Monday, 16 February 2015

15/01/2015 - You Caring UPdate

Hello my fwends,

Muvva has been twying to get to see my vet or get her to call to discuss me all week and she not phoned mum, so mum not vewy pleased. Evidently she woz twying to phone our old number ware we used to live & hadn't seen da new one in me records *rolls eyes*

Muvva rang agen juz now and has made appointment wif vet for Saturday at 11.30am. She takin a wee sample wif her (mine not hers) and primarily da appointment is to discuss me weak bladder & check for any infecshon or crystals agen. Den dey gonna make appointment for da ultrasound. So dat bladder fing will be investigated and hopefully treated. Cos me gets fed up haffing to pee every half hour to an hour.

As for me blindness, muvva will make da appointment for me 2nd Cushings test wen she sees vet Saturday, so I suspect it be sumtime next week, as long as it done before me see's da specialist on 20th February dere's no panic wif dat.

Also mum has received all da paper werk from Dr Plechner in America wif his protocol and work wif SARDS dogs around da world, plus some medical notes from one of muvva's hooman Twitter fwends dat has had SARDS and da hooman doctors saved one of her eyes. Da treatment is almost identical wif Dr Plechners work, so mum has high hopes dat if our vet is willing to contact Dr Plechner via email, and follow his protocol den perhaps any sight me might haf left will be saved, but da chances are very slim as vets in da UK not keen on doing anyfing out of da normal and are usually years behind vets in da US. So muvva prepared for a fight to get anywhere wif dat, but she won't give in easy my fwends. Mum will print off all Dr Plechner's notes and stuff to take wiv us for da vet to see, plus his contact details. He offers his advice for free so hopefully dat might swing da vet to find out more about it.

Dr Plechner believes dat SARDS is caused by an auto-immune imbalance and if dat imbalance is rectified (big wurd - proud face) den some sight can be saved if its done before total blindess sets in and also other diseases stopped which wud ovverwise appear due to auto-immune system not werking properly. Me duz haf a very slight bit of sight in one eye but it going rapidly so mum wants to let vet know der is some urgency in dis matter.

Muvva heard about Dr Plechner from Dorie, da lady wot makes da halo coats in Georgia USA, as he is her vet and she knows his protocol does werk cus she got blind dogs, she makin me day to day halo coat. She not da lady wot makes da angel wings halo coats, dats Silvie aka Muffins Halo (and me Muffins Halo is bein despatched today so will be here sumtime wivin next 2 weeks I spect). Confused? Bahahahaha

So anyway, I can see yoor eyes iz glazed over by now and yoo getting twitchy and bored.

Some good news, and dat iz me Dogger is coming tday. (stop sniggerin all me UK pals). So once its unpacked and muvva's put da wheels on it, I'm hoping she gonna take sum pics ov me in it to post on here an on Twitter n Facebook. I so excited cus I can go out and about wif furbro and muvva and not be frightened of being trampled on or grabbed or stroked.

Da ovver stroller we wanted was gonna take at least 3 months to be in stock wif da retailer, and so mum cancelled dat order and discovered (anuvva big wurd - even prouder face) dat da Dogger is now available in UK. So she ordered dat one insted and no waiting munfs for delivery. RESULT! So egcited, can't wait for muvva to put me in it wen it comes. I told her I wants one of dem honk honk hooters to bite so people get out me way, yoo know dem long horns wif a round rubber end yoo haz to squeeze. Pity me won't be able to see dem old grannies jump in da air wen me bites da hooter and blasts dem from behind. Bahahahahaha

Muvva gonna make sum Zombie Squad banners to cover up da Dogger ones front and back cuz here in UK, as most of me UK pals will know, dogger is a vewy wude wurd. If me overseas pals get dere mumz to Google it dey will be shocked. So muvva definately gotta cover up dem wurds or else we will end up like da Pied Piper, and insted of rats we'd haf a line of perverts following us each time we go for walks ROFB

Well dats about it for now. I'll update agen on Saturday about me vets visit wen we gets home. And me will update on here probs tnite or tomoro wif pics of me in me Dogger.

Have a lovely Fursday pals, I loves yoo all so much!

Lots of love
Bonnie (muvva and Mojo)

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