Monday, 16 February 2015

06/01/2015 - You Caring UPdate

Thank you so much my friends for your generosity, mum and me are blown away by your kindness and you don't know what a huge relief it is for mum to know that she can now ask the vet to refer me to the other specialist for my test.

Mum has been looking up SARDS and found a page which explains all about it and the test which is called an Electroretinogram (ERG). I have to have general aneasthetic, as I have to remain very still, then electrodes are placed on my corneas to record the tiny electrical impulses of my retinas an the activity shows up on a computer screen as waves. If you Google 'electroretinogram in dogs' there's lots of pages come up telling you all about it.

Mum is clearer now as to why it's important for me to have the SARDS test. She found this link by good old Google and found it very easy to understand and it explains my problem very well.

And a dear friend Sprocket_Cool's mum has sent a link to a Scientific Journal telling of an American Veterinary Scientist who has discovered a new disease similar to SARDS which is called IMR which shows the same symptoms, but can be reversed in a lot of cases so dogs regain some or all of their sight back, and the test is the same as the SARDS test so mum is going to tell the specialist about it in the hope when he does the electroretinagram thingie he can check for IMR too. Because although SARDS isn't treatable IMR is.

Some of the symptoms of SARDS are drinking more and putting on weight. Well I have been drinking more than usual for a while now, and although I was on a diet as I was putting on weight, I was still putting on weight with reduced calorie feed so mum thinks this is a good sign that my problem is SARDS or IMR rather than a brain tumour.

We can but hope and pray my friends.

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