if dey want to, as it's all included in da fee dey pay da vets for cremation or burial at dere local Pet Crematoria/Cemetary. An not only dat, but wen peepul donate to my Trust, da money is going to pawrents who carn't afford to pay for an individual cremation or burial for dere furbaby.

Muvver sez dere's so many pawrents dat would want one, so dey get da ashes back or attend da funeral or even pay to haz dere furbaby buried in proper pet cementary, but cos of dere circumstances can't afford to, so dere furbaby has to go in wiv lots of ovvers and dats not wot pawrents want. So wot Muvver hopin to set up iz da pawrents vet contacts Muvver regardin me Trust and we den pay for da individual funeral or part ov it dependin on da pawrents circumstances. It all gotta be set up propply an linked wiv all da vets in UK and PDSA and stuff. So it gonna take a wile, but Muvver iz werking on it rite now to get it set up, along wiv some ov her hooman fwends.

Now for pals pawrents outside UK da only way we cud help iz by helpin set up a yougivin donation page or sumfing. Cuz pawrents not in fit state to organise all dat wen we furst go over da bridge, so my Trust can step in and do it for dem. Den money available to pay for da funeral.

So it's all very complicated and takin lot ov organising but me Muvvers on it and me will let yoo know wen it sorted and peepuls can make use ov it. We will need fund raisers too, cuz me finks dere will be lots ov pawrents wot will need our help me pals.

Well dats abowt all for now me pals, sorry its a long one tday but me had lots to say. Pleeze send yoor condolences to Pixel and Tiger's pawarents on Twitter, dey need our love now cuz dey iz hurting bad.

Spread da love an be kind to everyfur and hooman. I love yoo my fwends. Bless yoo all.

Angel Bonnie

Monday, 21 September 2015

I iz back my fwends!

I haz got all sorted owt in heaven and now me got to help my fwends down on earth.

So wile muvver sortin owt me effureal ritings and fings, I bin sortin owt sum moosic for yoo to listen to.

I love you so much my fwends, fankoo for takin care ov me muvver wile me was on me journey to heaven. I luffs yoo so much for makin sure she woz ok. I worried bowt her but I had to go to heaven. Pssst *wispurs* its rilly nice up here, bacon and sossiges forever an loadsa fwends to play wif. An yoo can haz wotever wevver yoo wantz so if yoo likes to play in da snow yoo juz fink abowt it an yoo gets it. Or sunshine an flowers an dere dey iz rite infront of yoo. Itz amazin.

Dunt ever let yoo hoopawrents be scareded of letting yoo come here cuz it speshul place. I be very happy here but I know me muvver an fwends miss me, an dey carnt see me cuz me an angel, but I iz always wif yoo all an wif muvva, cuz in heaven yoo can be everyware at once. How cool is dat?

Anyway here's couple songs for yoo wot me likes. One is message from me, to remind yoo all I iz always here for yoo, wotever, and second one is just happy one me qwite likes bahahahaha

I luffs yoo all soo much!

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Spam Spam Spam

I found someone had posted spam on here today.

A Pakistani escort agency in Dubai. I've swiftly deleted the posts, and have had to change the settings so that when people leave a comment, I moderate it before it's posted to the blog.

Please don't let that put you off commenting, and if anyone wants any help to block someone who has spammed their blog they can only block someone who's actually following their blog. And most spammers are smart enough to comment as a guest. About the only thing they are smart about it.

Here is a link to some really useful information about keeping your blog public so everyone can enjoy, and it explains how to protect it from spammers or rather how to deal with spammers that you come across defiling your blog.

Blocking Unwanted Users

I do apologize for this, it would be nice if everyone could just leave a comment or their thoughts, but these days it seems there's always those that want to either ruin something, advertise something, or just be abusive or disgusting all over someone else's property, whether it's in the material world or the virtual world.

I'll be updating Bonnie's blog soon with news of how things are going since she went over the rainbow bridge.

