Sunday, 30 August 2015

Soggy Sunday

Hello my fwends.

Well our dear little Tootsie went OTRB Thursday. She was so unhappy and so uncomfortable dat Muvva really cudn't see her suffer, so she took her to da vet's and stayed wif her as she started her journey to da Bridge. It was vewy peaceful as Muvva had asked da vet to give her a sedative before da final injection, dis makes her relax and makes da passing easier. It also can prevent dat nasty fing dat can happen sometime after we leave dis wurld wen our muscles twitch and is vewy distressing for our hooparents to witness.

Muvva sez she neva seen dat happen wif any ov her furbabies ever, but dere's always da risk it might, so she always ask for sedative for furbaby before. Da vet explained once dat its da nerve endings in da muscles sending messages to da brain, but da brain already gone sleep so da muscles keep twitching and sumtimes it can be violent twitches. It must be vewy upsetting for da hooparents to see, but rilly da furbaby already gone. It's one of dem organic fings.

Anyways, Tootsie neva had da twitches or nuffin, and just slipped away quietly in Muvva's arms. A perfick farewell, if eva dere is such a fing for da hoomans.

Tootsie woz almost 20yrs old. Wememba her muvva Sophie went ova da bridge a couple months ago? She was almost 21.

Tootsie woz born on Muvvas lap so she woz speshul. She had always been speshul, and she woz da only surviving furbaby dat wud wememba hoodad who went ova da hooman bridge himself back in 2005. He was only 50, but had been ill a long time and due to a head injury had a couple mental illnesses wich turned him into someone Muvva didn't know anymore, a monster who mistreated her. But we won't go into dat. She loved him and cared for him all on her own for 5yrs until he took his own life. It was happy release for him, no more mental suffering and ov corse it was a release for Muvva too.

Well Tootsie and her brofurs and her muvva Sophie all witnessed dat, and all fru dat Muvva took great care of dem all, so no harm came to dem and dey lived as normal a life as possible. Den after hoodad died, life woz more peaceful and dere was happier days for dem all.

So dats why Tootsie was speshul, all her fambly woz speshul. It woz dem dat kept Muvva sane and helped her cope and she owed so much to dem, she would neva let anyfing harm dem. Dey saved her.

But me won't dwell on all dat cuz it sad, and me not want to be sad today. Me wants to celebrate Tootsie's life and say how wondfurful she woz, which she woz. We will miss and love her forevea, but we're glad she is wif her kitteh fambly over da bridge, and wif all Muvva's other furbabies alreddy dere.

Movin on.... Muvva took Gizmo to da vet Satday for his checkup regardin his infecshon. Wememba he had one in his pee? Well vet lady sed it woz all gone and woz vewy pleezed wif him. Muvva mentioned how he lies and growls a lot to himself and how he will suddenly leap up off da floor and shriek (although he not shrieked for weeks now fank Dog), and da vet lady sed it was sycologicul ware he had a bad start in life. And dat although he much better now since he bin living wiv us, it gonna take anovver year before he normal if he eva is.

But we love him and he adores Muvva and trusts her 100%, so maybe he get normal before a year he?

And now me got some grayte news pals. Excitin news.

Muvva has set up a website for hoomans to leave memorials, light a candle or lantern, post a poem or note for dere furbabies gone OTRB, or if dey poorly and need pawsitive forts sending.

But it mainly for pet memorials and celebrayshons of a pet's life.

Please take a look, you can see all da site, but if yoo wants to light a candle or lantern or post somefing, you gotta register. It's free to register, and if yoo can den use all da sites facilitys.

I fink it a grayte idea, and Muvva haz dedicayted it to me. Yap! Me so honoured. She sed she wants it to be a lastin memorial to me so me can still help hoomans and furpals even when me has gone ova da bridge. Not dat me reddy to go juz yet bol

Here's da address:

the fureverbook

And here's a screenshot ov part ov da page:

Muvva hopes it will help lots of hooparents come to terms wif dere loss, find help and support for dere loss and someware to leave a lasting memorial to dere furbabies.

ooh and Muvva sez yoo gotta allow popups for da site, cus if yoo wants to light a candle or lantern dey comes up in a popup window and yoo just click on da one you want to use and it appears in yoor message like magic. Dere's instrucshons on each section on dere, she made it easy for peepul to use.

So dats all me news dis weekend. I hope yoo haz enjoyed readin it.

Enjoy yoor day!




Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Help to make that final decision

Muvva has added a noo page Quality of Life - Help Making that Final Decision (link in main tabs above)

Its sumfin dat all our hoomans haz to do and sumfin dat dey all dred, and sometimes dey not always know wen it shud be done, and dats wen our quality of life is not good anymore and we wud be happier to go over da bridge.

Dere's lots of fings to fink abowt at dat time, and muvva fort dis article wud help all ov yoor mums and dads to see fings clearly and help dem make da rite decision, wevva it be yoofinaysia or pawspice care.

I fink she ritted it cuz she finks its time for Tootsie to go over da bridge. She had Hyperthryoidism for some years, and she also had a big tumour removed from her chest about 2 or 3yrs ago. After da operashon she went blind, but muvva red up on internet dat if she woz given hoomans blood pressure tablets - Istin (here in UK) - her sight mite return cuz retina re-attaches to eye if tablets given wivin 3 days of goin blind. So she told vet and vet put Tootsie on Istin and her sight woz back wivin 72hrs. Amazin.

Anyway, I digress, now Tootsie has been hiding away all day and only coming out for breakfast and dinner and not eatin much of dat rilly, and sleepin most of time. Wen she duz come out she makin horruble noises like deep froated meowing and Muvva did mention it to vet a while back wen Tootsie went in for her 6mthly blood test for thyroid, but vet sed it was probbly senility.

Now Muvva's not so sure and has a gut instinct it more dan dat, and dat Tootsie cud be in pain, and Muvva finks maybe da cancer come back sumware else wich makes Tootsie cry.

So she plucking up courage to take Tootsie to vet to go over da Bridge and join her muvva Sophie who went earlier in da year.

I fink wot makin muvva dither is, Tootsie woz born on her lap. Wen Sophie puss got pregnant before Muvva cud get her to vet to be neutered (or as we like to call it hysterical rectumy) wen she woz in labour she woz frighted so jumped up on Muvva's lap for reassurance. An dats ware she had Tootsie. Muvva sed it woz amazing. Once Sophie realised wot woz happening she cleaned Tootsie up and removed and ate da burf sack fing, den she jumped down wif Tootsie in her mouf and ran ova to da television ware hoodad had made a nest for her to haf her babies in. And dats ware she had 2 more kittens, Spot and Sooty.

So Tootsie a bit special, and she always been a muvvas gurl, and very vocal and lovin to Muvva. So it hard for Muvva to now make da rite decision. She dunt want to send her to da Bridge too early, but she dunt want her to suffer eiva.

Difficult innit. I fink Muvva knows wot da rite decision is and I fink it won't be long before she takes her to vet lady.

So dats wot brort on da article about how to come to da rite decision and wot to do.

It has helped Muvva make da decision, but now she got to pluck up courage to carry it out.

Now onto sumfin more cheerful cuz me not reddy to go ova da Bridge juz yet *rolls eyes*

Well changind da subject for a wile, an followin on from da convo last time about dem rotten collars, dey arrived yesday.

One woz broken so Gizmo not got one, Muvva rang da retailer person an dey contactin da makers who will replace it free ov charge, as dey shud. Rilly Muvva sed da retailer shud haf replaced it an den taken it up wif da makers, she knows about stuff like dat and consoomer rites more dan sum retailers bol

Mojo had his on furst. Set to sound and it weren't Radio Ga Ga neiva. I barked cuz I fort we woz going out wen I herd da clicky collar bein dun up, and it set off Mojo's collar. He didunt like it one lickle bit. He dashed all ova da kitchen like he duz wen he sees a fly, cuz he scaredid of flies, and ended up unda da table tremblin. Not a good start but Muvva purseeveered and kept it on him.

Den woz my turn. By now me fort I woz defnittly goin out, but once collar woz on me, and I barked I had da sound in me lugholes too. I woz vewy confused by dat I can tells yoo. Head going from side to side and lookin round, cuz it had set off Mojo's agen too. So we woz boff surrounded by hi pitched sound. Wos orruble.

It werked tho. We boff shut up. I laid down and sulked and Mojo laid and trembled wrapped round da cat scratchin post giving muvva da eyes as if he woz bein tortured.

We kept dem on all day, didunt seem to help me much so Muvva put mine onto vibrayte and den put Mojo's on vibrayte too.

When Gizmo barked it set our collars off, and he still yapped and we ran around wif trembly froats all confused. By now Mojo's tong woz hangin out half a mile and he woz pantin in panic.

All day we had to endure dem an it woznt til afta our dinnur at 5pm dat Muvva took dem off us. Fank Dog!

We not had dem on tday yet, dunt say nuffin, Muvva's forgot I fink. Hope so.

