Sunday, 8 November 2015

We Remember Them

Today we remember all the animals who were used in War. Horses, Mules, Dogs, Pigeons, Elephants, and other species.

All we ask is let mankind kill themselves with bombs and bullets but please don't sacrifice the animal kingdom.

Animals were/are used in war, dropped from planes with handlers, used to carry messages, lay telegraph lines, pull equipment, carry soldiers or supplies and ammunitions, accompany medics and fetch and carry medical equipment. Used by terrorists to carry explosives as animal suicide bombers. Even animals in laboratories, used to test weapons and medical procedures needed in warfare.

Modern warfare still uses animals, why can't mankind do their own dirty work? Animals generally are peaceful creatures, living their lives without worrying about whether another is plotting against them. We the human race, can learn so much from animals yet we choose to slaughter them in our meaningless battles. Animals give us trust, unconditional love and become attached to us, yet we abuse this friendship and use them as disposable creatures.

Yes, sometimes we have to fight for our freedom and our rights, but do we really have to force animals to fight alongside us?

So today we remember all animals used by us, and we apologise to those that lost their lives, and pray we will be forgiven for sending them to the Rainbow Bridge in such horrible circumstances and abusing their trust and friendship.

They will never be forgotten.