Monday, 2 March 2015

Dear Charlie has gone OTRB

Anovva dear pal has made the final journey ovva da Bridge.

@westiesdorset Charlie went ovva da bridge at 14.55 today. His breavin had got wurse and vet told his dad he woz now suffering as his lungs woz fillin wif fluid.

Our hearts go out to his dad and furbro Angus who will miss him terribly. His daddy tweeted:

" He was a great dog, a fighter to the end and all who knew him loved him. His ashes will be returned to us in about 12 days. Never forgotten. "

Charlie will be in good company wif Daisy and Hamish who also went OTRB this week. Run free dear fwends, we will miss you all but we will neva furget yoo.

*bows head in respect*


  1. Hi Bonnie, my name is Sasha and I read about you on Finleys Fables. I hope we can be pals too. I am sorry about Charlie. I know he is running free now across the bridge.

    Loveys Sasha