Da vibraytin werked for me tho, stopped me barkin, I bark once and felt it wobblin on me adams apple and stopped barkin strayt away. And Mojo didunt bark all day petrified he'd vibrayte and wobble off someware he didunt wanna go. Bahahahaha

Well we got some sunshine at da momunt, an although da garden waterlogged I fink I mite stroll round and see if I can find any soggy zombies to savige.

Take care my fwends, bark agen soon!

I love yoo all


Monday, 24 August 2015

No barkin??? Yoo cannot be seeryuss

Hello my fwends.

Muvva's upset us. Dis is mega. Dis cud change our lives. I iz rabid wif angur. Well maybe not rabid or angry but me little bit upset.

As yoo know me is blind, no big deal, me got used to it and lives wif it. So cuz me carnt see I hear better dan me furbro's. Fact: I can hear a dog barkin over ovver side of town. *nods*

Yea ok I lives in a small town but I woz buildin up me story. Pfffft

Anyways, I barks a lot is anovver way ov puttin it cos me can hear fings sighted dogs carnt, and definittly hear more dan me muvva. So it gets on her nerves. *rolls eyes*

Mojo on da ovver hand dunt bark at stuff like dat, he lets me do it all, but he duz bark wen he wants to go out, wen he's been out, wen he wants something, and most ov all wen he just wants attenshon.

Gizmo me adopted furbro is a yapper. But he do bark at postie and he dunt like people much so barks at dem wen dey get too close.

So you'll neva guess wot me muvva's gone and dun. Go on guess, bet yoo carnt. Guess den go on..... nope yoo can't guess can yoo.

Well me gonna tell yoo cus I knows yoo carn't bear da suspense.

She's only gone an ordered 3 anti-bark collars for us.


I neva fort I'd see da day, metaforickly speekin.

Dey not dem nasty electric shock ones, cuz dey iz cruel, but dey vibrate wen we barks and makes a noise only dogs can hear. Me dreddin it pals.

She red up about all da differunt types bfore orderin, and dere woz some dat squirt lemon stuff over yoo, but she fort dat wudn't werk cuz we wud ignore dat and keep barkin, wich we wud *sniggers*.

So she's gone for deez ere vibraytin ones. Cuz dey recommended by da vet evduntly. Well me gone off da vet I can tell yoo. Pfffft

Dey will be here Wednesday she's told us. We won't be waring dem all da time, juz most ov da time. *sighs*

I will let yoo know how we gets on.

She... (muvva) sez dat we get on her nerves wen we all barks as it deafnin an we dunt take any notice ov her wen she tells us to stop an she's tried evfurryfing else and nuffin werks. Well course it dunt werk, we iz dogs. Barkin is wot we duz.

Honestly I give up sumtimes wif deez hoomans. Dey not as brite as dey fink dey iz. *glances at muvva who is totally oblivious*

I mean, look at her now, oh sowwy yoo carnt see her bahahahaha Well take my werd for it. She sat dere on da sofa, in her own little wurld, dunno wot she finkin about, nuffin probbly by da glazed look on her eyes, totally oblivious to wot she gonna inflict on us dis week.

She not got a clue how we gonna feel wen we barks wif dem collars on and feels dem wobbling about on our froats and make a noise in our earholes.

I fink we gonna haf to make a plan, so we all bark togevva den all vibrate in unison infront ov her, bit like clockwerk soldjers. Haf to practiss dis. Come on furbro's Mojo on me rite, Gizmo on me left. *pulls Mojo closer and pushes Gizmo to the front more* Dats it we all lined up perfick.

Stand in a line sholda to sholda, wiska to wiska, tail to tail and on my mark .... reddy boyz? .... get set .... and

Bzzzzzzzzzzzzz to da left and stop. Take a breff.

Get reddy ... get set... and....

Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz to da rite and stop. Take anuvva breff.

All glance up at muvva. SHE'S NOT LUKIN. Pffft

Ok concentrayte. Lets get her attenshon, Mojo roll on yer back and show yer bits, Gizmo start yapping, I'll just sit infront ov her and whine a bit.

Ok she lukin, she lukin, take yer posishons..... We gotta be qwick... reddy? Get set and go for it......

Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzz to da left and stop. Take a qwick breff before she looks away, and get reddy and .....

Bzzzzzzzzzzz to da rite and stop. Take a breff and give muvva da eyes.

She's not impressed. She's got a funny smile on her face. Bit confused lookin I fink. Shall we do it agen or wait til da collars iz here?