Take care my friends


Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Bonnie's last day

As you know it was Bonnie's funeral yesterday at 1.30pm GMT. When she was taken ill so suddenly on Monday 7th of last week and passed away on the following Tuesday 8th September, I was devastated.

I had been through good and bad with this funny little white fluffy dog, she had fought to stay with me all her life, from puphood to her passing. Always poorly, hardly a month without something wrong, yet she was always happy, smiling with those cute little glossy black lips, and her tail was wagging more than it was still. I loved her to the moon and back, and had swallowed my pride when she was diagnosed with SARDS and Cushings, and had to ask total strangers to help me keep her alive by donating to her vet treatment fund, as I couldn't afford it and couldn't bear the thought of having her put to sleep.

She was so popular on Twitter that her pals and hooman followers alike all rushed to help, it was so touching, so emotional and so wonderful, and I will always as long as I live be ever grateful to each and every one of you for doing that. You kept her alive and she repaid you with her help and advice and her love.

So when she passed away it was not only devastating for me, but for you too. You all loved her, she touched each and everyone of you, and the outpouring of grief and love shown by you I've never seen before.

I didn't feel alone in my grief, you shared it with me, as you had shared her ups and downs throughout her journey of life while you knew her on Twitter. You were and are and always will be very special to me and I will never forget how you have supported me emotionally. It is something quite special.

When dear Bonnie passed away, my world fell apart. I had never mourned a dog as much. Maybe because she was so vulnerable, so brave, so poorly, so happy, or that she suffered those last 24hrs of her short life. The physical pain in my chest was unbearable. As you know I'd already lost 2 cats this year and my brother. I have no other family so my furbabies are my family. And so to lose the most important member of that furbaby family was like being stabbed in the heart.

So in my grief, I wanted to do something so that her short life was not in vain. I'd already dedicated to her, not thinking she'd be mentioned in it so soon, and this blog was started to help people with a dog or cat with a disability, or similar conditions to those Bonnie had. And I'm proud to say it has helped many pawparents.

But this was a different feeling, I'm not sure if it was my idea, Bonnie's idea, or a joint effort, but I wanted to show people that they could visit their furbaby's funeral or if they couldn't face seeing them to just attend the funeral. So that's why I took my heart in my hand and gathered as much strength as I could muster, with your help my friends, and decided to go to her funeral. I felt it was something I had to do personally anyway to say goodbye to my very special girl, but also to show others it is possible. I had no idea how much help it would be to my own grief. The change was incredible, as you will read further on in this article.

Some of you will remember that Bonnie had sent me 2 signs that she was ok. My Magnolia Stellata, which had bloomed in the Spring was now in bloom again, I picked a blossom and brought it indoors to press it later so I could keep it along with my other keepsakes of Bonnie. Then I noticed a solitary dandelion seed trapped in a spiders web in the corner of the window, so that too was brought indoors, wrapped in tissue and kept safe. Later I will get a picture frame box to put them in along with a lock of her fur.

I have shared everything with you my friends, since darling Bonnie passed away, for two reasons, firstly to let you know what was happening because you all loved her so and secondly because it helped me in my grief to cope with her loss.

I'd already done the flower arrangement for Bonnie the night before her funeral, some white roses and sunflowers with tiny butterflies on them. They looked lovley. I thought these would be the only flowers Bonnie would have, how wrong I was.

Biddy's mum Shirley arrived at 11.30am. The weather was terrible and I'd been desperately worried about her driving 3hrs to collect me, but thank goodness she'd got here safely.

As Shirley and myself travelled the hour's journey to Penwith Pet Crematorium there had been an accident and the traffic was travelling very slow, at snail's pace. By 1pm we were still crawling along and it looked as if we wouldn't make it in time, so I rang the the Pet Crem and explained where we were and that we were worried we would miss Bonnie's funeral.

The man was very understanding, and told me not to worry because he would wait until we got there. Shortly after, thankfully the traffic began to move more freely.

The weather had now brightened, and was dazzling sunshine wth a bright blue sky with huge white fluffy clouds. We spotted Bonnie in many of them.

