Monday, 16 February 2015

The Beginnin

My recent visit to the veterinary eye specialist today has shown I probably have SARDS or a tumour which is affecting both eyes. After the usual tests it was found I have very little sight in both my eyes, and that I will be totally blind very soon.

The specialist wants to refer me to another specialist in Newton Abbot, in Devon, who has lots of very expensive equipement where I would be sedated and have flashing lights shone into my eyes to see if I have SARDS. The test is very expensive but the specialist couldn't say how much. But he said he would contact my usual vet to get a price and mum is telephoning to find out tomorrow (Weds 7th Jan).

If we can raise enough money to cover the test then the appointment can be made for as soon as possible.

If when I have the test it shows I don't have SARDS, then it means I do have a tumour.

I could not have the test altogether, but then mum wouldn't know if I had a tumour or not, until I started to get distressed and in pain and she doesn't really want to put me through that. She'd rather know now so she can deal with it.

If I have SARDS then it's not nice to go blind, but it's painless and I can adjust and Mojo can be my guide doggy.

If it's a tumour, then the outlook doesn't look good my friends. But at least mum will be forewarned and can send me over the rainbow bridge before I suffer.

So I really need your help sweet pals. Mum hasn't got the money for the test. As you know there's just mum and and us furbabies and we have a very limited income, as mum can't work due to her health.

We were so grateful to you when you helped last year with my vet bills when I was so poorly, and we were so grateful to you, and love you all so much for your generosity.

We hate asking again now, and you don't have to help if you don't want to. Either way if I do or don't have the test the outlook isn't going to change anything, just confirm one way or another what's making me go blind.

But if you could help me, mum will love you forever and always be grateful to you for being such sweet caring friends.

Mum doesn't know how much the test is going to be yet, so has just put a rough inflated figure in as the target, but once she knows how much it will be for sure, she'll alter the target to reflect the true cost of the test.

And as before any left over will go to an animal charity to help other animals.

Thank you my friends, I love you so much


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