Monday, 16 February 2015

Me furst blog post

Dis is me furst eva blog.

I fort as I got so many fwends on Twitta dat it be a good idea if me had me own blog, so all me fwends can keep up to date wif wot going on in me life.

Plus haffin been recently diagnosed wif SARDS and Cushings, I fort a diary of how me gets on from day to day and medical news and stuff would be useful to any ovver furs dat got same disease.

I also wanna put on here all me updates from my page cuz dat shows da progress of me disease and how I haf bin copin up to now.

An finally, I want to put stuff on here dat will help ovver peepul find fings for dere disabled dog or Cushings/SARDS dog, so dey not got to spend hours searching da interweb for stuff like me mum had to.

So although dis me furst blog post, it gonna be short and probly neva red coz dere's gonna be more posts ontop of it. Funny old system dis bloggin lark innit.

1 comment:

  1. I founded yur Blog whens me and my Mom wead yur update and just hads tu check it out! Me and my Mom finks yur Blog is goen tu be very helpful tu our furry fwiends ands der Moms or Dads. Yu did gweat job on yur first post Bonnie! xoxo