Monday, 16 February 2015

27/01/2015 - You Caring Update

Evening my fwends

I iz ritin dis update now cuz muvva gonna collect hoouncle in mornin and he spendin day wif us cuz it warmer here dan ware he lives. So we won't be online til tmoro evenin, as we will be enturtainin hoouncle & cousin Gizmo.

I starts my meds tmoro at 10am. Muvva and me and Mojo went to collect dem from da vet today, Mojo was lookin out da car window an tellin me how many sheeps dere oz on da moors as we drove along, wich was ok but I really juz wanted to doze off an grab a few Z's. *rolls eyes*

So anyway, we got me meds, and made appointment to haf a test in 3 weeks to check me cortisol levels. Cuz evduntly Cushings makes me produce too much, I fink dats rite. Its vewy confusin.

Den if me needs an increase in me dose dey will adjust it and den me will haf anovver test in 12 weeks. And 3 monthly after dat.

Dey has to monitor me dose is rite cuz it controls da disease. Da meds won't cure me Cushings, and it won't shrink da tumour, but it will make me feel a bit better and give me a better quality of life.

So me will still need sum help wif me vets fees.

At da moment me got enuff in me fund for da meds tday and meds nxt month, me electroretinogram in February and me test in 3 weeks. Den me will be needin some more help.

Da meds are £57 a month, mum sed it lucky me a little dog cuz if me was labrador size it would be more dan double dat amount.

Fankoo to evfurryone who has helped me so far it really has been a life saver literally.

Anyway we iz off to bed now pals, so keep safe, fankoo for yoor support and know me duz love yoo so much.

Big hugs and kisses

Lots of love
Bonnie, Mojo and Muvva

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