Monday, 16 February 2015

21/01/2015 - You Caring UPdate

Hello my fwends.

We iz home at last. It's been a long day for me stuck in da vets, 8hrs! Dey injected me wif sumfin den came back 3 times over da course of day to take blood pfftt. I did get me b/fast after da furst blood was taken, but nuffin else til mum got me home. Mum had taken me fav cuddly toy so I had dat to snuggle up to and dere was a really noisy doggy in dere dat kept barkin and keeping me from having a snooze.

Vet sed I was a very brave and good gurl and didn't seem too distressed at not being able to see. Dey kept talkin to me so I didn't get too scared. *wispurs* but was scared really cuz I wanted me muvva, and I knew she missed me as much as I missed her.

Muvva drove all da way back to hoouncles and her and Mojo spent day wif him til it was time to drive back and collect me.

Mojo had his choppers checked cuz mum noticed he'd broken one of his big back teef t'other day on his antler chew. But fankfully vet lady sed it only tip broken off and prodded it wif a long metal fing, to see how bad it was, and fankfully Mojo didn't end up hanging off da light fitting in da ceiling Bahahaha.

So muvva gotta keep her eye on his toof incase it gets discoloured wich means it mite haf an infection in it.

She also gave him a qwick goin ovver and felt his lumps n bumps and evfurryfing was ok. He weren't keen on haffin his bits felt well ware his bits were before dey woz chopped off. *sniggers behind paw*

Anyway back to me! Vet lady is going to phone muvva as soon as da results come back, and we'll find out if me got Cushings or not. Muvva asked what da prognosis <<< see dat? Anuvver big wurd. *clears froat* Muvva asked vet lady what wud happen if test results positive and she sed I'd need to go on medication da rest of me life to control it, but it wouldn't affect me blindness. But she sed it would shorten my life, but sayin dat, she didn't mean I'd be popping me clogs any day soon, I'd just not live as long as I would have if me didn't haf Cushings.

Muvva also discussed Dr Plechner's work in dogs wif SARDS and vet sed she couldn't find anywhere on his website ware he put his protocol and although wot he sed made sense, as dere was no instructions regards doses of meds and stuff, it looked a bit odd. And she sed da blood tests I'd haf to haf would haf to be sent to a laboratory <<< *big wurd* , in Texas USA and dat wouldn't be feasuble <<< see I'm at it agen. So dunt fink muvva and da vet lady gonna enquire any further with Dr P's werk, cus it's all a bit confusing and lacking info on his website.

But it was wurf discussing. Vet Lady still gonna investigate Dr P's work more so she can make her mind up about it properly. Muvva finks sumtimes hoomans grab at anyfing dey fink will help dere furbabies and it was wurf mentionin to vet. Nuffin ventured nuffin gained as dey say, whoeva dey iz.

I'm really tired tonight, cuz me cudnt sleep in da vets, noisey neighbour and missed me muvva too much. So I'm gonna crash out in me bed now and haf a long and well deserved rest.

Lots of love,

Bonnie, (Muvva and Mojo)

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