Monday, 16 February 2015

07/01/2015 - You Caring Update no.2

Hello my fwends
Mum only now had time to post dis update, she was late coming home from her hospital appointment as da consultant had been over booked *rolls eyes*, and as soon as she got home she had to ring my vet and sort out fings for da referral and also sort out another Cushings test and stuff. So it been really busy day for her today. I apologize for dat. We know yoo all want to know whats happening my fwends.

We iz waiting for a phone call now to let us know what day this week, da specialist can see me. I will haf to be starved pffftttt.... incase he can do da electrorectofingymajig on the day, as I'll have to haf general aneasthetic.

We has a price for da initial consultation which will be £204, but we not got a price yet from dem for da electrorectofingy. Dey is ringing mum back this afternoon with a price for dat when dey give her da appointment to take me in.

We woz hoping dat da man could see me when he has his fortnightly clinic about 6 miles from our home, but he doesn't haf da special equipment dere, and the next time he dere is 21st January, and he wants to see me well before den, like this week or early next week, as the sooner I get diagnosed IF it's IMR he might be able to save a little of my sight, but corse if it's SARDS or a tumour dere's nuffin he can do. But will be good to be seen so quickly.

So dat mans we will still have to travel 100 miles to Newton Abbot, and it be an early morning appointment so I must make sure I wake mum up extra early. We will leave Mojo wif hoouncle and collect him on way home.

As soon as we hear about da appointment and evfuryfing we will update via dis page.

I wud like to ask a question of yoo all, and dats, if da appointment and electrorectofingymajig isn't too expensive and if it turns out I have SARDS and not a nasty tumour, could mum use some of da money please to get me a halo coat? She finks a halo coat would help me a lot when I lose my sight.

Halo coats iz custom made harness wif a halo (and ickle wings) attached dat stops blind dogs bumping into fings and hurting dere faces, and for better navigation around the house and in da garden.

I will get mum to post a picfur of one, so you know wot me means. Course if me not got SARDS and got da tumour me won't be needing a halo coat, cos I'd be getting me own wings in a short time. But we dunt want to fink about dat.

Any money left over mum would like to donate to an animal rescue/shelter/PDSA so dat other furries get help too.

Love you all lots and lots

Bonnie, Mojo and Mum

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