We had put the co-ordinates in the sat nav and it seemed to have a mind of it's own. As we got nearer we turned off by it's instructions and ended up driving around country lanes with high banks each side, crammed with wild flowers and grasses still waving their seed heads in the wind. I think we were both worried we wouldn't find the Pet Crem let alone arrive within a reasonable time, but then as we went round a sharp bend in the road, there it was on the right hand side.

The time, amazingly was 1.25pm. How we'd arrived with 5 minutes to spare is a mystery but thank goodness we had.

We turned into the gravel drive, and drove up towards the buildings. We parked outside the wooden barn type structure, alongside the horse orchard. When horses are buried there, they plant an apple tree on each grave, and their names were on slate markers under each tree. A small statue of St Francis of Assisi peeped out out from a brightly coloured flower border at the side of the orchard gate.

As we got out of the car the man came out and welcomed us, and told us some flowers had arrived from California earlier and that they were next to dear Bonnie in the chapel of rest. Thank you @HoneyDogKimura so much they were beautiful and now stand next to Bonnie's casket.

The man opened the chapel doors and there was Bonnie, on a brocade covered bier in a blanket lined wicker basket, wrapped in a brightly coloured crochet blanket. She looked so peaceful, her little head resting on the blanket.

Biddybt went over and stood up to look at Bonnie and pay his respects, it was very touching.

I touched Bonnie's fur, and ears. She was very cold, her eyes were closed and she looked just like she was asleep. As soon as I touched her the grief left me. It was swept away by an overpowering feeling of peace and love. I can't explain it, but it was wonderful. Shirley noticed a white feather caught in the strands of the blanket she was wrapped in and pulled it free and placed it on the blanket by her shoulder.

Shirley read the note from ZombieSquad HQ, which I have videod and will put on Bonnie's youtube channel this week, and then I read my personal note to Bonnie, which Shirley recorded.

We stayed with her for about 20 minutes, telling her about all her friends on Twitter who were thinking of her and helping her over the bridge. It was very special.

I then played the special song for her, but unfortunately the recording didn't work, but it didn't matter, the song was from me to Bonnie and she'd heard it. It was Cliff Richard singing Golden. The words seemed so apt.

We then left dear Bonnie and the man who had left us alone to perform our service, came back and told us it would be 2hrs before we could collect Bonnie's ashes. He asked me what type and colour of casket I wanted for Bonnie's remains, and I chose a dark wood one.

We decided to go to Mousehole to find somewhere to eat or have a coffee, we found a little pub, The Kings Arms in the tiny village of Paul, where we had a packet of crisps and a shandy (beer and lemonade) Biddy came in with us, and we spent a long while in there talking about everything and nothing passing the time. Sadly the pub had finished serving meals when we got there, but no matter, we were happy with our crisps. After that we went into the small ancient church opposite, the Paul Parish Church. We went inside and I took some photo's of the beautiful stained glass windows.

By now it was almost 3.30pm, and so we headed back to Buryas Bridge where the Pet Crematorium was.

Again the confused sat nav took us the wrong way, it kept wanting to send us up muddy farm tracks or into someone's private drive, but we eventually got on the right track and got back to the Pet Crem at 3.45.

While we were waiting we met another lady who was walking in the horse orchard. We asked her if she had a horse buried there, and she said no she was waiting to collect her cat's ashes. We gave each other a hug. I mentioned how wonderful it was to be with our pets right to the end and how much it had made a difference. No more waiting for days from when they passed away, wondering where they were or what was happening to them. Not knowing when they would be cremated and even more importantly when to expect their ashes back. I told her how it had helped me with closure and how I didn't feel the deep searing pain of grief anymore and that I felt happy and full of peace and she said yes thats exactly how she felt.

By this time we had all walked back to the building, and as we came near the chapel the man came out with Bonnies casket in his hands inside a white box, with a small spray of white silk flowers ontop. He apologised as he'd not asked me what I wanted on the brass plaque ontop of the casket and my mind went blank. The sight of the tiny casket sent all thoughts from my mind. My once happy, smiling, tail wagging little fat Westie was now inside that tiny box.

