Monday, 16 February 2015

10/01/2015 - You Caring Update

Hello my dearest fwends,

Well my adventure yesterday is over fank goodness.

Dis gonna be a long update pals so get comfy, chew on a nom and pin yer ears an wiskurs back.

Gettin up at 5am woz a shock for muvva I can tell yoo. And da drive up to da clinic woz terruble, wif so many road werks fort we woznt gonna make it in time but we got to da clinic half an hour early, so we had to sit and wait to see Mr Tucker da specialist. He da top man in Europe/UK for veterinururury eye stuff. Dere were a few other dogs in dere and a cat. Mum took a picfur and tried to tweet it but dere woznt a signal so it wudn't send & it gone into drafts an she can't find it BOL Daft muvva.

Goran Kosec, Mr Tucker's assistant called us in to one of da examination rooms. What a cool name dat dudes got eh? Sounds like sumfin from Lord of da rings. I woz well impressed. Anyway I dygress. Goran, oh yes we woz on furst name terms, was asking muvva all about me and evfurryfing to do wif my health and stuff, an then he examined me eyes. I weren't too keen on this bit, but sat still and didn't wriggle, and he sed I was a very good gurl. Wot else? I always good *giggles behind paw* Goran woz interested in Twitter and how we all support each ova and stuff, and he even looked at me Twitter account after muvva left me dere. *proud face*

I had bits of paper shoved in me eyes and bright lights and fings but it didnt hurt cos I had sum of dem eye drops that put yer eyes to sleep or sumfin.

Goran den explained to muvva about how all me eye is clear and looks normal and is as it should be 'cept me retina and optical nerve. He sed wen dey do da electroretinathingammyjig it will show if da retinas and nerves is werking or not, and dozy mum can't remember if he said if dey werking ok its SARDS or if he said if dey not werking it SARDS. *rolls eyes* I spose it was a lot fer her to take in so I'll let her off and she's gettin on a bit in years so she not so brainy as she used to be.

*wispurs* memory like a sieve.

So den da main man Mr Jim Tucker came in, he said he had been listening outside wot Goran had been telling us and den he examined me eyes as well, and went all hyper medicul and complicayted and I could see (cos me not totally blind at da moment) dat me mums eyes woz glazing over and thought she's gonna go comatoze on me in a minit. Anyway she woz nodding and looked like it was sinking in a bit. Mr Tucker said he finks it probably is SARDS and da ERM fingy wud show dat, if it showed da opposite result it meant it be a tumour. So I sensed muvva go all stiff and tense den. Well pals to be honest, me went a bit wobbly too.

Muvva asked wot wud happen if it woz a tumour and Mr Tucker sed me would need to be referred to diffrunt specialists and wud need MRI and CT scans wotever dey is. And dat dey wud show ware da tumour woz and stuff, and dey wud haf to take a biopsy. Dunt fink me got one of dem biopsy fings. Muvva asked how dey wud do dat, and Mr Tucker sed drill a hole in me head and take a sample of me brain. Well me zombie squad instincts kicked in den and I got a bit fidgety finking dey was after eating me brains. So snuggled into me muvva a bit more to protect her yoo understand. *nods*

So den mum left me dere and went off wif her Twitter friend wot came wif her for moral support, and I heard da wurd lunch by da river and stuff. Pfffftttttt

I dunt remember much else after dat cus me had deep sedation. Woz a vewy relaxing.

After 2pm muvva came back for me. I woz still flaked out on me back snoring me head off but she insisted on disturbing me. Muvva was talking wif Goran again and he was telling her dat it woz definutly SARDS, and dat I wud be bllnd in few days or couple of weeks. He sed its not painful, well I cud haf told him dat *rolls eyes agen* and dat dere is no treatment for it. If it had been IMR *baffled look* it could haf been treatable and me might haf had sum sight, but its not dat so forget all dat stuff. So after he told mum all about SARDS (you can Google SARDS in dogs & tells yoo all about it - boring) he also gave her very good advice on how to train me to come to a whistle. Corse he dunt realise me a celebruty on Twitta by now, come to a whistle? Pfffttt Cuz he sed if we out and me can't hear muvva shriekin me name if I go out of her sight, I wud hear a whislte. He ain't heard me muvva shriek. And he gave her good advice about how to take care of a blind dog. I juz hoping she gets me a pair of dem cool Stevie Wonder glasses.

