Monday, 16 February 2015

20/01/2015 - You Caring Update

Good morning my fwends

Dis a vewy short update juzt to remind yoo all I iz booked into da vet tomorrow for 9am and will be dere 8hrs for da 2nd Cushings test. It a lot more complicated and thorough dan da furst test wich is why mum gotta leave me dere all day.

Mum worried about it cuz now me haz hardly any sight at all, she finks me gonna be stressed out and frighted but me will be fine. But yoo know what hoomums are like. Mojo is comin wif us but while me in vet Mojo will haf mum all to himself, wich he will love cos he a propur mummies boy *rolls eyes*.She calls him her Velcro dog and if he not touching her he gets upset *rolls eyes even further*. OOhh fort dey woz gonna get stuck at back of me head den Bahahahaha.

As soon as we home tomorrow mum will feed da kittehs and us, and den me or mum will post an update. I dunno if we get result tomorrow, I fink it haz to be sent off to a labora-toree but we will keep yooz all informed me pals.

It be a long old day for mum, wif 8hrs to kill in a one horse town, so she might come back to hoouncles wif Mojo and den drive back agen to collect me. Da vet is about 50miles from home so it not like just popping down da street. She gonna be tired I fink tomorro nite.

Well me goin now pals cos me b/fast is reddy. I hope yoo iz all bright eyed n bushy tailed and if yoo hooman dat yoo iz fine and dandy or as we say in da UK pritty chippur. Or sumfink like dat.

I love yoo my fwends.

Bonnie (Mojo & Mums)

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