Shirley came to the rescue, bless her heart and said "What about 'My Bonnie'?" I thought that was fabulous and off he went to engrave the little plaque.

After a few minutes he came back, and we put Bonnie in the car along with the beautiful flowers, and headed back towards home. The sun was briliant by now and it had turned into a dazzling day.

As we got halfway home my mobile rang, it was the Pet Crem. A big bouquet of flowers had just arrived and they wanted to catch us before we got too far away so we could go back and collect it.

So we turned around and headed back. When we got there it was a beautiful bouquet from Zombie Squad HQ. Thank you my friends, it was breathtaking. The scent of the lilies was almost over powering in the car going home, and I can still smell them now filling the house with their perfume.

We headed home along the A30 and as we drove there were rainbow upon rainbow, one after the other, as if Bonnie was leading us home. It was amazing. Shirley said "You must have had one hell of a bond with each other, she has sent you so many signs that she is ok. You are blessed." I guess I must be, I've never experienced anything like it before, and doubt if I ever will again. She must have used all her strength in heaven to send me all those signs. Each one filling me with even more love for her.

We hadn't eaten all day apart from the crisps, so we called in to McDonalds and Shirley let Biddy out for a walk and I went in for the Big Macs. I'd had some vouchers through my door, so half the cost was paid by voucher, which was good. We took the Big Macs back to my place, and as I opened the door dear Mojo and Gizmo were so pleased to see us. They had been left 6hrs.

I have never left them that long before, 4hrs being the very most and then very rarely. But they had both been very good boys and rather than rush out to the garden to toilet they were more interested in jumping up and making a fuss of us. Eventually they calmed down and went out into the garden.

Shirley and I ate our Big Macs which were delicious, and then at 7pm Shirley headed home. Not long after the weather turned nasty again and down came the most torrential rain, I was so worried about Shirley but as you know she got home safely.

Last night I was so tired, drained infact. I went to bed, and where I'd not been able to sleep since my darling Bonnie had passed away, last night I slept like a baby. When I woke this morning there was no ache of grief, yes, I'm still sad and still miss Bonnie, but I feel more at peace and happy that I know she did everything she could to let me know she was in heaven and she could once again see, and run around like a pup with all her furpals who had gone there before her.

My friends, please ask if you can be at your pets cremation or burial. It's all included in the price you pay the vet, there's no extra to pay and it really does help the grief and gives you closure.

Bonnie's legacy will be to make this common knowledge so everyone gets the same chance I had yesterday. And I also want to start either a charity or non profit organisation where people can donate and when someone who cannot afford to have their beloved pet individually cremated or buried, they can get financial help from Bonnie's Fund. So she can carry on helping all furs in her memory. But it all needs organising properly, and a couple of dear friends on Twitter have said they will help me get it sorted out.

I'd like to thank you all for the cards, flowers, notes, DM's, tweets, emails everything. I am working my way through them all to thank you individually. They all mean the world to me. Thank you.

Well my friends this is not goodbye from Bonnie da Westie, this is just farewell. She has far too much love for her many friends to disappear into the clouds over Rainbow Bridge forever.

She will still be helping others, remember when there's a storm, the thunder will be her clattering about with her bedpans, and the lightening is just the storm flashing off those glitturball nickurs of hers and if there's hail stones, well they're just the lumps in her emena's she's throwing away. She will be all around us everywhere, popping up with something to remind us of her, and on a still quiet day you may even hear the twang of those heavenly rubber gloves.

So please don't feel sad about her leaving us, but please celebrate her life. She wouldn't want you to be unhappy, she always wanted to make you smile, and that's what she wants now. Be happy she is an angel, and remember her with happiness, she will always be in our hearts.

Once this old heart of mine has healed a bit more, she will be back as Angel Matron, helping other furs and people, and making us smile again. Because that's just what she does best. And we all love her for it.