Monday, 16 February 2015

10/02/2015 - You Caring Update

Good morning my fwends.

I apologize for not updatin yesterday but we woz so tired afta da long drive to da vets for me ACTH test.

Woz a lovely day yesday. Too nice to be stuck in da vets! Pfftt Da vet had told mum to starve me from teatime yesday, but I haz to haf me tablet wif food so she looked on da drug manufacturers website and it sed on dere not to starve before ACTH if already taking da tablets, as it gives a false reading, cos da drug isn't in me system then. Good job she checked. Good old muvva.

So anyway, she printed da page off, cos the knows vets don't like you telling dem anyfing, and we took it wif us. We also took a sample of me wee wee.

Dere wasn't much traffic, and drive across Bodmin Moor (yoo shud Google it cos it's booful countryside) was luffly mum sed. I cudn't see nuffin but dere woz lots of smells waftin in da window of sheep and wabbit poo with da occashonal aroma of cow poo too. So it made my mouf water.

We gotz to da vets at midday and afta handin in da printed page da vets nurse took me lead and was tryin to drag me out da waiting room. Muvva flew across da room, I heard her feetz on da floor, woz like stampeeding wildurbeests.

She told vet nurse off and told her I woz totally blind and it woz no good draggin me along cus I is disorientay... disoryin.... didn't know ware me was sposed to go. Muvva told her to keep talking to me so I could follow her voice and guide me gently, or if she cudn't do dat to pick me up. So she picked me up. *rolls eyes*

And dere I was for 3hrs. Wile I woz being shaved an injected wif stuff and haffin me blood samples taken, muvva woz off out down town lookin in da shops. OK I exagurate, down town, dere's about 10 shops and 3 of dem iz charity shops and most of de ovvers is banks an estate agents (or real estate offices for me fwends ova da pond).

She bort a pasty (meat pie) in da bakers she sed, and sat in da carpark and ate it wif sum lemonade, she sed dere was crocus and snowdrops in bloom and dat it woz luffley an sunny sittin on da grass. So sounds like she enjoyed herself while me was being mauled about by da vet. Pfffttt

At 3pm da vet ran muvva and she came to collect me. Corse da vet nurse brort me out on me lead, but I had heard me muvva's voice and was pullin on da lead to get to her. Nurse sed 'Yoo'd neva know she woz blind would yoo" I felt like bitin her ankle, I'm blind not stoopid woman!

Muvva had paid da bill by da time I got to her, so she scooped me up and held me tight cuz me was scardid. I gets frighted wen me not wif mum since goin blind, and it had been a horrid day for me bein pulled about, it bad enough wen yoo can see, but wen yoo can't dey seem to be comin at yoo from all drekshons. So me snuggled into muvva for few minutes den she carried me out to da car ware we had anuvva long cuddle, before driving home.

We called in at hoouncles on da way home to collect furbro Mojo. Hoouncle sed he'd had lots of cuddles, and one for ova an hour, but da last hour before we got dere he had laid by da front door and wouldn't move. Pfftt.. honestly pals, deez hoomans know nuffin about us dogs duz dey? Mojo knew we woz on way home, dats why he woz laid dere waiting. *rolls eyes AGAIN*

So anyways, mum carried me into hoouncles and I was so pleezed to see Mojo and cousin Gizmo, although Gizmo's anuvva story. Shrieks for no reason and scares us all to deff and is frighted of his own shadow. Always bin da same since hoocunncle had him. He had alreddy had one home so dunno wot went on dere, but it's left its mark on him. He's ok tho, just gotta prepar yerself for a fright wen he's around.

Hoouncle had cooked dinner for muvva, so she woz grateful for dat. We had to wait til we got home. *yea yoo guessed it rolls eyes AGAIN*.

After dinner we went home and we woz so tired me and Mojo woz asleepin most ov da evening and mum had trubble keepin her eyes open. But it's all over now til a munfs time wen me has to haf anuva one.

I'll update now an agen pals so yoo knows wots appenin in me little werld, cuz next week me got to see da eye specialist man agen. Da one wot puts dem electrode fings on me eyes afta sedaytin me. Hopefully it'll be da last time me has to haf dat dun. So an even longa mammof drive next week. No I hint gonna roll me eyes agen, its gettin borin dat, I gonna fink wot else me can do.

I know! I know! Me gonna do one of deez for a change *puts paws on hips!*


Fanks for followin me froo dis pals, I dunno wot we wud do wivout yoor support an help. I rilly rilly loves yoo all and so duz me muvva. She dunt say much poor old gurl, but she duz love me and she fanks yoo all for bein so loyal an luvin to me. *wipurs* I fink she da bestest muvva eva but we all finks dat bowt our mums dunt we.

Lottsa love an hugs

Bonnie, Mojo and Muvva

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