Friday, 3 April 2015

Happy Easter my fwends

A very happy Easter my fwends, I hope yoo will haf a grate holiday filled wif love and lottsa noms. I iz so blessed to haf so many wondfurful fwends who loves me, and I loves yoo all too vewy vewy much. *blows kisses*

But Easter isn't juzt about scoffin as much bacon or sossiges as yoo can, an wotchin da hookids frowin up in da baffroom afta eatin dere Easter eggs. Easter is more dan dat. Wevva yoo iz religious or not, Easter tells us dat we haf a new year ahead full ov hope. Spring iz here an all da flowers are showin off dere skirts wobblin round in da gardens, enticin da bumbly bees to take dere pollen an make dere sweet honey. And it's da promise dat Summer on da way, warm sunny days wen we can chase around outside, roll in fox poo and lay on our baks lukin up at da clouds kickin our paws in da air and juz bein happy to be alive! I fink its a time of hope too. Hope dat da comin year is gonna be a good one for us an our hoomans, and our fur pals. Tiz a bit like New Year rilly, but diffrunt.

So wen yoor hoomans iz tuckin into dere Easter Sunday dinnur, and yoo is sat dere wif dribble runnin down yoo chest, sit bak and fink how lucky yoo iz to haf such a loving foreva fambly an to be loved like yoo iz, and give dem da eyes, try an sit ware dey can't miss seein yoo and give dem da odd whimpur now an agen just to remind dem dat yoo wud love sum of dat juicy meat dey stuffin in dere moufs. Make dem feel guilty if dey not give yoo sum cos afta all it iz Easter! And Easter's all about hope and love!

Rite now me gonna tell yoo all about me day yesday. Wot a day it was *slaps head wif paw*. Me poor muvva, I did feel for her. Well I haf to anyway coz me can't see her Bahahahaha.

Furst off da werkman came to take out da front door frame and door , she bin waiting 10mths for dis to be done *rolls eyes*. Da door was an inch too small for da frame, so wen it woz windy she had to bung up da gaps wif paper or all da heat wud be sucked out. Needless to say it woz costin a lot to heat da house in da winter, wich meant less money for our treats! Pffft.

Anyways, da men turned up bout 10am and set about gettin da door sorted. So it woz freezin indoors yesday, as yoo can imagine. Dey woz vewy nice werkmen. One ov dem is gonna put a shelf up in da hallway cupboard for mum wen dey come back next week to put new back door in, cos back door is bowed an dont fit propur. Shockin rilly cos da house woz only built last Spring. *shakes head from side to side*

Also, *crosses paws to get comfy* hoouncle had to go to hospital for some tests, he not bin well for ages, an mum bullied him into goin to see his doctor, cuz he woznt bovvering to go. Doctor took one look at him and made appointment wif speshulist. So dats ware he went yesday. Muvva cudn't take him cuz da men were here doin door, so he had to get a taxi, but muvva woz gonna collect him late aftanoon afta he'd been seen.

Mid afta noon da ring ring goes, ring ring, ring ring, ring ring, yoo get da pichure? Woke Mojo up so he woznt well pleezed. Anyways mum ansurs it and it woz hoouncle on his mobile. He can juz about manage to use da mobile, cuz he bit ov a dinosaur, well he's pritty old so not surprizin.

Turns out da hospital woz gonna keep hoouncle in, an told muvva he woz waitin for sumone to come wif a wheelchair to take him to a ward an dat dey woz gonna put a drain in his tummy to drain off all da fluid dat woz dere wich wud take about 7hrs. He didnt know wot ward so told muvva he wud ring her wen he woz sorted out. I dunno wot a ward iz but sounds intrestin dunt it. Hoouncle woz in tears, an he sounded bit frightened. He bin vewy depressed lately and finkin silly fings an sayin he had no qwolity of life an wanted to end it all by stickin his head in a bucket. Dat made mum smile, she got wicked sense of humour at times *rolls eyes* but finking bout it, I guess it iz pritty funny imaginin him wif bucket on his head. BOL

Bak to da story. So anyways, muvva haz to go to hoouncles house to collect cousin Gizmo, hoouncles dog. He's paranoid an nervous, but not surprising rilly coz he iz a rescue and we not know wot happened to him before hoouncle had him. So off we all goes in da car to get him.