Ok we wait. *Gizmo wanders off back to his bed and Mojo rolls over and shows his bits*

Well pals, if yoo can stand da suspenshon, I will tell yoo how it goes.

Me and furbro's just off out of muvva's sight to practiss our synchronised vibrayting.

Bark latur pals,

I loves yoo!


Sunday, 23 August 2015

Now its Gizmo's turn

Hello my fwends *blows kissis*

Muvva had to take Gizmo to da vets tday. He been acting stwange for a wile, and growls and fidgets as if he in discomfort qwite a lot. Den today muvva noticed ware he sleeps on da frow on da sofa dere were some marks ware he leaks wee. It dunt go on sofa, cus she put a frow over sofa but day before yesday she changed da frow to a light one and so dis morning it woz easy to spot da tinkle stains.

So after following Gizmo round garden, takin him for a walk to nearest lampost and walking him along da fence she managed to get about a teaspoon of wee to take to da vet to check out.

Turns out he has a lot of protein in his wee, but no blood. So da vet gave him 3 injecshons, one woz antibiotics, one woz ant-inflammatory and muvva carnt rememba wot da last one woz for. *rolls eyes & wispurs* It's her age. *taps snout wiv paw*. Plus he got a weeks supply of antibiotics.

She got to take Gizmo back next Saturday and vet sed if dere still protein in his wee he gotta have a ultrasound scan to see if dere's kidney stones, bladder crystals or anyfing nasty lurking in dere. We iz hoping its juzt an infecshon and he'll be better in a day or two.

Da vet put a little muzzle on him too, cuz he woz givin da vet his Elvis lip. Vet sed better safe dan sorry. Muvva bort a muzzle from da surgery wen she paid for Gizmo's treatment cuz wen she clips his fur he dunt let her do his feet or legs, so now she can muzzle him and do dem. It only a soft muzzle made of cloth. He didnt seem to mind wearing it today.

As for me, I've been lazing around sleepin most of da day so has Mojo cos we had shocking weaver, rain rain and more rain. And tonight we had funda and ligtening. Mojo and Gizmo were snoring dere heads off, but me woz awake and I hid under da table cuz me is rilly scared of storms.

Didst I tell yoo all da new fence is done? It looks ok, and da nasty neighbour carnt see much now bahahahaha Once muvva planted fings up it we shall haf total privacy. So me can lay out in da sunshine on me back wiggling me legs in da air and neighbour won't be able to see. Mind yoo I fink da summer gone for good now and it almost Autumn or Fall as all my fwends across da pond calls it.

Here's da fence finished, it gotta weather in and fade a bit, but once it has it'll look rilly nice.

Muvva gonna grow veggies in da bit ov garden behind da fence. I likes it too cos it makes me feel safer.

I bin haffin some ov me special obesity diet biscuits in wif me food to get me used to dem. I refuse to say da O werd, cus I iz not O, I iz plumpshuss. Wen I got back to da vets in 2 wks I'm hopin me will haf lost sumfin. I carnt have any treats til me reaches me target weight. Dat's 10kg and at da momunt me weighs 13kg. Pffffttt Wots dat yoo say? Long wait, too right.

Well my fwends I iz signing off now cuz it past our bed time. So will say stay safe, be happy and spread da love!

Love yoo all my fwends, I reelly duz.


Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Look into my eyes

Hello my fwends.

Well it been rainin all day tday here at Bonzers pad. Me 2 furbro's haz been asleep ALL DAY so far. pfffft Lazy fings.

Me an muvva had to go out in da weavver cuz me had an appointment wif me eye speshulist Jim Carter. He da bestest animul eye speshulist in da country an he comes to my vets evfurry 2 weeks to hold a speshul clinic. So I iz vewy lucky.

He da man me went to see in Newton Abbot wen me furst went blind, and all yoo fab fureva fwends donated to me vets fund to pay for da examinashon and me SARDS test. I will neva forget yoor kindess and some still helpin me wif me monthly meds expenses and da regular vet checkups an speshulist appointments. Wivout yoor help I'd haf been ovva da Rainbow Bridge munfs ago, so we iz all vewy vewy gwateful to yoo and can neva fank yoo enuff.

As we sat in da waitin room dere woz lots of peepuls coming and going wif dere pets. Behind us woz 2 big carriers full of Sheltie puppies. Dey woz makin a racket and I cud heard dem yapping and skweelin cuz dey wanted to come out an play. I cudn't see dem ov corse, but I knew dey woz baby furs and I wanted to make a fuss ov dem. A lady woz fascinated by me head, cuz it was going from side to side wif me ears pricked up each time da pups skweeled. It's a Westy fing, but dunt fink she ever seen it bfore.

