Monday, 16 February 2015

17/01/2015 - You Caring Update

Afternoon me pals, I hope yoo all enjoyin da w/end?

We iz back from vets, it was mainly discussin fings between muvva and da vet and wot dey gonna do wif me.

I haz to go in Wednesday at 9am and muvva gotta leave me dere for 8hrs. Dis is so vet can take blood samples and inject me wif stuff, den take more blood samples and so on. It's vewy similar to da furst Cushings Test I had a few months back, but dis one testing for other fings to do wif Cushings dat da furst one didn't. So as it more complex (anuvva big wurd) I gotta be left for long time at da vets.

Mum will haf to find sumfin to amuse herself for 8hrs cus dere's nuffin much to do ware da vets iz, cus it only small town, so spose she'll take Mojo to da beach or sumfin, or have a wander round Bude which isn't far away. Lets hope it not a miserable cold or wet day or she gonna be really grumpy.

After all dem tests and dependin on wot da vet finds, den I prolly haf an ultrasound on da glands near me kidneys as well as me bladder. Killin two burds wif one stone as dey say, cus me bladder problum mite be to do wif me Cushings if I haz got it, or me SARDS which haz similar symptoms.

So dere's nuffin much to report my pals til Wednesday evening wen me gets home.

Muvva is goin to put me vets harness on me in a mo, and put me in me wagon and push me round da garden to get me used to ridinin in it, cus I can tll she bursting to take me for a spin in it up da road *rolls eyes*. Da neighbours gonna fink she had a baby Bahahahahaha.

I'm ok otherwise pals, ok indoors wif me wonky eyes, still a bit wobbly out in da garden if me runs and loses me bearings or Mojo's gone on ahead and I've not caught up with him cuz me been sniffin sumfin. But other dan dat me is coping ok.

Enjoy yoor weekend my fwends, I love yoo all dearly,

Bonnie (muvva and Mojo)

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