Muvva cudn't leave us behind, cuz she had to leave us a lot lately, and Mojo bin norty. He ripped up all da carpet in da lounge doorway. Muvva woznt best pleezed I can tell you. So he can't be left, and she couldnt take juz him cuz now me blind I get frighted on me own. We iz a bit like da free muskiteers. All for one and one for all.

We gets Gizmo, and muvva took some of Gizmo's food out ov da cupboard and bein soopa switched on, wich is unushual for muvva, she picked up enuff for 4 days. She gets deez brain waves sumtimes. Not often now but dey surprise us occashonally.

Den we all had to rush ovva to my new vets, wich woz 9 miles in ovva direcshon to collect my meds and me prescription. We had to wait in da car wile muvva woz dere, so we had a grate time all barkin loudly and causing mayhem in da carpark til muvva came bak.

Afta dat, we den had to drive back past our house and into da vet in da village here ware muvva gets da fossil cats meds from to collect dem.

And finally at 6 o'clock we gets home. Fank Dog for dat I fort, me belly fort me froat had bin cut I woz dat hungry. *wipes forehead wif paw and sighs to illoominate frustrashon*

So we all piled indoors and muvva got busy feedin us all.

When we'd all eaten and bin out for a pee and a qwick run round da garden, an it woz qwick cuz it woz rainin and windy, muvva rang da hospital to find out ware hoouncle was.

Evidently he in sumware called da ambulashonry emerguncy care unit. Yea dats wot I fort, what da dog?

So dey gives her da number and she manages to get fru finally afta several tries at about 8pm. Dey asked her wot cut off time woz acceptable as he might be discharged an she'd haf to go and collect him, muvva said anytime, and dey said well it cud be midnight or later. Muvva woznt impressed but didunt say nuffin. Dey told muvva dey woz gonna do some tests on him.

Den about 9pm hoouncle rang agen on his mobile fing. He gettin good at usin dat, we woz impressed. He sounded bit more cheerful an sed dey hadn't put da drain into him yet, but woz gonna do some tests an dat he woznt gonna be coming home later, an he woz stayin in hospital all over da Easter weekend. He sed he didnt want muvva to go and visit him cuz she got us to look afta, but she sed she wud go so he sed ok. She goin s'aftanoon wif some lemonade for him.

She'd got some pork out da freezer yesday, cuz she fort wen she brort him home she wud cook him a nice roast pork dinner, but now she got it out she gotta cook it, and dere's only her and us here now to eat it. Oh dear, wot a pity *looks sideways and dribbles at da fort of cripsy cracklin and juicy pork*.

So dats wot happened yesday. Woz all chasin about afta da werkmen left. Poor old muvva collapsed into bed at midnight totally wacked out, but fankfully we had qwite a peaceful evening and a lovely sleep on da big bed.

Mojo don't know but wen muvva goes to hospital s'aftanoon he goin in da dog crate, cuz she got it out shed juz now and put da mattress fing in it.

Not a lot left to tell yoo my fwends, I wonder what will happen today. I feel its gonna be a snoozy snorey one, dats if Mojo dunt keep me awake howlin cuz he shut in da crate. Da weavvas orruble outside, wet n windy bit like hoouncle bahahahaha.

Take care my fwends, haf a lovely Easter, love one annova, and live each second like it woz yoor last. An rememba dat altho we luvs it, choclit is poisonous to us dogs, espeshully dark choclit, so tell yoor hoomans an hookids not to give yoo any cuz it can kill yoo! I'll tell yoo about Mojo an da box of Belgian Choclits anovva time. Woz scarey.

Love yoo