Next to me woz a little Lhasa Apso cross Yorkie, he was 2yrs old and so cute muvva said. And den a few Border Collies dat were only intrested in herding us all into a corner if dey got da chance. I sat up on da seat cuz me didnt wanna be herded noware.

Eventually Mr Carter called me name, and kept calling it, in a high pitched voice. I fort for a minit his nickurs woz too tight, but he explained dat high pitch noises is good and low grumbly noises is bad. I could sense muvva's reaction like 'oh ok' Bahahahaha

Wen we got in his examiashon room he shone bright lights in me eyes and poked dem about a bit gently. He sed dey looked as he expected and muvva asked wot he meant and he sed dat wiv SARDS it kills da optic nerve, den in time after blindness set in and da nerve compleetly ded, it starts to decay at da back of da eye and is reabsorbed into da body and flushed away. He sed it looked ok in dere, and he dunt wanna see me agen for a year unless dere's any complicashons. Evduntly I cud develop catarax or summit and dey can get infected but muvva wud know cus dere wud be a nasty discharge out ov me eye or eyes. Dere's summit to look forward too - NOT.

But at da momunt me eyes iz ok and he woz vewy pleezed wif me, and muvva woz ova da moon.

Him an muvva shook hands, and we went out into da main waiting room agen. Stwange how hoomans shake hands innit? Why carnt dey be like us and juz smell bums wen dey meet and dats it?

Muvva paid up and den made appointment for us to see da nurse tomorrow at 10.10am. Muvva explained dat me eats hardly anyfing *wispurs* I could eat road kill if I could get hold ov it but muvva put me on strict diet. So receptionist woman person sed best to see da nurse who will go froo all da diet foods and maybe try some ov dem insted. I'm hoping dere will be some 'free samples' given away so it all sounds good to me.

Den we came home. Still wainin it woz. Wipers woz goin nineteen to da dozen to take da wain off da windscreen.

Wen we got back Gizmo was barkin his head off pleezed to see us, and Mojo was dancin round wif his crocodile in his mouf. Dats a good fing, cuz it stops him barkin and he just makes a stwange grunty noise insted. Bahahaha

Den we all ran out into da garden on da wet gwass in da wain to do wee's.

We had to minoova around da wood cuz da men cudnt come to finish da fence tday cus of weaver, but dey rang 8am to say it woz cancelled and will be back tomoro to do it as forecast better.

Corse clumsy Mojo fell ova some of da wood. One piece woz layin on da grass, and it woz about an inch tall and he went to jump over it and missed and den rolled over in da wet grass. He's pafetic, be no good running afta zombies, he'd haf to lay down and let dem trip ova him den finish dem off. *rolls eyes*

Gizmo on da ovver paw is agile and afletic. Probbly cos he got long skinny legs like twigs. He bounces round like one of dem osses wot do dress arge. His legs iz 3 times longa dan Mojo's and twice as long as mine. So he can run fast and turn on a bonio.

As for me, well me just wobbles about like a beached wale on short fat hairy legs and wiggles me bum a bit. Usually got me tong hangin out cuz me outta breff.

Well me iz wofflin now so will shut me mouf and catch up on some Z's cuz me tired afta an exzorstin day.

So I'll say bye bye for now my fwends. Take care and stay safe. I love yoo all vewy much.

Lottsa love


PS: Here's a pic ov me at da vets tday I got me fav bandyanna on.

Sunday, 16 August 2015

A noo era!

Hello my fwends

Been tryin to get on to update me blog all day but muvva woz busy wiv laptop updating operatin system an it didnt go to plan Bahahahaha I shudnt larf, da air woz blue and she woz rabid as a pig at one stage. But it all dun now fank Dog.

Well a noo era in our lives has begun.

Muvva handin keys in for hoouncles house tomoro, and deres not much left to do. Da spare room like a store room an yoo can't get a paw inside cuz it full of stuff muvva dunt know wot to do wiv. Dozens of steam railway books and bits and bobs dat woz hoouncles and a big box of fambly photos wot she not seen for donkey's years. She da only one left in fambly now and is wonderin if it worth keepin da photos cuz dey only takin up valuable space. But yoo know wot hoomans iz like, dey hoarders an hang onto fings for years. *rolls eyes*

I've had me results from da last ACTH test for me Cushings. Da vet rang muvva to say da results woz good and I can stay on da same dose of Vetoryl. Muvva's pleezed cus dere more risk of side effects da stronger da dose. So all my fwends prayers and healin forts must be werking, fankoo so much pals.

