Thursday, 31 December 2015

Happy New Year my fwends!

Let us all hope and pway dat 2016 is a better year for evfurryone. Wevva yoo had a good 2015 or a bad one like wot muvver had, I wish we all haz da bestest eva year ahead, wif good healf, no money worries, no hurt, no pain, and forever fwendship to see us froo wot life frows at us.

Corse we neva gonna get a year ware nuffin goes rong iz we. Pffft but a lot ov stuff is how we look at life an wot it pokes us in da face wiv. We can always turn a bad fing around into a good fing. We can always help a fwend dat is feelin down, or is hurting, or has lost someone close wevva dey be hooman or fur.

Deres always some good to come out ov any situation, however bad it seems. So wot me sayin is, even if 2016 is as bad as 2015, wot we gotta do is stick togevva, support each ovver, love one anovva, and go out ov our way to make our pals lives a little betta. And den our lives will be better too.

Yap, dats wot we gotta do. An if we fill our hearts wif love, even wen we feelin so low we carnt even raise a smile, dat love will be like a little bean seed. It'll sprout and spread and shine out until it reaches our moufs and make us smile and feel happy inside.

Cos no matter how bad fings seem deres always sumwon else worse off dan wot we iz. An dat person or fur needs us to help dem froo woteva dey sufferin.

Now onto more cheerful stuff, cos me got a bit meloncol...mellycoll...millycon... depressin dere!

It's New Year's Eve, woohoo! Didst yoo all enjoy Zombie Squad Panto? It bein shown agen 10pm UK time, and agen tomorow for all dem furs wot missed it earlier. Woz fab. My pals Sprocket, Shay and Wabbit all contributed to it an dey dun a fab job. I didnt do much, jus a couple ov songs and me played da part ov Bonniewan Kenobi. I fort it was gurt lush an so proud ov me pals for doing such a grate job.

Dere's lottsa talen on Twitta, dere rilly is. *nods*

Haz yoo made any New Year Resolushons? Me haznt, no need now me 'up ere' but not sure if muvver haz, she dunt ushually.

Dora's had her six munfly over Christmass, so she's been tryin to replicate herself on da cushions, Mojo and Gizmo and anyfing dat moovs. Muvver gonna be pleezed wen she's back to normal. She waring a pair ov navy blue nickurs during day Bahahaha erm.. Dora is not muvver.

She gonna be spayed in da spring, I spect muvver will be all nervous an worried *rolls eyes* she woz wen me woz done. But we soon get ova it and back to normal tho how muvver gonna keep Dora still for a couple weeks while she heals up I dunno, cos she like somefing possessed. Leapin bowt evfurryware.

We all had lots ov smashing Christmas pressies from yoo all, fankoo so much, yoo iz all so kind. Dora's been werkin her way froo some ov dem removin da sqweekers but she seems to have got fed up wiv dat now and prefers to get muvver to frow dem so she can chase afta dem and she likes tuggin on dem too. I dunt fink she eva had toys before, but she makin up for it now BOL.

Well me gonna sign off now, cuz me fursibs gotta go out, and den it dere dinner time.

So me will wave farewell for now and see yoo all next year Bahahahahaha

Take care my fwends, fankoo for being wiv us dis last year, yoo da bestest fwends eva!

I hopez da New Year brings yoo evfurryfing yoo wish wiv good healf to enjoy it all.

Love yoo to da moon an back

All my love

Angel Bonnie