Tuesday, 12 May 2015

For Louie

Today I lurnt dat a Twitter fwend went ova da Rainbow Bridge last week.

Louie @RonCWhiting from San Francisco, USA.

He woz diagnosed wif SARDS in February dis year, I fink he also had Cushings. So he had boff diseases dat me got. I woz diagnosed about da same time if yoo rememba.

His fambly tweeted my aunty Marulin @marilynwinders to let her know he had passed away, and said he had been haffin an increasingly tough time dealing wif his illness and went OTRB fairly suddenly. His fambly miss him vewy much.

It woz a shock to hear of Louie's passing, I am doin ok at da moment on my medicashon, but it woz a bit of a wake up call to hear poor Louie hadn't had such a good long journey to da bridge. Muvva woz vewy shocked and had got used to me doin ok and da drugs keepin fings under control for da time being. It iz easy to forget dat I iz on borrowed time wen fings are going along ok but death lurks closely for all us Cushings dogs, and we never know how long we have wif our loved ones.

I fink muvva woz sort of blocking da inevitable out ov her mind, seeing me doing well and happy at da moment, I guess it's her way of coping wiv da situation, I dunt know, I dunt understand hoomans way of finkin sumtimes. But I wud guess dats how dey copes. Hearing about dear Louie brought the whole horruble fing to da front agen and it's like hearin da bad news all ova agen. But knowin me muvva she'll soon pick herself up agen and be happy. Me dunt like to see her upset cuz it upsets me. I give her cuddle in a minit. She likes cuddles.

So if any of yoo my fwends iz readin dis and yoo haz Cushings, remind yoo muvvas and farvas dat yoo might be well at da momunt, but dat can all change in da blinkin ov an eye, and dat dey must give us extra love each and evfurry day, like dey shud even if yoo not got Cushings rilly.

Love each ovver my fwends, wile yoo can hold each ovver hang on tight and wispur "I loves yoo" it makes yoo and our loved ones feel so much better.

I shall light a candle for dear Louie now, and dry my tears wif my paw and wish him peace and everlasting love over da bridge wif all our pals alreddy dere. If yoo wud like to light a candle for him too, da link is in da tabby fings under me main pic on home page here.

Love yoo my fwends