Monday, 16 February 2015

08/01/2015 - You Caring Update

My dear fwends,

We are hoping to hear from da special clinic today wif an appointment date for my electroretinogram (pronounced it propurly now). So once we get dat mum will let you all know. Dey want to do test asap so hopefully it be tmoro or early nxt week.

Mum contacted da lady in America dat makes da Halo Coats, and if me tests show I duz haf SARDS and not da tumour, mum will order one from her. The lady who makes the Halo Coats send an email which we got dis morning, telling us about her vet Dr Plechner and recommended mum goes to his website and reads his 'cure' for SARDS.

Most vets tell owners that SARDS is not treatable and to learn to live wif a blind dog, but Dr Plechner has discovered that SARDS is in fact an auto immune disease, and it not only affets da eyes, but because da auto immune system not working properly, it shortens doggies lives, cos dey get lots of other fings too.

On his website he tells vets worldwide how to treat SARDS, and for dem to stick to his treatment regime 100%. It's all very complicated and went over mum's head and I didnt even attempt to grasp wot he was sayin but mum has printed off da page, and the url address and will give it to our vet in Devon when we've had the SARDS test.

Course Dr Plechner recommends lots of other tests and fings, which is expensive, but evfurryone has been so kind and generous, mum is sure dat we could afford to have dem other tests.

Dis is all dependant on me having SARDS of course, and not da tumour. But we are being positive and assuming it SARDS, cos we mustn't give in and we must keep being positive.

Mum would like to fink, IF me has SARDS and IF our vet follows Dr Plechner's advice and treatment and IF I regain a little of me sight then it will be a great help to other doggies that have the same problem, and if thats the case, then me being poorly will have been for a reason, and we strongly believe that fings happen in life for a reason, which is why we must never complain or feel sorry for ourselves.

If me can help other doggies from my own experience then that will be my goal in life.

I also want to mention dat dere was some nastiness on Twitter last night. Mum got vewy upset by it and although I tried to snuggle her I knew she had been hurt vewy deeply.

A couple of 'friends' had been implying in open tweets that mum has asked for help too often and that she is conning people into giving money to help me and dat maybe the money not going to be spent on me but on other fings. They asked that mum shows receipt for my SARDS test so they know it's genuine, but me not had me SARDS test yet so can't show it.

Mum will scan it when she has it and post it on here so people can see the receipt, and as always we will be open and tell fwends what other tests or treatment I may have to have and what the money donated will be used for to get me better. And if there's any left we will send it to an animal shelter/rescue.

The people that were nasty last night were saying mum was asking for help too frequently. Without going into mums private life, which has been very traumatic and life threatening at times, and only a vewy few friends on Twitter know what mum went through for many years. She has not been able to work for some time due to illness caused by that trauma, and she has always managed to cope and keep us fed and safe, but sometimes when fings like dis happen wif me, it's extra expense she just doesn't have the money for. There haf been many times over the last few years when mum has gone wivout hersef just so she can care for us. Dere's me and Mojo, and I have 3 kitteh siblings, 2 of which are vewy old and on meds for hyperthyroidism and dats not cheap. But we are mum's furbabies and all she has and vewy important to her so she makes sacrifices for us because she loves us so much. And when fings like my blindness happen, its not somefing she can manage to pay for tests and fings, so she has to ask for help. She doesn't like to ask for help, she feels it's like begging, and she hates asking as she's always been the one to help others, but sometimes she needs help herself.

What mum went through changed her outlook on life. She knows how important the simple things in life are, how much just telling someone or a furpal how pretty they look or that making them laugh when they feel down or concerned when they are poorly, can make them feel so much better and enjoy their day rather than feeling sad and unhappy. She cares about all animals as well as us. She knows material fings are not important, it's being kind, thoughtful, compassionate and supportive to one another thats important. And to love each other as much as we can and not judge.

So dats why me has always been happy and helpful if me can to other furpals, I am mum's vehicle if you like, to reach out to other hoomans and furpals who might need a shoulder to cry on, an ear to wispur into about dere problems, or just a little white fur dat wants to make dem laugh and cheer dem up and make people happy, and a little white fur dat really does care wen hoomans furbabies go OTRB and really wants to comfort dem and let dem know we will all meet again one day and be happy again.

I sowwy dis update is so long, but me wanted to defend my mum cus she isn't doing anyfing underhanded, or conning anyone out of money. She's just fighting to get me the test done and any further tests or treatment that might help me, and may in the long run help other doggies who suffer the same thing. I dont find dats wrong, I fink dats a wonderful fing, and I vewy proud of my mum.

Love you my fwends

Bonnie xxxx

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