Monday, 21 September 2015

I iz back my fwends!

I haz got all sorted owt in heaven and now me got to help my fwends down on earth.

So wile muvver sortin owt me effureal ritings and fings, I bin sortin owt sum moosic for yoo to listen to.

I love you so much my fwends, fankoo for takin care ov me muvver wile me was on me journey to heaven. I luffs yoo so much for makin sure she woz ok. I worried bowt her but I had to go to heaven. Pssst *wispurs* its rilly nice up here, bacon and sossiges forever an loadsa fwends to play wif. An yoo can haz wotever wevver yoo wantz so if yoo likes to play in da snow yoo juz fink abowt it an yoo gets it. Or sunshine an flowers an dere dey iz rite infront of yoo. Itz amazin.

Dunt ever let yoo hoopawrents be scareded of letting yoo come here cuz it speshul place. I be very happy here but I know me muvver an fwends miss me, an dey carnt see me cuz me an angel, but I iz always wif yoo all an wif muvva, cuz in heaven yoo can be everyware at once. How cool is dat?

Anyway here's couple songs for yoo wot me likes. One is message from me, to remind yoo all I iz always here for yoo, wotever, and second one is just happy one me qwite likes bahahahaha

I luffs yoo all soo much!


  1. Thank you so much for posting this today dear AngelBonnie. It lightenes our heart as we send our beloved Pixel to join you and the #AngelGang.

  2. Bonnnnniieeee me luv I knowed yu were down hewe frum Heaven cuz yu gabed me signs....ands I knowed yu were wiffhs me all da time cuz my Mom tole me da special way dat God frum Heaben walks wiffhs hur by hur side ebery day along wiffhs Grammy whu wented tu be wiffhs God way back in 1979...So me just knowed it and me so vary happy....I'm happy dat yu can be in several places tu...Rainbow Bridge up in Heaven sounds wonorful and bootiful and most impawtant safe...My Mom assuwed me dat it were and she tole me dat yu were up dere in Heaven at da Bridge wunning awound likes a pup again in a healthy new lil body...And I believe my Mom when she tells me dis we boffhs believes big time about Rainbow Bridge up in Heaven....I'm so vary happy dat yu gotted tu come down tu Earfh tu watch ober me, yur Muvva, Mojo, Gizmo and fur kitten ands all da west ob da fur animpals and Hoomens's just WONORFUL! And my dear gurlfwiend how cool is dat dat yu getted BACON and SOSSIGES up dere and lots ob fur pals tu play wiffhs! I bet yur weally happy tu be wiffhs yur Muvva, Mojo, Gizmo and fur kitty again eben doe dey can'ts see's yu...Yur Muvva did miss yu a lot ands so did I but I knowed like I sayed dat yu were wiffhs me walken side by side wiffhs God by my side ebery day and at nite whens I layed me head on my pillow I knowed dat yu were dere again wiffhs me wiffhs yur head on da pillow tuu....Welcome back my fureber and eber luving special fwiend I missed yu a lot! I is so VARY HAPPY dat yu awe hewe my luv hopes tu talks tu yu soon sweetheart ob mine....So much has happened since yu went up tu Heaben tu be's wiffhs God dere's a lot tu catches up on...Luv yu VARY much my special fwiend...I knowed yu wowwied bouts yur Muvva but just letted me tell yu dis....Me and my Mom wewe watchen outs fur hur ands we talked tu hur all da time on Tweeter and I fhinks dat helped hur out missing yu....We (me, Mom and sissy Pickie) luvs boffhs yu, Mojo, Gizmo, fur kitten and yur Muvva VARY much my sweetie pie...TU DA MOON AND BACK AND FUWTHER TUU! Take care precious Angel....

  3. We luvs you, Bonnie... and sends big hugs to yer family...

  4. Luv ya furever, Bonnie...

    Big hugs to yer Momma and fursibs...

  5. Fankoo my fwends. I iz pleezed to be back in spirit to help my furends and hoomans agen.