Monday, 16 February 2015

15/01/2015 - You Caring Update No.2

Well pals me got da vets appointment at last for Saturday at 11.30am. Dis will be for wee sample to check for infection, crystals and blood/protein etc. And to discuss what vet is going to do about me frequent urination.

Den if she finks me still needs da ultrasound, will make an appointment for dat next week. She will also arrange for me 2nd Cushings test sometime next week too, muvva not sure if it could all be done on same day, as me vet is 50 miles drive away from home.

Muvva also takin all dat Dr Plechner paperwork wif her too to discuss dat and wevva my vet is going to read thru it and afterwards decide wevva she wants to try da treatment or wevva she finks its not wurf it. Cos me can hardly see anyfing now out of one eye and me over eye totally sightless.

So will update dis page on Saturday wen we get back from da vets.

And dis afternoon me wagon arrived. Dunno who was more excited me, Mojo or muvva. I suspect muvva. *rolls eyes*

Mum haz taken sum pics of me sat in it, wif da hood up and will put dem on me gallery on dis page (gallery link right hand side) dunt forget to click on see more or see all woteva it sez. Den you can see all me pics.

I wasnt keen wen muvva furst sat me in it, but when I realised how stable it woz and it didnt wobble at all when me moved, and when me felt da 2 straps holding me in each side, I felt much better and quite liked it. Can't wait to go for a krewz in it tomorrow.

It's even got headlights on it but dunt fink muvva will be takin me owt after dark, til she's covered up da name Dogger. BOL She gonna make a fabric number place for front and back 'BONZ 1' wif da Zombie Squad patch on dem too.

I haz been a little better s'aftanoon. Altough me sights been worse today I've navigated around indoors and da garden ok. My upset tums gone, fink it woz dat turkey treat I had yesday, cuz me got delicate tum. But generally me not been so depressed and I haz been more lively. I becoming more accepting of it now I fink.

I hopes yoo all had a luffley Fursday pals. Will update Satday after me vets appointment.

Keep safe, I love you all

Bonnie (muvva and Mojo)

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