Thursday, 5 October 2017

Halloween & Firewerk Season is almost here!

Hello my fwends!

It will soon be firewerk season, an no doubt sum stupid hoo's will be lighting early and all times ov day and nite, cus dats how sum ov dem are, stupid and dunt fink about us furs. Corse we dunt know what firewerks are or understand why dey gotta be set off, so I've got a few tips yoo can tell yoor hoo's to do.

To us, the loud noises and bright flashes are scary and unexpected and we often want to escape from what is, to us, a high-stress situation.

There are ways hoomans can prepare for Firewerk season in order to help us stay calm, so make sure yoor hooman knows how to help us cope wiv fireworks

So hoomans here is sum tips:

- Make sure we have a safe space or den where we feel comfortable. Hoos can make us a den either in da lounge or bedroom, a sort ov cave ware we can go and feel safe, if dey not got a crate den a fireguard or even cardboard box will do, but someware just big enuff for us to get into and curl up. Some towels or blankies over da top helps sound proof it too. Same goes for our kitteh couzins, an if dey alreddy got one of dem igloo beds den juz need a towel draped over da front leavin little gap to peep out from.

- Check when displays are being held, keep us inside, and try to sound-proof the house by drawing curtains and keeping windows are doors shut.

- Introduce background noise using the TV, radio or music streamin, to make the sound of firewerks less obvious.

- Try to act normally as we will look to you for reassurance.

- Make sure our microchip information is up-to-date just in case of escape. This is a legal requirement for dogs and highly recommended for cats in da UK not sure about outside UK.

- Use a pheromone or natural calming product to help manage our anxiety. Yoo can get plug in types and drops to put on our bedding or wherever we like to rest up. Da plug in fings dey can buy to plug in releases feramones, like dem lectric air freshner fings, only feramones. Dey need plugging in and switchin on 2 days before da firewerks iz expected. Dey is qwite good, muvver got one ov dem.

- It also a good idea to let us out to toilet before da firewerks start kickin off. Nuffin wurse dan juz sqwot down for a pee and sumone lets a banger off behind yoo and me not talkin bowt beef sossiges.

- And dey also gotta make sure dey get da kittehs in early and keep dem in, get a cat litter tray and sum litter, it not gonna brake da bank and it might get a bit whiffy in da howse but it better dan losin kitteh if it runs scared at firewerks or even wurse if some nasty little oyke ties a firewerk to it's tail. Nasty little oyke bein sum nasty cruel minded hookid dat shud know better but not got enuff brain cells.

Start to prepare now for Firewerk Season and help us to manage our firework fear or noise phobia. Best not to get dem to sympathise wiv us too much, as dey fink dey iz comfortin us, but we fink dey bein weak and it makes us more scared. So dey gotta be brave and pretend nuffin rong.

Der are also physical fings yoo can get us, wich I fink are debatable wevva dey werk or not, in the form ov tight fitting specialist coats dat are supposed to calm us down, dey neva werked for me personally but dey duz werk for some furs. They be quite pricey too, so a cheap way ov makin a calmin coat is to a doggy sweater a size too small or get yoo pawrent to cut a sleeve out ov an old sweatshirt or jumper and cut 2 holes in it for our front legs.

Corse sum ov us dunt mind da bangs and flashes, my sisfur Lily le Puss loves to sit in da window watchin and my ovver sisfur Dora dunt bat an eyelid but my two ovver brofurs Giz and Mojo are petrified ov da bangs and nuffin seems to help dem wich is very sad.

Hoomans and hookids build bonfires on or before 5th November, den set dem alight and let off da firewerks. Dis can go on for weeks in some areas *rolls eyes*. But dere's lots ov wildlife dat like livin in piles of wood cuz to dem it's just a nice warm place to spend da winter, dey not aware dat some hooman gonna cremate dem on Bonfire Night. So da hoomans must always check dat dere's no hedgehogs or anyfing else livin in da pile ov wood dey wanna burn. Even if it means takin it all to bits and rebuilding it agen. Hedgehogs is good for eating slugs and fings dat scoff yer plants but dey not dat good as a BBQ for hoos!

Anyway dats me advice to hoo's who mite be readin dis artickle, use Google for furva advice. Da mostest impawtunt bit ov advice I can gives yoo is to make sure yoor chip up to date, yoo kept indoors and hoos keep da windows and doors closed, and da back gates, and when yoo go out to toilet make sure yoo on da lead incase yoo jump da fence or find a hole froo it. Cuz der some wicked evil hoo's about who wud tie firewerks to us for fun if dey catch us, but not only dat, imagine bein lost on firewerk night. Nuffin more terrifying my fwends. So get yoo pawrents to put demselves in our paws and make sure dey keeps us safe!

I hope dis advice has helped!

Love yoo my fwends, keep safe!

With all my love

Angel Bonnie da Westie