Saturday, 14 March 2015

My Shop

Me an muvva bin busy s'mornin doing my shop.

You will see da link in da tabs unda me picture.

It's all anipal stuff in it. Cushions wif dogs or cats on, scarves and tshirts wif doggy stuff on, mugs and coasters wiv anipals on. And for us furs and fevvers dere's secshons for clothin like coats an bandyannas and ties, designer name tags, designer collars, leads an harnesses and stuff yoo wouldn't normally see in yoor average pet store.

Den dere's a secshon on books all about anipal stuff or written by anipals. And ov corse da proper pet store wif medicines, accessories, and all dat kinda stuff.

In da Bazaar secshon dere's loads ov diffrunt fings from clocks to popsters, watches to brooches, rugs to toy boxes an so many diffrunt fings, each page is like a treashure chest. Yoo gonna love it in dere.

It's not juz for doggies, dere's stuff in me shop for all anipals from us dogs to cats, hamsters, wabbits and burds. So me haz tried to cater for almost all types ov anipals.

It's a nice shop, muvva's doin it for me via Amazon, so it's secure and anyfin yoo buy in dere is covered wif Amazon's guarantees and stuff, me dunt understand all dat stuff, but muvva made sure it was all top notch for me pals to use safely.

And da bestest fing is, wheneva you go to me shop and den browse round and maybe stay on Amazon but come out ov me shop and look at sumfin else, coz yoo went onto Amazon's site via me shop, wotever yoo buy earns me and muvva a small commission. It'z not vewy much, and we gotta sell a lot ov stuff to get even a few pounds, but woteva we duz get will go towards payin for me meds and vet treatment.

Cuz as yoo all know dat an ongoin fing. *rolls eyes*

So dere yoo haz it. *crosses front paws*

To have a wander round me shop yoo can click on da tab at top ov da page under me picfur, and for now while yoo iz readin dis post yoo can also click HERE to have a qwick nosey.

I hopes yoo likes browsin me shop and if deres anyfing not in dere wot yoo fink dere shud be, let me know and me will see if it can be added.

If yoo dunt live in da UK, you may still be able to buy fings from me shop, cuz da fings in dere is all sold by individual sellers, so juz ask da seller if dey ship overseas, most do.

Hope yoo haffin a grate Saturday pals. I juz goin out in da garden now me finished stockin me shelves in da shop BOL