Monday, 2 March 2015

My Lab Results

Muvva has juzt spoken to da vet, about my last lab results.

My post Cortisol levels last time woz 389, dats de level of Cortisol I produce afta bein injected wif synfetic steriod fingie. It should rilly haf been below 200/250.

The post Coritisol level dis time, last wednesday, woz 187. So da lab has told da vet dat I can eiva stay on dose me on now, wich iz 30mg or it can be increased by 10mg to 40mg wich wud drop my post Cortisol level down to 120. But da vet sed as dose me on now is controllin da symptoms ov da Cushings, and as da risk of side effects goes up as da dose increases, she recommends dat me stay on same dose me on now.

So as long as dere's no complicashons and me is as well as I am at da momunt, I won't haf to haf anuvva test for 6 munfs, but if muvva notices any change for da wurse or anyfing, den me gotta haf anovva test in 3 munfs insted.

Muvva asked da vet if da Cushings will get progressively wurse and if so obviously will da drug need to be increased, and da vet sed no. She, Sally da vet, sed dat she expects me to stay on dis dose now until it's time for me to go over da Bridge.

Dis drug only controls da symptoms ov Cushings, it don't make it go away. So it don't give me any longer lifespan, but it does give me betta qwolity of life wile me iz still here. An lukin on da brite side, if me only gets 6 munfs or a year, its betta dan nuffin, an I cud juzt as easily run unda a bus next week, cuz none of us knows how long we got duz we? So me stayin pawsitive, and besides dat we not got a regular bus service anyway Bahahahaha

So we got one more trip to see Sally da vet end of dis week to collect me meds and say goodbye, cos muvva can now registur me at da new vet wich iz 5 miles away (so much closer), and also ware me see's da eye speciliast in future for me eye checkups evfurry 6 munfs. So wen we seez Sally we got to ask her to forward me medical records ova to da new vets.

It will be vewy sad to say goodbye cus Sally iz da vet dat sent old sisfur Midge ova da Bridge 4yrs ago, and who haz bin caring for me since me was a pup, and me trusts her and *wispurs* me luffs her too cuz she so kind to me, ssshhhhhhh secrit.

But da new vet's surgery is vewy nice. It's a hooge surgery, wif loadsa vets - about 15, referral speshulists visit, and dey got loadsa hoperaytin fee-eturs, well ok dey got 3 or 4 an even got one fur osses an donkeys, and dey look afta dogs, cats, burds, horses, and all sorts of critters. An dey got specialists wot do bone hoperashons and tricky cleva stuff wot ovva vets dunt do, so I gonna be well looked afta dere I fink, plus it only 10 minutes down da road from home insted of an hour's drive.

So all in all, it good news my fwends. Wot wif me drugs not increasin an da new vet to visit dis munf we iz lookin on da pawsitive side of fings. Now ware's dat bus timetable??? Bahahahaha only jokin!

Love yoo my fwends



  1. Well thats great news, you don't have to change you meds and its keeping thingys under control for you! Big hugs for being such a clever girlie and give Sally Vet Lady a nice licky kisses from me for looking afters you so well
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. Gud news, Bonnie, dat ya duzn't has to change yer meds! Dat new vets sounds like a furst class operashun... give Sally some westie kissies frum me, too, fur takin' such gud care of you!