Monday, 16 February 2015

11/02/2015 - You Caring Update

Hello my fwends,

Bonz here dictaytin to Mojo my scribe. *Pokes Mojo to wake him up*

Da vet haz just telephone wif da results of my ACTH stimulation test me had on Monday. It seems the ideal figure after da test, from da last blood sample taken should be less dan 250, mine woz 389.

Sally da vet sed dat she not gonna increase my Vetoryl meds at da momunt, cus me only been on Vetoryl for 10-14 days, plus da fact me is overweight WUDE!!!! I iz 12kg now, SARDS and Cushings make doggies put on weight and at da momunt muvva is trying to cut me food down so I not always hungry and I lose some weight.

She woz feeding me half n half tinned food and kibble, and was weaning me onto just tinned food, cuz I gets regular urinary tract infecshons and a wet diet is better for dat kind of fing. But Sally da vet says me wud be better on a dry diet cus it would make me feel fuller for longer. So now mum wondering wot to do wif da 5,000 tins of dog food in da cupbord. Well ok me exaguraytin, dere's about 20 tins in dere.

Muvva's gotta get more dry feed now so me can be weaned onto dat eventually wif no tinned food at all. No Mojo it dunt mean yoo get double rashons to get rid of da excess tins *rolls eyes*.

Anyway *pokes Mojo agen just cuz I can* pay attenshon Mojo *giggles*

I fink he needs claws cuttin cuz he keeps hittin da rong keys on da keybord.

Ware woz I? Oh yea me food and me erm... *coughs* weight.

So me got anuvver ACTH test in 4 weeks, on .... *gives Mojo help onto chair to read calendar* ... 25th February.

*wobbles and falls sideways under weight of Mojo as he loses balance*

If me has lost some weight by den me cortisol level should be lower as eviduntly Sally da vet sed it werks wif body weight or sumfink, so will werk better if I'm not so fat WUDE!!!!!

And once me had dat next test she can go by da readings better, so at da momunt me is bein kept on the low dose me alreddy on. Sally sed deres lots ov side effects wif dis drug like being sick an exploding bums and stuff, so she not really want to give me more at da moment and wants to make sure of evfurryfing before increasing me dose. Wich makes sense to me even if it duz go rite ova me muvvas head. *rolls eyes agen*

MOJO!!!!! Iz dat yoo snorin? Wake up for Dogs sake! Honestly yoo cant get da staff deez days. *pokes Mojo agen* I iz beginning to enjoy dis *giggles*

In brief, if dats possuble, me cortisol level still too high, only been on Vetoryl 10-14 days so not surprising, anovver test in 4wks and take it from dere if me needs more Vetoryl or stay on dose me on now.

Dats it I fink, I won't menchun da weight agen. Pffftttt

Sally asked how me is in meself, wich mum found hard to ansur coz along wif da Cushings as yoo know me got SARDS and blind, wich hint no fun wen yoo carnt see nuffin. So mum sed I layin around a lot lookin depressed and a bit lethargic, but me not haffin to pee in the night no more and I not peeing quite so much during day neitha. So dere is sum improvemunt.

Between yoo and me an da dog bed, I fink muvvas a bit frighted ov when dey increase dose of me meds, cuz of side effects and stuff. Dunno why she's frighted it's me gonna be taking dem.

Thats about it for now pals. Mojo sez he got writers cramp, he gonna have collie flower ear in a minit if he dunt keep up wif me dictashon.

I got me eye speshulist appointment next week, but me will do a couple updates before den, so yoo know how me's getting on.

Fanks for all yoor support my besties, yoo haf no idea how much it means to me muvva, the old gurls coping pretty well wif evfurryfing at da momunt bless her. I duz love her even if she iz rashonin me food.

Lots of love an hugs

Bonnie Mojo and Muvva

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