Monday, 16 February 2015

12/01/2015 You Caring Update

Hello my fwends,

I sowwy I so late wif dis update. Mum bin vewy busy today sorting fings out.

I hasn't got much news either, mum rang da vet to make appointment for me 2nd Cushings test and da ultrasound on me bladder and ovver tests for me bladder problem but da vet's not dere today. One ov her children is poorly so she taken day off, but da receptionist passed muvva's messige onto her and she gonna ring muvva on Wednesday wen she back. I fink she wants to discuss stuff wif mum before she does me tests and scans. So looks like me be haffin dem towards end ov da week.

Muvva also been researching strollers and seein wich ones iz best for blind dogs, cus most of dem designed for seein dogs. She found a luffley one wif big wheels wif inner tubes and super suspension and fings and a frame at da front to stop yoo fallin out, although dere sum straps inside too and she ordered it but it wont be reddy til end of February. It coming from da Netherlands ware da factory iz wot makes dem. It also got a full wain cover on it so me can still go out in da wet. It will be invalewbul for summer time, cos we live in an area ware deres always lots of tourists cuz it so pretty in Cornwall, and it means me can still go out and not get twampled on by all dem Japanese people wif dere Nikon camras and peepul from Birmingham stuffin dere faces wif Cornish Pasties. Plus I wont haf to put up wif dem ankle biters (little hoomans) wot rush up and wanna stroke me.

Furbro Mojo is better now, he had bin a bit upset and worried and woznt sure wot woz happenin wif me, he knew me woznt well but didunt know why, and he nipped me couple ov times wich worried mum. But he ok now, and knows me can't see and he vewy patient wif me and has started to guide me round fings in da garden sometimes. So mum relieved about dat, cuz she did fink he'd haf to be rehomed if he woz gonna keep snapping at me and stuff.

Like i sed to muvva, and I fink yoo'll all agree wif me, tiz a big fing to go blind, and evfurryone at home, mumz, me, Mojo, da two fossil cats and Lily le Puss all gotta get used to it and we all gotta adapt and live diffruntly, fings haf changed big time and we must all change wif it. Fings wot we took for granted, ickle fings, are now major fings. I fink she grasped wot me woz sayin, although sumtimes me duz wunder if she iz knitting wif boff needles if yoo get my drift *winks*

So anyway me pals, I won't haz much news til Wednesday wen muvvas spoken to Sally me vet and we knows wen me haffin da tests and scan and fings and wot gonna happen next.

So I'll probs update yoo den and leave yoo in peace tmorro. We iz going to hoouncles tomoro to see cousin Gizmo and I spect we get sum tweats while we dere.

So bark again soon my fwends, fankoo for travellin dis wobbly old road wif us. We duz appreshyate all yoo doin for us and just bein our fwends is wurf da werld to us. We duz luff yoo all so much.

Take care furpals (and hoomans)

Lots of Love

Bonnie, Mojo & Mums

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