Then it was time to go. So muvva shook Gorans hand and a nurse brort me out from da back ware all da acshun takes place. And me stoopid muvva started blabbing wen da nurse said how good me had bin. Honest pals, I didnt know ware to put meself, it was soooooo embarrassin. Da nurse was fab and put her arm round me muvva til she'd pulled herself togevva. Da nurse said it was relief coming out dat me only got SARDS. Relief??? I spose it better dan haffing a tumour but it not gonna be much fun bein blind. Muvvas eh?

Den muvva went to pay. She woz bracing herself, and her Twitter fwend came in den cos she see us fru da windows and knew we woz reddy to come home.

Furst of all muvva had to make da appointment for 6wks to go back and haf it dun all over agen. So she dun dat. The receptionist man was smashing, I qwite fancied him cus he woz lush, but he was gay so not interested in a sexy white bombshell like me. Pffftttt Mum kept sayin on way home how luffley he woz.

So anyway, after appointment woz made he den did da bill. Dis was a BIG SHOCK. Mum and Twitter lady fwend braced demselves and as dey boff took a deep breff it was like da air had been sucked out da room and we woz all in a air lock. I sware evfurryone's hair woz sucked sideways and me fur.

The bill came to £243! Mum said in a wobbly voice finking dey'd made a mistake, 'Is that all?' And da luffley receptionist man sed oh yes dat's all.

Well yoo cud haf knocked me muvva ova wif a fevver. She woz gobsmacked. She and my normal vet woz convinced it woz gonna be bout £800. So mum paid it and we got receipt scanned reddy to post up on here wich she will do once I finished dictaytin dis update.

So den we came home, mum dropped Twitter lady fwend off and we went onto hoouncles to pick up Mojo. He woz sniffin me all over, didnt like him doin dat woz orruble so growled at him. bol

Anyway mum's done a breakdown of costs so far and future costs cos me still got to haf da Cushings test agen, and also ultrasound and full bloods/urine fingies done fur me bladder problem so still more expense to come and IF me Cushings is pawsitive den I'll haf to be on expensif meds all me life, but we hoping it be like furst Cushings test and be clear.

So here's da breakdown:

9th Jan 2015
Electroretinograph £243
Travelling costs £30

Expenses to come:

20th Feb 2015
Same as yesterday £243
Travelling costs £30

Cushings Test £80
Ultrasound £70
Any medication/treatment for bladder problems not known yet amount not known or/and if Cushings Test is pos.

2 x Halo coats (1 to wear, 1 in wash) £110 plus shipping
1 x Special blind dog harness and lead (printed 'I am blind')
Stroller £200+

Dat comes to about £1,046 approx mite be more mite be less it only an estimate.

Plus if Cushings test does prove pawsitive den will need expensive meds each munf, but dis may not materialise, but will need sum sort of treatment or meds for me bladder problem, cos me pees every half hour at da moment and keep getting urinary tract infecshons.

So really mum not sure of total costs til me had Cushings test agen and me ultrasound n bladder problem tests done.

But yoo can see ware evfurryfing goin. Muvva has put all dis in me update cuz two people on Twitter dat didunt even donate nuffin anyway, woz a bit nasty about her askin for help wif da costs. I spose dey may haf just wanted to know ware it all gonna be spent, but if mum transparent wif costs and keeps yoo all up to date den no-one can accuse her of doing anyfing wrong. I know evfurryone dat has helped wif donating doesnt want breakdown of costs or anyfing, and juz want to help us, and we iz so grateful to yoo all. Yoo is speshul fwends and we loves yoo all dearly.

Da breakdown is only for benefit of dem 2 people on Twitter dat wozn't vewy nice to muvva other day. Now dey can see she not conning anyone and not gonna spend any of da money on a holiday in Tenerife, new car or a pin n tuck operation (mind yoo she cud do wif a bit off here n dere bol) .

So dat's me update for tday. I will update agen probs tmoro or Monday for sure, and keep yoo up to date wif me other tests n scans and fings.

Fankoo agen for all your support my fwends. Me luffs yoo sooooo much wif all my heart.


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