Saturday, 17 December 2016


Well wares all da time gone? Pffft One minit we playin in da sun and before yoo can say 'wheres me bacon' ders tinsel an cards evfurryware!

So me takin dis opportunity to wish all me pals and furs me not met yet a very Happy Christmas and a healthy happy New Year!

Fankoo to all who haz sent me fursibs pressies and cards, and if muvver has missed anyone an not returned yoor kindness please accept her sincere apologies. Me will slap her chops later wen she finished scribing dis note.

Christmas is a time for famblies, children and ov course us furs! What wud it be like wivout a stockin hanging up wiv our name on it and spendin a lot ov time under da table waiting for somefin to drop for us to eat. Speshully if yoo got little hoomans or gwamps at da table, cos dey always dropping food on da floor. Dats why dey our favwit hoomans rite? *nods*

But Christmas isn't all fun and chasing about wiv new toys and eatin too much an getting upset tums. It can be vewy sad for da hoomans dat on der own, and for hoomans who has lost loved ones and furs OTRB.

We've lost so many furpals dis last year int we. Bin a sad year, and we lost a lot of hoomans too. Let's hope da next year we canz begin to heal dem broked hearts and start to smile and be happy agen if we lost someone. I sending big hugs to all dem furs an hoomans dat is grieving dis Christmas. Dat's why it so impawtunt to show love to everyfur and hooman. Cos we juz dunt know what somefur is going froo wen dey online, we only see's da side dey show us. Everyfur/hooman got a personal battle ov some sort int dey. So be kind pals. Even if dey forget to give yoo a bit of der noms, or share da bacon. Love dem every minute, cos dey could be gone in the twitch ov a wiskur.

Some hoomans only got der fur fambly, like Muvver. But it dunt stop dem having a smashing Christmas and it means da furs get more noms and toys *giggles*.

So dis Christmas me message is to share da love to everyfur and hooman, smile at evfurryone, dey wonder wot yoo planning or up to, but dont mind dat, smiles iz catching and even if hoomans or furs we smiles at dunt smile back, inside dey glad yoo did. And it makes dem feel happy and warm inside.

And yoo hoomans dat reading dis, oh yes! Me knows yoo duz, no good denying it. Iz it cus me blog is irrississs....errycist.... pffft ..... a good read, or iz it cus yoo wanna know how us furs fink? Well anyways, me glads yoo duz read it cuz dere some useful information on dis blog and a lot of waffling too bahahahahahaha

Ware woz I? Oh yea, if yoo hoomans is reading dis... *scratches head to try and remember what me saying* oh yea... ahem... coughs.... if yoo hoomans is reading dis ... *glares at muvver* ok ok so me repeatin meself, dat makes a change coz it usually yoo pffffft.... Can me continue now? Juz concentrayte on da scribing muvver....

Oh I give up... yoo can't get da staff deez days. Pfffft

I fink she bin at da sherry between yoo and me and da gate post. *rolls eyes*

So anyways, *runs claws through face fur* all dat's left is to say Happy Christmas pals, fanks for anuvver special year and yoor fwendship, I loves yoo all.

Raise a nom or glass ov summit strong if yoo a hooman, and wish each other a peaceful, loving, fabby Christmas and a healthy, happy, fun filled 2017.

Love yoo pals wiv all me heart. Fanks for lookin owt for muvver. She duz appreciate it, poor old girl BOL

All my Love

Angel Bonnie