I gotta go back for a normal health check in 3mths, and 3mths afta dat anovver ACTH test agen. Dey made a fuss of me at da vets, and sed how cute me looked in me pink harness an licquorice allsorts bandy anna. As if dey neva seen a fashon icon before. *flicks face fur back wif paw*

Gizmo, hoouncles doggy, is settling in wiv us much better, and he not qwite so paranoid. Muvva sez he never gonna be a normal dog like us, bahahahaha as if we normal. Da womans delooded. But he seems happy wif us. Mojo wants to play wif him but Gizmo still too nervous to play, although sumtimes he will. Depends how brave he feels I spose. Wen I hear dem playin I try to join in but carn't see wot dey doin and I gets pushed about a bit in da frivolity, so I juz barge in wif me teef bared and snarl a bit den wobble off and lie down. bol

A few of me pals on Twitta haz been diagnosed wif Cushings lately. I sense da feelin ov panic in dere scribes tweets. I wish I cud reassure dem, but I understand how dey feel cuz muvva woz da same. Wen she herd da word Cushings she just fort me woz gonna keel ova strait away and die, but ov course I hasnt.

Wif careful monitorin and Vetoryl we can go on for a few years if we not got other health issues.

I haz started a list on Twitter called Cushings, so any pals wiv it can join. We can all support each ovver on our end life journey togevver and help each ovver.

And afta all, altho we not gonna live as long as other doggies, our hoomans got da chance to spend qwolity time wiv us and take each day as it comes and as a bonus, dat dey probbly might not if we neva had Cushings. So its a blessing as much as a curse my fwends. Dere's always 2 ways to look at fings in life. And always best to make da most of everyfing dat life frows at us.

Even healthy pals dunt know how long dey got on dis earth, dey cud go at any time just like us. So dere's no guarantee dat if yoo healthy yoo gonna live for years. Cuz we dunt know wots round da corner and must live life to da full while we can.

I fink muvva learnt dat from wot she gone fru wiv hoouncle. At Christmas we woz all happy togevver and not a sign he woz ill. And for couple months we lived life as normal not making anyfing special out of each day but once he woz rushed into hospital end ov May evfurryfing changed and he woz gone in 2 months, wivout hardly any warning. But least in those 2 munfs muvva and he cud say fings dey wudnt haf otherwise.

So its da same wiv us Cushings dogs and other disabled or poorly pals, and our healthy pals. We just dont know how long we got, so we must love each other and live our lives to da full wile we can.

I fink dat goes for hoomans too. Dey always busy in dere lives and days rush by dem. Dey need to stop and smell da flowers and show evfurryone love and compassion cos dey too may be gone. Juz like me sed a few posts ago, life is like a dandylion, each seed blowing away in da wind and one day a strong wind might come and blow all da seeds away at once and our life is gone.

hmmm.. me dont mean to be depressin, juz tryin to say how life iz. Yoo know me, I gets all philosof... fillysoph... fortful at times.

So as me woz sayin before I went off on one of me wafflin meanderings, dis be a new era in our lives. It'z juzt me and muvva and Mojo, Gizmo and da kittehs. Plus all or wondfurful Twitta fwends.

Didst I tell yoo about da meeting? I carn't remember. I fink I did.

Anyways she had a man come to give quote for a fence across da garden so da orchard part is divided off from rest ov da garden and we furva away from da nasty neighbour and he carnt see into our garden and we carnt see him prying on us. Quote woznt too bad, so mum told him to go ahead and do fence. He coming Tues and fence be finished by Thursday or Friday. She duna diagram for him to follow. He seemed a nice man we'll enjoy barkin at him wen he comes to do da fence bahahahaha

So here's da diagram, da noo fence is da brown diagonal line across da left hand side. It gonna make da bark garden so private I can lay out dere on me back showin me nips off and no-one gonna see dem. Hmm.. not sure dat a good idea, I duz like to show dem off. BOL

Well dats about all me noos for now my fwends.

Pleeze keep sending pawsitiv healing forts to me and our poorly pals, it duz make a diffrunce. And wememba dat me loves yoo all so much and me so grateful for yoor help and support. Wivout wich me wudnt be here to bore yoo to deff wiv me blogging.

Love you all

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Peaceful Saturday

Hello my fwends.

I sowwy me not updated me blog sooner but muvva's bin busy as usual. Be glad wen dis week is gone an we back to normal.

