Sunday, 5 April 2015

Happy Easter Sunday my fwends

It a speshul Sunday day tday, it Easter Sunday yaaaaay! I wonder how many of yoo haz had one of dem speshul doggy easter eggs wot dey sell? Fink dey made ov Carob insted of choclit, so dey iz safe for us to eat. We neffer got one pfffft but seein as me old mum got lot on her plate lately, we gonna let her off, juz dis once! *glances across at muvva*

We spent day yesday at home wif aunty Lisa. She came to dogsit us, so muvva cud go and see hoouncle in hospital. It woz very very kind of her, and it woz such a big help to muvva. We luffs our aunty Lisa. We got very excited wen she arrived, and woz barkin loudly for ages bahahahaha we duz luff to bark. Muvva tells us off and waves a teatowel at us, I cant see it so me keeps yapping, but Gizmo and Mojo saw it fort dey woz gonna get it round dere ears so dey shut up. bol

Anyways, muvva was so relieved she cud go and see hoouncle wivout worryin bout Mojo shreddin da carpet up.

Evidently hoouncle had 10.6 litres of fluid drained from his tummy. Doctor told him he'd neva seen so much fluid in a hooman belly before. Hoouncle has been in hospital since Fursday and he's had 2 MRI scans, 1 CT scan, 2 Ultrasound scans and lots ov blood tests and fings. Da doctors haz told muvva dat he has sclerosis ov da liver due to bein diabetic, an he got sum ovver problems too. He not making any red blood cells or bone marrow and dey talkin bout him haffin a bone marrow transplant. Dey putting stuff in his veins from a drip dat makes dem luminous (fort dat be useful for zombie hunting), an he gotta have a speshul radioactive scan fingie dat will show up all da arteries cuz dey checkin to see if dey is all bunged up I spose. Muvva won't know wot rong wif hoouncle propurly til next week wen all da results iz in.

Muvva sed hoouncle looked much betta, and he woznt white anymore but had sum colour to his face, plus he was able to eat a little bit ov food. So she was pleezed to see dat.

She not sure how long he gonna be in hospital, but wen he comes out he gonna come an stay wif us for a few days til he feels stronga, and it will give mum time to arrange a care package for him for wen he goes to his own home. Dats sumfin hoomans haf if dey can't look afta demselves on dere own evidently.

So dats da latest news on hoouncle. Muvva arranged to call him today on da ring ring cuz she can't get in to see him.

So today we got a relaxing day wif muvva. We probbly gonna go for little walk cos we neva had one yesday.

Muvva's fwend on Twitter wot lives in Rome sent us a fluffy duck each for Easter, but cuz Gizmo here we won't be getting dem for a wile cuz Gizmo not got anyfin. But he playin wif all our toys. Evfurry morning he awake early and squeekin our toys. So we dunt get to stay in da big bed for long pfffffft.

Me not got anymore news for yoo my fwends, except to say haf a luffley Easter Sunday, love each ovver and enjoy today wif yoo famblies, and spare a fort for all dem wot not got any fambly to luff dem.

I luff yoo my fwends.