Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Loadsa noos dis munf!

Hello my fwends.

Get comfy cos it's a long read dis munf!

Ware haz all da time gone? Halfway froo da year alreddy and and me been over da bridge a year come September. Seems like only yesterday my fwends.

Got so much noos dis munf, wiv so much happenin. An a noo enturprize to tell yooz all abowt to help me help hoomans wiv der pet funerals in da UK.

Me can only advise pals who live outside da UK on how to raise funds to cover da cost ov da cremation. But sometimes for my pals outside UK dats enuff help, an better dan no help eh?

Anyways we dunt wanna dwell on dat cuz it not happy is it, but it gotta be sed and gotta be delt wiv.

So many furpals joined me this year, I woz pleased to see dem ov corse an waited patiently at da bridge to greet dem, along wiv other fur angels, but sadly der hoomans was very sad to lose dem. Dey is all happy here an we hazin a grate time so pleeze hoomans, if yoo readin dis, dunt be too sad, cos we all gonna meet up one day and dere will be cripsy bacon an sossiges all round!

So anyways pals, do yoo wememba my pal Alfie da Scottie, who passed over last munf? Well he has settled in nicely, and a lot ov his followers an pals on Twitter clubbed togevva to get his fambly a lovely oil painting portrait ov him. Here it is. Innit fab?

Click pic to enlarge

Da bootiful beach background was Alfie's favwite walk an ware his fambly haz mobed to and ... ware dey is scattering his ashes dis month. So it a special painting. Alfie's mum sez she talks to da paintin all da time, an its like Alfie is wiv dem. *sighs*

Anyways, da fambly now haz a new babyfur called Ted. He's a mini Schnauzer an a bundle ov mischief, he got a lot to live up to so Alfie is sending him a few tips from ova da bridge. bol

Fings is wobblin along ok at home wiv Muvver an me fursibs. Gizmo is as paranoid as eva, infact he gettin bit worse if anyfing Muvver finks. He'll neva be 'normal' poor soul but he happy wiv Muvver and dats all dat matters. Mojo and Dora iz ok. Mojo given up on his diet, an Dora grown into a fine young lady now into all sorts ov trouble bahahahaha

Muvver busy makin fings to raise money for my RainbowBridge fund she made a website for pals to visit an is putting a shop on dere so dey can buy stuff an all proceeds goes to my fund to help other pawrents wiv dere pets funeral expenses. Dere iz some fings on it for sale alreddy but dere gonna be lots more soon!

Most ov da shop items will haf a Super Hero feem, like da name tags got X-Pets logo on one side, here's one ov my pals waring hers! She loves it!

Click pic to enlarge

An dey come wiv a fab card an evfurryfing.

Click pic to enlarge

Dey reelly fabbytabbytozy! An ov corse da commission raised goes to my fund so I can help other furs!

An da bandyannas she makin is diffrunt to most ones yoo see for sale, an here's me fursib Dora modellin one ov dem.
Click pic to enlarge

Da collar slides froo dem and dey got double fabric an double dangly bits I dunno wot yoo call dem bits but yoo get me drift. I tend to drift a lot bahahahaha. Dora lookin reelly lush in da photo, Muvver must've bribed her wif some noms to sit so good. BOL

Here's some ov da patterns muvver got so far, and dere's more on da way. She makin one ov each an then will make dem to order, and dey in 3 sizes, small wot fit chiwawas, Medium wot fits Dora and Westies and similur, an Large wot fits gurt big pals like Labbydors an Wheatens an dat size.

Click pic to enlarge

Muvver gonna put a link on here on me blog wen she got time so pals can buy dem on here too. An she made me own Des-eye-nur labels! ner! Me so proud. So peepul will know dat dey woz bort from muvver an support my fund!
Click pic to enlarge

Da website called and muvver also started a little club on Twitta called X-Pets. X-Pets meet up da second Sunday ov each munf on Twitta, and haf an adventure ware dey gotta do dere Super Hero stuff and save da werld. Dere's been 2 now, furst one in May woz Wimbledon finding all da exploding tennis balls, and second one dis munf woz at Da Bastille in Paris ware dey had to find and noootralise da guillotines, and make dem safe.

Dere's a competishon at end ov each adventure, wiv a few qwestions and da fur dat wins gets a prize. Da prize loosely connected to da adventure, so furst one woz a rugby ball shaped Kong dat was yellow an tennis ball lookin, yea I know dunt ask... hoomans an der good ideas bol ... and da second competition winner got a frog wot yoo stuff wiv treats, and someone also got a booby prize cuz dey got all da ansurs furst but forgot to use da hashtag #XPCOMP BOL

X-Pets is on Twitter an yoo can find dem here >> @XPets1 and da hashtag #XPSHQ It's juz a bit ov fun and pals seem to enjoy it, cuz dey get a Super Hero outfit to ware for da adventure and a Super Hero bio wot is put in da X-Pets gallery on da App

*yawns and stretches* pffft me worn owt now wiv all dis noos. Hope yoo still awake an not got bored an dozed off wile me bin ramblin on??? *waggles paw*

Well dats all me noos for now pals, I hopes yoo is all keepin well an haffin fun!

Bark agen soon, I promise I won't take so long next time, it's all muvvers fault for being so busy wiv stuff *glares at muvver*

Love yoo all very much my fwends. Wememba, spread da love, be kind to each other, be understandin and help each other ware ever and how ever yoo canz. Cos what duz we say? We say.... Love is all der is .... An if we got love and share love we iz da richest furs eva!

Angel Bonnie

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