Furst off da charity shop truck coming to hoouncles Monday to collect last of stuff, including his lectric chair wot no-one wanted. Den Wedsnesday da Resource Centre is goin to collect his bed an bedroom furniture, cuz da furniture wants sortin out wif loose screws and stuff so charity shop people wouldn't take dat. Resource centre repair fings and give or sell cheaply to people wot can't afford fings for dere homes.

Den Muvva got lunch wif 2 Twitta fwends on Fursday, she rilly lookin forward to dat, an we hopin she gonna bwing a doggy bag back wif her but dunt fink so cuz Hector & Teddie will be dere @Hector_Shar_Pei an knowin dem boyz dey gonna scoff any leftovers demselves BOL

Now for dat meeting muvva had Wednesday.

Dat rotten nasty neighbour nefa let da housing association know if he was even gonna turn up, and he didunt. So da housing officers telephone muvva and ask if dey cud come to our house for da meeting as he not gonna be dere. Muvva agreed, cos she not got nuffin to reprowch herself for.

Dey came in and we all made a fuss of dem, we woz so excited to see visitors, cuz we dunt see many, and we jumped up and licked dem to deff almost. Wen dey sat down we sat next to dem and wen dey not take much notice ov us we got bored, so laid on da floor at dere feetz.

Muvva gave dem da 2 letters from da lady neighbours which woz rilly helpful and showed we not a pest and not cause problems. And den muvva showed dem da Dog Diary, a detailed list ov our movements in and out and if we barked and if we did wot we barked at. Dey sed dis was vewy useful and dey cud see we woz well behaved and well controlled.

Den dey said da nasty neighbour got no grounds for complaint, as we is quiet and good dogs, and dat he just a moaner. Dey said muvva mustn't keep us indoors, and dat we haz a rite to enjoy our own garden and must do so. Dey sed dey gonna rite to nasty neighbour and tell him and if he dunt like it, he can complain to da Council's Department ov da Environment (phew dats a big wurd). Dey said he won't get noware cuz dey will juzt frow his complaints out da window cos no grounds. *smug smile*

Muvva mentioned a fence 15ft from his shed ware he goes into a lot might help and make a buffer zone, and dey fort dat wos good idea but told muvva dat it not necessary, and she dusnt have to do dat if she not want to. But if she do, den not to bankrupt herself doin it. She sed she'd feel safer cuz it wud leave a big gap between us and him and if he frew sumfin ova his wall to us, we cudn't get at it. Muvva dunt trust him, speshully wen he finds out he not gonna be taken seryuss.

So dat woz dat. Muvva woz so relieved she sobbed her eyes out. She daft like dat. Den dey sed dat if she dunt want to she not haf to re-home Gizmo, and dat he can stay here wif us.

Dey sed as me on borrowed time anyway, I not gonna live as long as healthy doggies so wen me goes Gizmo wud be company for Mojo. Dat started muvva off agen and out came da tissues agen. *rolls eyes*

I hope fings is turnin da corner now and our life will be more peaceful. Muvva rilly deserves it.

Here's a picfur muvva did to show da housing officers ware da new fence wud be.

Da garden bout 30ft x 80ft at back and same at side. So we still got plenty ov room to run and play.

She had a fencing man come today to give her a quote for a 3ft picket fence. I fink it'll look nice an we not losing much ov da garden to play in plus keep us safe from nasty neighbour.

Well dats about all da noos from me pals. oooh cept me nearly furgot. Next wednesday I got me next 6monthly ACTH test at da noo vets. Me not had it dun dere before. Me bit nervous.

An at end ov da munf it's me burfday, and itz Dolly's burfday too @hellodollydog so we gonna haf double burfday pawty agen like we did last year. Muvva got to do da invites an stuff dis week comin. Loadsa bacon an noms an dwinks an stuff. Not sure we haz a male strippur agen tho. BOL

I goin out to sunbave now in me garden pals. Haz a grate Satday and wemember to spread da lurve!

Lots of Love


Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Mediation, Cat Facts & General Chit Chat

Hello my fwends! *waves paw*

Muvva got busy aftanoon tday, cuz itz da mediation meeting wif da housing association and da nasty neighbour. She got evfurryfing reddy to take wif her, letters from immediate neighbours, fact statement and dog diary for last week. I dunt fink she got nuffin to worry abowt but yoo know hoomans, dey duz like to worry. *nods*

So smornin she gettin chilled reddy for dat and also waitin on our groceries bein delivered by ASDA. We iz waiting for dat too cuz dere mite be sum noms in dere for us! *drools*

My kitteh sisfur been vewy lovin smornin for some reason. She usually aloof an sticks nose in air, but she sat next to muvva on da sofa as she scribes dis for me an keeps pawin at muvva's face for a fuss. I fink she knows muvva bit stressed out tday and is juz givin her sum lovin.

