Friday, 31 July 2015

Trouble at Mill agen

Hello my fwends. I iz sorry I not bin keepin up wif me blog deez last few weeks since hoouncle went ova da bridge, but muvva been so busy, she not known if she comin or going.

She haz to hand da keys to hoouncles bungalow back in couple weeks, she had to ask for more time, cus he lived dere over 40yrs so dere was so much to sort fru and get rid ov. She sold some fings to help pay for his funeral wich woz good, but most of da stuff too good to frow away so she bin givin it to charities for dere shops.

Hopefully by end ov first week August she can hand keys in and relax.

In da meantime, we bin haffin problems wif dat nasty neighbour wot complained about me barkin at him occasionally. He also complained about our polytunnel greenhouse and muvva's windchime she put in da garden.

So muvva has to go to a mediation meeting on 5th August wif 3 housing officers and da nasty neighbour. He told muvva's landlords (housing association) dat she lets us out on purpose and make us bark at him to annoy him. Wich is total lies cuz we only goes out to wee and den we go back in agen. Muvva dunt let us stay in da garden to enjoy it coz she scared he gonna complain about us if we bark, or even if we dunt. So we prisoners in da house and she can't enjoy da garden either incase he spyin on her.

Ontop of hoouncle dying and trying to clear his bungalow in time single handed, all dis stress haz made muvva very ill. And wen da housing association telephoned her to ask her to attend da mediation meeting it woz da last straw an poor muvva broke down. We woz so upset to see her in such a state.

She felt so alone cos she only fambly now hoouncle gone, and it woz all too much for her to bear. But she got sum good fwends on Twitta who haf helped her, and she feeling little bit better today. Well enuff to let me come on here and rite me blog.

All we wants is to live in peace, enjoy our garden, and be happy.

Dis man got nuffin to complain about, an muvva finks it juz cos he lived in his house for years wivout any neighbours and last year he got 32 new ones built around him, and muvva's is right next door to him. Our garden is next to his. She told us wudnt matter who lived here ware we iz, he would complain about dem. His landlord is da man wot sold da land to housing association to build da new houses on.

Anyway dats why me not been about, and dats why me not been on Twitta much. Furstly cus muvva busy wif clearing hoouncles house and secondly now wif dis nasty neighbour rearin his ugly head agen.

So pleeze accept my pologies my fwends, its not cos me dunt care about yoo all, tis cus muvva not been well enuff.

Once dis all sorted out and hopefully our life back to normal, woteva dat is, we will haz more time to be wif our fwends on Twitta and me can rite me blog regular agen.

I loves yoo all so much.



  1. So sorry to hear the problems are still unresolved. Hopefully the neighbor will show his true colors at the meeting. Hugs and prayers for your mum.

  2. We are with you & mum in spirit Miss Bonnie. Together we are strong! Warm hugs & tail wags.

  3. Sorry to hear you and Mumz are having problems with the neighbour. We wish you were our neighbour, we would love it. Luffs to you and Mumz xx

  4. Sorry you're havin to deal wif dat crackpot on top of everything else. Sendin big hugs!

  5. Deawest Bonnie,

    It's gud to hear from yoo, I haff bin wowwied abowt yoo girrrlfwend.

    So sowwy to heer dis noos. Me an mom kno wat yoo are goin fru wif dat idiot next door.

    We haff had da same pwoblem an it's juz me an mom too! We got a fambly in da unit behind us, only two on da block..dey juz bogan feral pigs. We bin here fur seven yeers but da last 12 munfs haff bin hell! Da man juz a bully, he has a job for da first time in his life, so he finks the west of us shud suffer coz he gotta get up real early. He bin makin noise an swearin at mom intimidatin her an she not doin nuffin...he only doin it coz he kno's dere's no man here to stand up to him.

    I not allowed ta stay home by mysewlf coz mom finks he mite do sumfin ta hurt me. I not even barkin or nuffin....Barney used ta bark a bit , but dat woz before all da trouble started.

    Mom took da guy ta court...he woz such a loser on da stand fabrication stuff an all... It woz vewy stressful fur mom... But we fink it sorted now, da man seems ta haff pulled his hed in.

    Tell yoor muvver ta keep a diary an record evfurrry fing, da dates and times she leave yoo inside, and when yoo outside. Tell her ta keep her cell on record when she outside if she sees him or if he sez any fing to her.

    I hope dat yoo get dis sorted ovverwise yoo will haff ta move. Yoo need to be happy were yoo live, an yoo at home a lot ov da time. I will keep my paws crossed fur yoo an muvver dat da fwootloop acwoss da fence stops annoying yoo an yoor fambly.

    Lots of luff to yoo

    1. I so sowwy yoo haz da same problum Bronte *hugs* Why duz peepul haf to be so evil to each ovver? All we wants iz to live in peace dunt we. xxx

    2. Fankoo to every fur for da well wishes. It means a lot to us. We grateful an fankful to yoo all for yoor fwendship & we loves yoo all so much. xxxxx