Lily le Puss is a big gurl. She bigger dan me almost. Well yea ok, she IZ bigger dan me. She half Maine Coon and half common kitteh kat. So she BIG. She weighs about 10kg or 12kg, we not qwite sure cus she not like bein messed about wif and weighed. She got vewy long fur too and wiskurs to match, and she woz my best fwend til Mojo came to live wif us. She still luffs me a lot but she bit more aloof now. We duz sleep togevva tho.

Lily has got one of dem jelly bellies, or da propur name is primordial pouch. Muvva looked it up on interweb. We call it her blubba belly cuz it hangs down and almost touches da ground wen she walks. Evduntly all cats haz got a primordial pouch. Farsends of years ago wen kittehs furst walked da earf, dey all had dem. Dey is useful fings to haz, and I wish I had one too. Dere purpose is to give da kitteh more room to stuff dem selfs wif food, so if dey go for long periods wivout a feed dey can live off da extra noms dey got in dere primordial pouch. It stretches, so if kittehs haz to run from danger da blubba ahem... da primordial pouch skin allows dere legs to run wivout haffin to worry bout a big tight drum belly inbetween. *wispurs* like wot we got wen we stuffs ourselves wif noms.

Den da skin shrinks back a bit wen da food is digested. Clefur innit? But dats not all *nods head from side to side and taps snout wif paw*

Dey got it for anuffer reason too. Haz yoo noticed how kittehs play and fite by kicking each ovver in da tummy wif dere legs? Well da blubb... ahem... primordial pouch helps protect dere vital organs too. So if da predator damages dere belly, it only damages da loose skin an fur and dusnt get to da impawtunt bits like vizz..vise.. vital organs.

Here iz da offishul facts abowt blubba ... ahem... primordial pouches

-- to allow flexibility in the stomach to store food after a large kill. The large wildcats eat irregularly and this flap is a throwback to the wild cat

-- to allow greater flexibility in running/fleeing from enemies

-- to give extra protection in that area from savage kicking in cat fights

So dere yoo haz it. Yoo haz lurnt sumfin about kittehs today an as an extra treet bahahahaha here is picfur ov my sisfur Lily le Puss.

We got wain here tday pals, so it a day indoors an lottsa snoozies I fink. Wen muvva gets back from her meetin today I fink she gonna clip me fur a bit, cuz it gettin long and I getting huffy puffy an pantin a bit. She ordering me new prescription from vet tday for me Cushings meds, and makin appointment for me next ACTH test dis munf, so keep yer paws crossed for me dat I dunt need higher dose of meds. I fink I doin ok on dose me on now, an itz a low dose so not many side effects. It'll be da furst ACTH test at me new vets so me a bit nervuss to be honest, an fink Muvva is too. But it gotta be dun innit. *sighs*

Tmorrow muvva clipping Gizmo cuz his fur grows so fast an it qwite long now. He looks nice wen she's cut his fur. He dunt like it much, an he curls his lip at her so she tells him off and says 'Dunt yoo go showin me your Elvis lips!' An he straightens his mouf up agen and looks at her wif dem big round eyes he got. I fink he wud probbly nip her if he fort he cud get away wif it but Muvva too clefur for him. *nods*

Oh an Mojo is doin ok. He misses gettin on Twitta an talkin to all his gurlfwends *rolls eyes* but he'll soon be back. Muvva's finished sorting hoouncles house out and juz waitin on da cancer charity truck comin to pick up da fings now. Dey going to collect next Monday I fink. Den she can hand keys back and its all done. It's exhausted her boff fizickly an mentully, poor old gurl. She'll be able to chill out and make more fuss ov us agen soon. We bin on cuddle rations for last few weeks, but soon be back to normal.

Well my fwends dats all me noos for now. I will keeps yoo all up to speed wif da news from da meeting tday. If it dunt go Muvva's way I'll be in touch an we can send in Zombie Squad to sort him out. He won't know wot hit him Bahahahaha

I'd juz like to say can we keep our paws togevva for all our sick pals and fink ov dem for a few minits and send dem healing forts. Dere's qwite a few dats poorly rite now and need our help. Fanks pals.

Enjoy yoor day my fwends.

I love you all